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Pakistan Surrenders To Taliban In Swat

From those tireless defenders of the faith at the Associated Press:

Thousands of local residents hold a rally against the ongoing military operations and demanding for peace in the region, in Barikot near Mingora, the main town of Pakistan troubled Swat Valley on Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2009.

Taliban to cease fire in Pakistan’s Swat Valley

By NAHAL TOOSI, Associated Press Writer

ISLAMABAD – The Taliban announced a 10-day cease-fire in Pakistan’s Swat Valley on Sunday after freeing a Chinese hostage during peace talks with the government, while an abducted American threatened with imminent death by his kidnappers remained missing.

Past peace deals with militants, including in Swat, have failed, and any agreement this time could re-spark U.S. criticism that the talks merely give insurgents time to regroup and rearm. Pakistan’s government, however, insists that it cannot rely on force alone to defeat the al-Qaida and Taliban fighters in its regions bordering Afghanistan.

Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan called the release of Chinese engineer Long Xiaowei a goodwill gesture as government officials and a group linked to the Swat insurgents said they had come to terms on introducing elements of Islamic law in Swat and surrounding areas.

"In view of these developments, we announce a unilateral cease-fire for 10 days, but we reserve the right to retaliate if we are fired upon," Khan told The Associated Press…

Mian Iftikhar Hussain, information minister for North West Frontier Province, confirmed that authorities were talking to members of the Tehrik Nifaz-e-Sharia Mohammed, or the Movement for the Enforcement of Islamic Law, on ways to implement on-the-books regulations allowing Islamic judicial practices in Swat and surrounding areas.

Tehrik Nifaz-e-Sharia Mohammed is led by Sufi Muhammad, whom Pakistan freed last year after he renounced violence.

Muhammad is the father-in-law of Maulana Fazlullah, leader of the Swat Taliban. His spokesman said Sunday that the Taliban would adhere to any deal reached with Muhammad.

"Once Islamic law is imposed there will be no problems in Swat," Khan said. "The Taliban will lay down their arms."

Although agreeing to an Islamic judicial system is a concession to the insurgents, many civilians in the region would likely welcome the move after years of dissatisfaction with the inefficient secular justice system. But how exactly the government is willing to define Islamic law remains to be seen.

The talks revolved around some 22 points, Hussain said, but would not elaborate pending a final announcement…

Of course the real story here is not that the Taliban have called for a “cease-fire.” Even the Associated Press has been finally forced to acknowledge, “cease-fire” is simply Talibanese for “give us need time to reload.”

No, the real news, if this report is true, is that Pakistan has agreed to put the Swat Valley under strict Sharia law. If that is so, then Pakistan is surrendering to the Taliban.

Isn’t it funny that the AP would bury its own story?

But of course that is exactly the outcome that our watchdog media want. And why they were so hell bent to drive Mr. Musharraf out of power.

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10 Responses to “Pakistan Surrenders To Taliban In Swat”

  1. wardmama4 says:

    “Once Islamic law is imposed there will be no problems infidels left alive in Swat,” Khan said. “The Taliban will lay down their arms because they won.”

    There fixed that for AP.

  2. beautyofreason says:

    “Many civilians in the region would likely welcome the move after years of dissatisfaction with the inefficient secular justice system.”

    So let me get this straight, the corrupt Pakistani legal system isn’t preferable to Islamic law that tells these primitives to burn down girl’s schools, behead people for buying Western film, suicide bombing buses that play music, shoot up local dancers, hanging dissenters, and marry young children (girls) to old men ?

    I’m not a fan of Pakistan’s government either, particularly the ridiculous bits that encode Shariah law. But the Taliban offer a whole new level of barbarism. I seriously consider we monitor the situation on Pakistan nukes. With enough capitulation the barbarians may soon have them.

