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Rights Comm To Investigate PA Pool

From a consistently lazy Associated Press:

Pa. to investigate pool discrimination allegations

By Ron Todt, Associated Press Writer

HUNTINGDON VALLEY, Pa. – State officials will investigate accusations of racial discrimination against a suburban Philadelphia swim club that allegedly reacted to a visiting group of minority children by asking them not to return.

The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission will immediately open an investigation into the actions of The Valley Club in the leafy suburb of Huntingdon Valley, chairman Stephen A. Glassman said.

"The rule of law in Pennsylvania is equal opportunity for all, regardless of race," Glassman said Thursday in a written statement released by his office.

"Allegedly, this group was denied the use of a pool based on their race," Glassman said. "If the allegations prove to be true, this is illegal discrimination in Pennsylvania."

The club maintains that accusations of racial discrimination are false and claims overcrowding from more than one outside camp was the problem…

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People requested the Human Relations Commission’s investigation

Who knew that Pennsylvania had a Human Rights Commission?

And who knew that the activities, for well or ill, would be under their purview?

Indeed, according to the PHRC’s own website, they are not:

What doesn’t the Commission have responsibility over?

  • Employees of the Court system
  • Federal government employees
  • Agricultural and domestic workers
  • Most independent contractors not regulated by Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs
  • Elected officials
  • Age in public accommodations or education
  • Religion in religious and sectarian organizations
  • Sexual orientation
  • Enforcement activities by the police (such as arrests)
  • Current use of illegal drugs
  • Private clubs
  • Housing for older persons (55 and over) are exempt from age and familial status restrictions

But obviously their own rules won’t stop them from doing the NAACP’s bidding.

Still, this is precisely why such commissions are uniformly a bad thing.

They always overstep their authority.

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, July 10th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

32 Responses to “Rights Comm To Investigate PA Pool”

  1. catie says:

    Hmmh, blue state PA, as long as you don’t go to “their” pool, I guess.

  2. proreason says:

    “But obviously their own rules won’t stop them.”

    And why should the rules stop them anyway?

    The Constitution doesn’t stop the Moror from being a king.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    Why, it’s almost as if we have a Canadian Human Rights Commission!

    Any charge must be defended at any time by anybody, for any cause without reason or evidence.

    Sounds a lot like Stalin.

  4. Steve says:

    For some more amusement, check out the PHRC’s mandatory and non-mandatory posters:

    Diversity Posters

    • Petronius says:

      I wonder if it would be possible to tally up the amount of money that is spent by outfits like the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission for the promotion, oversight, and regulation of multiculturalism? Tally up all the money spent on multiculturalism by all Federal, State, and local government agencies? By the military services? By businesses and corporations? By universities, churches, foundations, you-name-it? The amount spent in litigation? Add up all the costs, and I bet it would be in the tens of billions of dollars per annum.

      Yet if multiculturalism is such a blessing, if it is something that –– as these Pennsylvania HRC posters proclaim –– comes naturally, something that we should all cherish and wish to celebrate, then why should it be necessary to spend anything to promote it? Why should we need all of these diversity agencies?

  5. Trogdor says:

    What is your property is my property, if I play the poverty card. Have you noticed how rampant the reverse racism has become since we elected a half-black man as POTUS?

  6. RealityCheckPlease says:

    Any chance this was a legitimate problem as stated by the pool’s officials and this was blown out of context to make for a good news story? Or is that not at all possible?

    Then again, that’s the job of the news right? Take one or two words out of a sentence, throw some quotes around the words and then surround them with an interesting and attention grabbing headline.

    It sounds like the pool was overbooked, understaffed, and simply had too many swimmers at one time. It seems as if the club did the right thing by providing the refund versus having too many kids (of any color) visiting the pool.

    Go out to your neighborhood park or to your local sandwich shop and bring 65 kids (of any color) into it. Tell me that the ‘atmosphere’ and ‘complexion’ of that location doesn’t change drastically. This has nothing to do with the skin color but instead the general feel of your visit to a facility. It sickens me to read that these two words seem to be taken from one meaning and applied to this story just to make it news. Our Country is only sad because of the ways people twist words just to make a living.

    PS – $1900 for a season long pool pass for 65+ kids is expensive? You must be joking right? Did you do the math on that? I dare you to find me cheaper entertainment anywhere else.

    • neocon mom says:

      “Go out to your neighborhood park or to your local sandwich shop and bring 65 kids (of any color) into it. Tell me that the ‘atmosphere’ and ‘complexion’ of that location doesn’t change drastically.”

      While I totally agree that a busload of children changes the atmosphere drastically (and would tempt me to leave immediately) I have to wonder about the word complexion. Seems it would connote only one thing, but I have to wonder whether or not it was used in the first place. Just like with the banks story (banks pushing mortgages on blacks) posted a while back, where the bank managers were supposedly adopting racial epithets as part of their jargon.

      It just doesn’t pass the smell test when one group has so much to gain from simply raising an accusation. The threat of bad publicity and dealing with lawsuits, boycotts and complaints can shake a lot of concessions out of the accused.

