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Pak Official: US Claims About OBL ‘Bullshit’

Meanwhile, we have this conflicting version, also from Reuters:

Scepticism in Pakistan over bin Laden’s alleged role

By Kamran Haider Sun May 8, 2011

CHAK SHAH MOHAMMAD, Pakistan (Reuters) – Pakistani security officials reacted with scepticism on Sunday to a U.S. assertion that Osama bin Laden was actively engaged in directing his far-flung network from his compound in Abbottabad where he was killed on May 2.

Washington said on Saturday that, based on a trove of documents and computer equipment seized in the raid, bin Laden’s hideout north of Islamabad was an "active command and control centre" for al Qaeda where he was involved in plotting future attacks on the United States.

"It sounds ridiculous," said a senior intelligence official. "It doesn’t sound like he was running a terror network."

We take it this is a Pakistani senior intelligence official.

Pakistani officials said the fact that there was no internet connection or even phone line into the compound where the world’s most-wanted man was hiding raised doubts about his centrality to al Qaeda.

Spoil sports. Perhaps Mr. Bin Laden was using thought control.

Analysts have long maintained that, years before bin Laden’s death, al Qaeda had fragmented into a decentralised group that operated tactically without him.

That was before Mr. Obama’s made his ‘gutsy call.’ These analysts better realize that things are different now.

"It’s bullshit," said a senior Pakistani security official, when quizzed on a U.S. intelligence official’s assertion that bin Laden had been "active in operational planning and in driving tactical decisions" of the Islamist militant group from his secret home in the town of Abbottabad

The duelling [sic] narratives of bin Laden reflect both Washington’s and Islamabad’s interests in peddling their own versions of bin Laden’s hidden life behind the walls of his compound.

Stressing bin Laden’s weakness makes his discovery in a garrison town just a few minutes’ walk from Pakistan’s military academy less embarrassing for Pakistan, but playing up his importance makes the U.S. operation all the more victorious.

The truly sad thing is we don’t know whether we can trust our own government’s version any more than Pakistan’s.

The competing claims came as senior Pakistani officials said bin Laden may have lived in Pakistan for more than seven years before he was shot dead, a disclosure that could further strain relations between the two countries.

We are up to "seven years" now? Soon we will be hearing that he has been in the area since 9/11.

One of bin Laden’s widows, Amal Ahmed Abdulfattah, told investigators bin Laden and his family had spent five years in Abbottabad…

She said that before Abbottabad, bin Laden had stayed in a nearby village for nearly two-and-a-half years.

So make that ‘seven and a half years.’

And nobody noticed.

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6 Responses to “Pak Official: US Claims About OBL ‘Bullshit’”

  1. Right of the People says:

    What do you want to bet there was at least one satellite dish on the roof? Internet through satellite, do you think that’s possible? Duh!

    The terrorists stopped using land lines a long time ago after they discovered cellphones especially since you can get them with encryption. And don’t forget 3 & 4G wireless networks. Just because this cretin with the Paki government doesn’t know about them doesn’t mean the Jihadis don’t.

    • jobeth says:

      I’m so with you on this. Yet we are supposed to believe Obalmy and crew instead of our lying eyes when we see computers in OBL’s home movies. Yep…,nothing here…but he lives in a “mansion”? (that looks like a dump.)

      On the other hand I am amused and amazed that this guy who inherited hundreds of millions of dollars, yet is found living in what in reality is a prison and in squalor.

      Having said that, I am surprised he doesn’t have state of the art equipment. Good grief 14” TVs? …With that money he should be able to “hire’/imprison” some techy to live with him to keep him up to snuff in techy stuff.

      Unless he’s already spent most of his money on all his evil.

  2. untrainable says:

    Whether OBL?UBL?… That dead guy, was actually involved in the day to day nitty gritty of al Qaeda at this point is neither here nor there. I’m just glad someone finally stood up and told the Obama regime what we’ve all been thinking about everything they’ve said for the last 3 years. “Bullshit!”

    Pretty much covers it. No… Yeah, that pretty much covers it.

  3. tranquil.night says:

    Panetta was right when he said the raid should’ve been a point of leverage in gaining more compliance and support from Pokestahn. Instead officials from both regime’s are throwing fingers, leaking intel, and compromising high-level agents. Meanwhile Spike continues winning the future.

    In a sane world we wouldn’t be looking to yoink Pokestahn’s funds just yet, but use that threat to get them to destroy that craphole compound, coordinate with our forces more, and clean up their shop (which of course is a fool’s wish realistically).

    But you’re foolin’ yourself if you think Spike is interested in keeping our fighting troops safe and really winning the war on terror, as much as reddefining what victory is, which isn’t in our national interests at all.

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “It sounds ridiculous,” said a senior intelligence official. “It doesn’t sound like he was running a terror network.” …

    So…therefore, why all the fervor and dust over killing him? If he wasn’t running the operation, why worry about him? The left has their hands full with this one. They are stymied because they knew they had to get him, after excoriating BushHitler for not doing it and how to control the message if they were successful. Which, they have summarily botched for over a week now.

    Then there are chairman Obie’s own words as regards any of this and how he felt going after OBL is pointless, etc etc.

    In a sane, thinking world, the 60 minutes pukes and the NYT pukes would be asking the wee chairman questions about why he changed his mind, etc. But in today’s bold new perfect utopia, it is impolite to ax the pezzidint any questions that might be from a lower thought process. That is to say, he is an ascended being and there is no way that we can fathom how he thinks. I heartily agree, but for different reasons.

  5. Liberals Demise says:

    “Pakistani officials said the fact that there was no internet connection or even phone line into the compound where the world’s most-wanted man was hiding raised doubts about his centrality to al Qaeda.”

    They think they are playing with the barnyard animals when they pose answers such as this that is utter bullshit!
    Of course we have never heard of wifi, 3 and 4G networks.
    “Bullshit the fans……not the players”

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