  3. Weasel says:

    I’m not a big fan of the Pakistan government, but in many ways they are getting a bad rap in the GWOT and their PR department is almost as bad as the GOPs. For example, the Pakis have lost several thousand soldiers and civilians fighting the bad guys along the border. The western forces, mainly US ones, in Afghanistan are almost totally dependent on the Pakis for a logistics trail via land and air. Bottom line – no Paki support, we lose in Afghanistan or we have to fight Pakistan just to get supplies into Afghanistan. And the Paki government is helping us even though a large part – possibly even a majority – of their population support or favor the Taliban. And don’t forget that DiFi recently spilled the beans that the Pakis have been letting us secretly fly our drones from bases in Pakistan, even though they have been publicly denouncing the flights. There is a real war going on and then there is what we see in the media – rarely are the two the same.

    We have to remember that when we see “Taliban”, the Pakis see “Pashtuns”, which just happens to be the second largest ethnic group in Pakistan – and most of them live along the Afghan-Paki border. The Paki government can only push so far before risking civil war – and given that they have nukes, we don’t want that either.

    All that said, this sounds like another bad deal and will only help the bad guys. But we only know what the media is telling us about the deal. So do we trust the media with it’s track record or the Paki government which is actively putting troops into the fight and mostly supporting us in the region?

    But on the bright side, Campaign Obama – no relation to Malibu Barbie – said he is ready and willing to invade Pakistan. I’m sure that will make everything better…

    • oldswimcoach says:

      Weasel, here’s the other part of the issue. As we (the US/NATO/Afghanistan) improve border security there is a direct causal connection to Pakistan instability along the border regions since the SOBs are stuck on “their side” of the border, rather than coming across and raising hell in Afghanistan (and neither Afghan nor Paki Pashtuns really recognize the international border).

      Pakistan intel (their version of our CIA) set up, funded and supported the Taliban initially as a method to destabalize Afghanistan, and then as a puppet government favorable to Pakistan interests when they succesfully controlled all but northern Afghanistan. The beast has now turned on its master.

      Pakistan is a nuclear power. Instability could lead to a fall of the government into Taliban hands, making the Taliban a nuclear power in posibly as little as 1-2 years without intervention of some sort (economic and intel would be my prefered methods – the Army is broken at this point, warn out really, and we have no troops to commit/use without creating additional instability in other areas of the world). This is a scary situation that a bumper sticker theory won’t fix (Coexist, Give peace a chance, etc., etc.), and we are led by the “change” candidate with no experience, and little understanding of all things military.

      The Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times” could not be more aproprop!

    • Weasel says:

      I agree with “oldswimcoach” – as an old swimmer-water polo player should! – on the background and current problems of the area, except for the part about the US Army being broken. I think that is a media myth. Our military, including the Army, is doing OK, stressed, but OK – recruitment and retention numbers actually look great (and did so even before the economy tanked). The number of forces in Iraq will start to come down – not thanks to Obama, but because their main job is mostly done. So even that stress will start to ease up.

      This is OT, but where our military is hurting is in the number of aircraft and ships that we have. We have been flying the wings off the planes and have not fully budgeted their replacements. Requirement’s creep has driven the price of new ships through the roof, so we can’t afford the 300+ ship navy that we need. (Gosh, if only we had an extra trillion dollars to spend, we could easily fix all that – or blow it on a porkulus bill instead!)

      The Army is actually in better shape than the Air Force or Navy, since the Army has gotten just about all it has asked for recently. The concern for the Army is will they continue to get the funding they need for the Future Combat System (FCS). There is actually an internal struggle going on between “big” Army (the traditional large units and systems, like what went into Iraq early on and is there now) and “small” Army (Special Forces, rapid deployment units and systems, like what went into Afghanistan early on) for funding and control of the Army. The “big” Army crowd agrees that things are broken and only more money can fix it. “Small” Army says the funding is OK, but we have to spend it smarter and use what we have better.

  4. DGA says:

    Well, good luck to them, sorry to say that luck is all but gone for them though, as it has here in the US. Yet another group of leftists force themselves into power with lies about how life will be all good times as long as they are in control. Many good times are ahead for the taliban without the US to stop them in their tracks. They probably know they have four years to get control of as much territory as possible.

