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P Diddy Opines On The McCain Palin Ticket

From the great man, via YouTube:

John McCain Is Buggin’ The F%^k Out!

“Alaska, motherf**ker? What is the reality in Alaska? There’s not even no crack heads in Alaska. There’s not even no black people. There’s not even no like… crime? Like foreign policies. Y’all may be versed on foreign policies. Y’all need to get versed on black policies and yoof policies. We the future.”

That is to say, Mr. Diddy decries the lack of diversity in Alaska.

Don’t you just love post-racial politics? — And the state of our “popular culture”?

(Thanks to NotSoYoungJim and Kyle for the heads up.)

[Cross posted at our sistah site, GetDrunkAndVote4McCain.]

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