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“Red Mosque” Clerics Release Police Hostages

From those defenders of the faith at BBC NEWS:

Red Mosque cleric Abdul Rashid Ghazi (C) speaks to the media alongside Raja Jahangir (L) and Auranzaib Awan, policemen abducted by religious students, after their release in Islamabad May 24, 2007.

Police freed from Pakistan mosque

Hardline Islamist clerics at a mosque in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, have freed two police officers they had held hostage for almost a week.

The policemen were part of a group of four officers kidnapped at Islamabad’s Red Mosque last Friday in retaliation for the arrest of 11 seminary students.

Two officers were freed a day later amid a tense stand-off with police.

Clerics at the mosque are campaigning for Islamic Sharia law to be introduced in the capital.

They have also organised vigilante anti-vice squads and issued religious edicts against female government ministers.

The two policemen left the mosque wearing plain clothes.

They were accompanied by Ghazi Abdul Rashid, one of the mosque’s prayer leaders.

“We have released the two policemen on Islamic and humanitarian grounds because their relatives came to us with requests to free them,” Mr Ghazi said.

He denied the two officers were freed because of fears of an imminent police raid.

The mosque complex, which contains an Islamic seminary, has been surrounded by security forces for several weeks…

Maybe I missed this, but I don’t recall hearing anything about this kidnapping from our watchdog media.

It seems like everywhere you go “radical” Islamists are creating states within states — where they create their own rules and the government be damned.

But of course our one party media is far more concerned about the dangerous rise of Christian fundamentalists.

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