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Pakistan Court Orders Noses, Ears Cut Off

From those defenders of the faith at the Associated Press:

Pakistani lawyers celebrate in Lahore, Pakistan on Thursday, Dec. 17, 2009.

Pakistani court orders 2 men’s noses, ears cut off


December 22, 2009

LAHORE, Pakistan — A Pakistani court has ordered the noses and ears of two men cut off after they did the same thing to a young woman whose family spurned one of the men’s marriage proposal, a prosecutor said Tuesday.

The anti-terrorism court in the eastern city of Lahore said it was applying Islamic law by ordering the punishment.

Lahore prosecutor Chaudhry Ali Ahmed said one of the accused, Sher Mohammad, was a cousin of the 19-year-old woman and wanted to marry her. Her parents refused his proposal.

Sher Mohammad and a friend, Amanat Mohammad, were accused of kidnapping the woman and cutting off her ears and nose in late September in the Raiwind area of Lahore.

The court on Monday also sentenced each man to 50 years in prison and told them to pay fines and compensation to the woman amounting to several thousand dollars, the prosecutor said.

Pakistan’s legal system has Islamic elements that sometimes lead to orders for harsh punishments, but the sentences are often overturned and rarely carried out. Serious crimes are often referred to anti-terrorism courts in Pakistan because they move faster.

Violence against women, especially attacks by spurned lovers, also occurs frequently in this impoverished South Asian nation.

The men have seven days to appeal the ruling, Ahmed said.

In a way it’s the Sharia version of death panels Independent Medical Advisory Boards.

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8 Responses to “Pakistan Court Orders Noses, Ears Cut Off”

  1. arb says:

    Women, minorities, silk purse industry hardest hit.

  2. NoNeoCommies says:

    This kind of punishment would not be allowed in a civilized nation.
    Having said that; in this instance the punishment seems to fit the crime.

  3. --dante-- says:

    Off with their noses (and ears)!
    Wow! those guys are brutal. I hope that they get theri ears and noses cut off. If they do America could take a page from their jurisprudence handbook. We are too soft on convicts.

  4. MinnesotaRush says:

    And we’re stuck on waterboarding?!?!? Whatha …

    Will o-blah-blah be going over there to visit with them about “torture”???

  5. sheehanjihad says:

    The couldnt use that punishment on pelosi….there isnt a blade in the universe strong enough to pierce that polyvinyl choride she calls skin.

  6. Liberals Demise says:

    Who wants to compare strings?

  7. lunaticcringeradio says:

    cut off their ears and nose, wow looks like someone is trying to pad their resume for the new progressive surgeon general.

    at first i thought this was the new federal recommendations for how to care for a cold.

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