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Pakis Don’t Reopen Border After Apology

From an approving Associated Press:

Pakistan doesn’t reopen border despite US apology

October 7, 2010

ISLAMABAD — Pakistan said Thursday it has not decided when to reopen a key border crossing NATO uses to ship supplies to Afghanistan despite a U.S. apology for a helicopter attack that killed two Pakistani soldiers.

Both the U.S. and NATO expressed their condolences Wednesday for the Sept. 30 attack and said American helicopters mistook the Pakistani soldiers for insurgents being pursued across the Afghan border.

The AP waits until the final paragraph of their article to mention that these Pakistani soldiers actually fired on the US helicopters. Which might cause one to ‘mistake’ them for the enemy.

By the way, when the Pakistanis say they want an apology, they really mean they want money. (Cf. "blood money.") In fact, when they say anything they want money.

And never mind that we have absolutely nothing to apologize for.

The apologies raised expectations that the Torkham border crossing along the famed Khyber Pass could reopen very soon. But Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Abdul Basit said Thursday during a news conference that authorities were still evaluating the situation and would make a decision "in due course."

We clearly need to send them a few more hundred billion dollars.

Pakistan closed Torkham to NATO supply convoys on the same day as the attack, leaving hundreds of trucks stranded alongside the country’s highways or stuck in traffic on the way to the one route into Afghanistan from the south that has remained open.

Suspected militants [sic] have taken advantage of the impasse to attack stranded or rerouted trucks. Gunmen torched 70 fuel tankers and killed a driver in two attacks Wednesday.

As we noted previously, this is no accident. And do note that the AP calls the people blowing up these tankers, "suspected militants."

The U.S. ambassador to Pakistan, Anne Patterson, said in a statement Wednesday that "we extend our deepest apology to Pakistan and the families of the Frontier Scouts who were killed and injured."

The U.S. and NATO issued apologies after their investigation found that the Pakistani soldiers fired at the two U.S. helicopters prior to the attack, likely trying to notify the aircraft of their presence after the helicopters entered Pakistani airspace several times.

Oh, they were trying to notify the aircraft of their presence by firing at them. That explains everything.

Of course, in a sane world, it would always be a fatal mistake to shoot at US helicopters. But, apparently, we don’t live in a sane world anymore.

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5 Responses to “Pakis Don’t Reopen Border After Apology”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Since when do we have to apologize for sending Believers to Allah?

  2. fallingpianos says:

    Don’t the Pakis realize there’s a Muslim sympathizer in the White House now? Once they saw those helicopters, they should have had a Ron Silver moment.

  3. Chase says:

    Apparently the border crossing has been re-opened for NATO-supporting traffic. That was not before another 25+ loaded fuel trucks were attacked and destroyed.

    How hard would it be for the Pakistani military to surround and interdict any attacks like this?

    Seems to me we need to just expand the fight, and do some house-cleaning all the way to the seaports while reclaiming or destroying the arms and military aid that has been pumped from American taxpayers to their Islam-enfeebled (un)civilization.

  4. Liberals Demise says:

    Another armed response by NATO and the U.S. would be the only apology they’d get from me.

    Hey……they got this new thingy called ground to air radio that works better than bullets when trying to illicit ‘Heads Up’ communication. Works damn well, too!

  5. morven says:

    Beware! In the UK, you’d probably get taken to court for calling them Pakis!
    It’s part of our great PC cultural sea-change.
    BTW, if you like non-PC stuff, drop by our expat conservative blog, Ross’s Right Angle, where anything except left-lib drivel is welcome! http://rossrightangle.info/

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