  5. canary says:

    Weasle, I have to agree with Oldswimcoach. Our soldiers have not gotten anything Obama promised during his run. Extra a few dollar shields, toilet paper is a luxery. This winter they have been freezing at night. Troops in the deadliest area in Diyala are ill equiped, as sucide bombers have escuated there. I also don’t agree with a shortage of planes. Obama complained during his run at Bush for dropping bombs from airplanes as it was killing to many civilians, yet now that he is president, there’s been plenty of airbombing. No shortage of drones. The Airforce and Navy are in much better shape then the military. Army is doing more tours. Obama has not stopped this. Obama just sent back “millions” of
    bullet proof vests the marines were recently complaining back, because they were considered too heavy along with all the heavy supplies our military are allready carrying on their backs. They have to be heavy to stop a bullet or shapel.
    I wonder if this is not to bankrupt the companies that all vile for the militaries business, in producing the best equipment for the military to choose. Could not Obama’s wishes to change the law regarding ammunition be numbered and lotted be another way to bankrupt gun and weapon manufactures. They will have to destroy ammo on demand, then custom and mark ammo? Government’s way of tracing American’s ammo, Hitler would love it, yet the financial cost this will cost, will be stifling.

  6. canary says:

    Obama pounded the Republicans to withdraw, quit air raides, because he now wants to be the one to catch Bin Laden. We must be close, because why else are the Pakistans who danced in the streets when 9/11 happened, herd women and children up to the most dangerous war area, more dangerous than Iraq. Since there is a double standard, and it’s okay for Obama to airbomb, while he takes the family on expensive lunches at greasy spoons, and no one is watching, or even realises he is bombing Pakistan, the terrorists in this country know, and are pretty pissed. Stay alert. Look around, because the terrorists hate America more than ever. Obama and Pelosi were gushing and laughing over the prayer breakfast about rebuilding relations, so the stupid public wouldn’t notice what Obama’s doing. They tied Bushes hands. They tied American’s hands in vietnam. All this play fair. All this b.s. and Obama is a bombing with his hand, and saying “love they neighbhor” as he grins and snickers.

  7. canary says:

    Ammunition Act 2nd amendment right going going gone?


    This is just Diayla. Afganistan continues to be the most dangerous for the Army. http://schema-root.org/region/middle_east/iraq/provinces/diyala/

    This is the terrorist problem growing in our own country. How do we protect ourselves if we lose our 2nd amendment.

    http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,399842,00.html?sPage=fnc/us/americasfuture http://www.christianaction.org/homegrownjihad.aspx http://www.redcounty.com/sarasota/2009/01/homegrown-jihad-terrorist-camp/

  8. canary says:

    2 million bullet proof vests by nearly a dozen different companies not approved for soldiers.

    Another alarming thing I am hearing, is that the military won’t give proper discriptions of the several different assualt weapons, our soldiers are using, to fit scopes, the different lengths and measurements, and many manufacturers of drag bag’s are stuck with too short bags, bags that are “too heavy and cumbersome” “not to heavy but cumbersome”, not camo’ed correctly, camo is going lighter. They’ve got a tanner camo, anothe identical camo, but greener tanner. And the sand really screws up our soldier’s weapons. What the heck is wrong with this country that we can’t help our soldiers better. The econonmy woes just don’t compare to the needy soldiers who are stuck, owned by the government, and worrying about blowing up 24/7 dealing with a bunch of moron’s that won’t respect our soldiers and get rid of their damn veils and robes. Just like the female soldiers during desert storm, could not wear their sleeves rolled up or swim during the heat of the day.
    Damn. That would be a way to idenitify the good ones from the bad ones. The world is wacked. Orignally I figured Ollah favored the Clinton clan, to learn how to profit on trips to China. Now I’m beginning to wonder if it’s not for Sleak Willy’s nose bleed problem If those costly Air Force 1 trips for fast food continue…. just kidding. lol. Thanks for letting me vent.


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