  7. Liberals Demise says:

    With this kind of Tribunal ……….. “PRIVATE CLUB” means nothing to them at all.
    Human Rights Commission my arse ………. GESTAPO is a better handle for these Jackbooted thugs! (watch for Al to poke his Turtle Head in here somewhere)

  8. proreason says:

    This hit Drudge today, a couple of days after S&L had the story.

  9. artpa says:

    “complexion” what an embarrassment for my fair state and my county for that matter. Did the parents think the black was going to rub off onto their kids? Sharpton, I’ll give you this one, go picket, shame on them, mostly the parents for pulling their kids out of the pool.

    • neocon mom says:

      Slow down artpa and remember the Duke Lacrosse case for one moment.

    • artpa says:

      NM, understand your point, but its been all over the news here for days and what some of the kids heard and parents and staff said was very bad.

    • Petronius says:

      artpa: “shame on them, mostly the parents for pulling their kids out of the pool.”

      Do you think it possible that that white mother had just finished reading the news report about Akron? About Marty Marshall, tough construction worker, recently released from the intensive care unit, his wife and two kids, who were suddenly swarmed and savagely beaten by fifty black kids at the July 4th fireworks? (See below: “Black Mob: ‘This Is a Black World.'”)

      Do you think it is possible that the sight of all those black kids swarming into the pool might have triggered such a memory in that white mother? Possible that all of those white mothers might have acted properly for the protection of their little children?

      I do not regret for one moment that I pulled my daughter out of her public school. My only regret is that I did not do it a few years sooner.

    • artpa says:

      I’m an old school conservative and Bible thumping born again. Lilly white, cause i haven’t been “down the shore” in a while. These were young kids not gang-bangers but after this experience, they might just grow up to be them.

    • neocon mom says:

      artpa I respectfully urge you to consider the fact that two other summer camp groups (non-minorities) were also given their money back and asked to find another place to swim. Is it possible that 65 children of any race suddenly descending on a pool is kind of overwhelming and possibly even unsafe for all involved, and that crowds might drive away loyal club members?

      The complexion statement is indeed troubling but does that guy really speak for all involved?

      Please withhold judgment, like I said, remember the Duke Lacrosse rape case and President Brodhead releasing allegedly “damning” e-mails between the accused players. Remember that many in the msm took it for granted that the rich, white players were guilty.

      Isn’t Philadelphia the same city plastered with “Free Mumia” flyers too?

      I’m not calling the kids liars, but they know the score when it comes to white guilt.

    • neocon mom says:

      And remember also that this “human relations commission” has extraordinary power, just at the alleged whiff of wrongdoing. It’s akin to the power of an I.R.S. audit–whether you’re guilty or not, complying with the investigation is so disruptive, costly and in this case, damaging to public relations as to be punitive. All that’s needed to unleash such hell is words.

  10. Chinnubie says:

    Cry me a river! I am so tired of the constant whining, complaining, and overall PC of this country. Get over it. The owners didn’t want you in their pool. I think they have every right to decide who can and can not go swimming. If “Difference is Natural” why can’t they embrace their “Difference” and find another pool?? Also, why is it ONLY okay to be different when your Black, because go out in society today and according to our glorious Leader we are to be all inclusive. This idea of individuality better check what they are selling cause I thought we ALL had to have “skin in the game”.

    One last thing, why is always the child’s mother was quoted as saying and never the child’s father was quoted as saying?? Oh, that’s right, the fathers are out earning a living for these fresh new young scholars.

    • artpa says:

      I grew up in this city, i’ll bet a billion bucks, these were liberal elite constantly nail filing women who became outraged when blacks invaded their white only country club, no suprise the prez of the club was an Obama supporter either, silver spoon hipocrites. Do as I say, not as I do….

  11. dodgeboy27 says:

    You know, if the story DOES turn out to be true and these kids WERE turned away due to their color then shame on the people that run this pool. My heart breaks to see the confusion on the faces of these kids and the gross unfairness that seems to have been perpetrated.

    I hope it’s a big mistake. It sure doesn’t feel like one.

    • proreason says:

      It’s certainly possible the kids got turned away because of racism. Several posters have here have been sympathetic to the kids. From the video clip, I have some sympathy as well.

      But I think Steve’s point in bringing up the story was different. There are several other important issues:

      1. From the original story, what was going on with the big-time Obamy backer being the spokesman for the pool association. Is he a hypocrit? Was he stirring up trouble on his own? What was that all about anyway?

      2. What’s with this Human Right’s Tribunal thing. Good grief!

      3. Would this story have ever hit the press if the kids were white? Almost surely not.

      4. And why does everything like this have to be turned into a racial lecture for America? You can just as easily view it as a bunch of rowdy kids irritating the parents who thought they had purchased some security for their own kids. Personally, I wouldn’t want a bunch of strange kids showing up at the pool I had checked out and was comfortable with the safety arrangements, even if they were just from a couple of schools over.

    • bronzeprofessor says:

      ProR, Check this out. I posted this on the Selected News thread too.


      You’re right, everything racial has to be blown up way out of proportion.

