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Pakistan Nuke Spreader Is Freed By Court

From those champions nuclear proliferation at the Associated Press:

Disgraced Pakistan nuke scientist freed by court

By MUNIR AHMAD, Associated Press Writer

ISLAMABAD – Abdul Qadeer Khan, the scientist who helped Pakistan develop nuclear weapons and allegedly leaked atomic secrets to North Korea, Iran and Libya, was freed from years of de facto house arrest Friday by a high court ruling.

The United States, which worries that Iran has used Pakistani know-how in pursuit of nuclear arms, said the disgraced scientist’s release would be "extremely regrettable."

State Department spokesman Gordon Duguid said Khan remained a "serious proliferation risk." He said the United States was still trying to confirm Khan’s official status.

On Friday, a smiling Khan emerged from his house in the Pakistani capital and addressed reporters face-to-face for the first time since 2004…

Khan, the architect of Pakistan’s nuclear program, took sole responsibility in 2004 for leaking the nuclear secrets but was immediately pardoned by former President Pervez Musharraf and placed under de facto house arrest…

In response to an appeal by his lawyers, the Islamabad High Court declared Khan "a free citizen" on Friday. The court said other details of the order were confidential.

Government prosecutor Amjad Iqbal Qureshi said the decision was the result of a compromise with the government and that "security measures" for Khan would remain. The government has never said that Khan was under house arrest, maintaining he was being held for his own security…

A pariah in the West, Abdul Qadeer Khan is lionized by conservatives and Islamists for making Pakistan the world’s only Muslim nuclear power and is a hero to many ordinary citizens. One of his first visitors Friday was a senator from the country’s most powerful Islamist party…

Asked Friday what the international community would think of his release, Khan struck a typically defiant tone.

"Are they happy with our God? Are they happy with our prophet? Are they happy with our leader? Never," he said. "I don’t care about rest of the world. I care about my country. (President Barack) Obama cares about America, not about Pakistan or India or Afghanistan." …

Ah, a little more meted justice – Middle Eastern style.

Coming to a court only ninety miles away.

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3 Responses to “Pakistan Nuke Spreader Is Freed By Court”

  1. heykev says:

    I’m sure BHO will be sending a team into Pakistan to “neutralize’ hum as he’s a threat to all civilized countries. We can expect to hear this announced on one the Sunday morning TV shows by one of his subordinates.

  2. proreason says:

    In the first few days of The Moron’s administration, he ordered an attack inside Pakistan’s borders.

    He spent a month in Pakistan once when his dorm room was being renovated, and his best “friends” in college were Pakistani’s, so he has an unusually deep understanding of that country, donchaknow.

    So The Moron surely knew the payback for his little saber-rattling foray would be the release of the most dangerous man in the world……a man who is thousands of times more dangerous than Bin Laden.

    But The Moron doesn’t care. After all, destabalizing the wackiest country on earth and pulling the world closer to nuclear conflct was one of his campaign promises.

  3. proreason says:

    Let’s review what The Moron has done to keep America safe:

    1. Intruded on Pakistan’s borders which…
    1a. Resulted in the release from prison of the world’s most dangerous nuclear proliferator
    2. Announced the closing of Gitmo, home to 400 of sickest terrorists in the world.
    3. Stopped the trial of the mastermind of the Cole attack
    4. Traveled to the Middle East to give a speech where he grabbed his ankles for islamofacists
    5. Had his minions meet secretly with Hamas and Iran BEFORE the coronation
    6. Appointed a career political hack to lead the CIA, a man with zero experience in intelligence
    7. Appointed a career political hack to lead the State Dept, a woman with zero experience in foreign affairs.
    8. Tried to hide Smoot Hawley tariff-war provisions in his Depression Stimulus bull, an action that caused Europe to humiliate him and withdraw the provisions.
    9. Russia announced the closing of a key Afghanistan support base. no response from The Moron
    10. Russia moved troops closer to the Georgia border. no response from The Moron
    11. Reversed the policy that made the mastermind of 9/11 squel on his comrades, a policy which saved untold numbers of lives.
    12. Began discussions of military cutbacks

    This is off the top of my head. I’m sure there are many more, some probably more significant than these.

    This is after 18 days in office. He hasn’t gathered a head of steam yet.

    and oh yeh, the country voted for this imbecile, some voters multiple times

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