  12. proreason says:

    Professor, interesting clip.

    Steve has frequently identifies that Southern Poverty Center as a reverse racist organization with zero credibility, btw.

    • bronzeprofessor says:

      Yes, I posted a bunch of their more recent articles on the Selected News thread. Something has to be done about them, they constantly smear and misrepresent people, yet they still command institutional respect for some reason.

  13. wardmama4 says:

    On the SPC item – Do you know how easy it is to get a ‘uniform’ and claim you’re military? Just for grins – there are more ‘MOH’ ‘claimers’ than there have been MOH medals presented to living persons.

    I just really dislike people who claim to be holier-than-thou who are making stuff up, lying and twisting situations just to do what – keep the hate alive, make a buck, heap guilt on the innocent?

    So John Duesler is what – a hypocrite to have supported Obama and ‘peace, social justice and kumbaya song fests’ but shuns children on a racial basis or was he misquoted or taken out of context – not that the State Media would ever do something like that. Ever.

    And yes this Pennsylvania Human Rights Commission sounds just like the Canadian one – which to me is just a legalized extortion racket.

  14. canary says:

    Well, one thing is for sure the children were doing nothing criminal because the Civil Rights Liberty Union aren’t helping them. The pools advertisement photo’s do not show minorities. Well, it’s a blight for the pool, and a blight in the children’s memories minds.
    And since the day care said they didn’t want their money back, but to swim in the pool, the pool said it was from over-crowding (yeah right when they knew in advance and paid in advance (maybe a white person made the arrangements) then they should allow them to come back for a free swim day normal hours to make up for the big inconvience on the day care and children. Then there will be more news and photos to watch every little detail.

    bronzeprofessor, I saw a documentary on the white supremists joining the military. They said they were joining to increase their fighting and killing skills and experience, to put to use on the outside when they get out. They interviewed a former member too. It talked about the gangs in prison too.

    • bronzeprofessor says:

      Canary, I take documentaries with a grain of salt. Who made the documentary? There may be some white extremists who join the military with the intent of acquiring AK-47 experience and learning how to rig explosives, but the rigorous training and forced cooperation in multiracial units will root out the vast majority of racists in the armed forces. I think white supremacists in civilian unregulated life pose a greater risk.

      Just my 2 cents.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      canary …..could it have been the the camp center told the club about a totally different number of children that were going to utilize the pool? If you claim that only 20 at the most is all you would bring at any one time, I can see the $1,900.00 for the summer. I suspect that this is the case and the camp misused the contract to bus in 65 youths. That amount of kids would swamp any pool of at least Olympic size. Why is it you never hear of any other minority having any of these problems? My money is on the Day camp abusing its’ permit to the pool.

  15. leerm8680 says:

    Perhaps this is the ramblings of an old man, but a couple of things come on mind:

    1) The club president, Mr. Duesler is a known supporter of president Obama.
    2) The current administration has said that you shouldn’t let a crisis go to waste
    3) Although past trends may not indicate future performance, does anyone think a partisan commission from a blue-state would drop a financial-hammer on a (somewhat) prominent Obama supporter? Perhaps a quick “show-trial” so the MSM can say the commission is doing something, then quietly backing off.
    4) Whether or not this is a self-induced crisis, it has opened a great opportunity for government expanding it’s power while at the same time reducing our freedom and choices.

  16. Media_man says:

    This story has all the trappings of the many noose hanging canards that ended up being fabricated by the originators.

    The race pimps ginned up this fairy tale. There really is no hope for this country when this kind of BS gets national coverage. God help us.

  17. badcrow says:

    This is close enough to me to be on my local news a few days back. I responded to the local affiliates website with several questions about how the story was covered and spun. Mainly I was suspicious of the “officially reported” version of these events. Obviously the reporters didn’t ask the right questions of the right people–they “fished” for few inflammatory quotes and “built” a story of racial animus that went far beyond what actually occurred.
    I fired off a quick email to their complaints/comments dept. and they quickly responded with a denial of censorship. I responded with a clear description of my postings, and an explanation of why they did not meet the standard for removal, they responded by denying removal and saying they would never do that and THEN explained that they could have been flagged and removed (gee, I thought they didn’t do that?)
    My point in the postings was that reporters and editors have a responsibility to their profession to provide the best objective reporting they can so that the people can be educated to make the best decisions. As a whole the MSM has abdicated this responsibility–they’re now bought and paid for, and I’m sick of it.
    The point I’m trying to make here is that it’s not enough to p*ss and moan about this fact on our favorite blogs. IT’S NOT ENOUGH AND IT DOES NO GOOD! What needs to happen is people who are tired of this “media abdication” must go directly to the source and confront the eds., reporters and mgrs. of these offending media outlets. We must not allow a single misrepresented story to go unchallenged. Those in charge must get direct, immediate ONE-ON-ONE feedback from us, calling them on the carpet and DEMANDING that they change. Continuous pressure applied directly is the only way to GET ANYTHING VALUABLE DONE! So it’s time to stop rolling over for these hacks! Get your facts straight, be civil and get in their faces! Constant pressure will be the only tool that causes true change.

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