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Pakistan Pushes The Taliban To Fight On

We almost missed this cheery news from the Wall Street Journal:

Pakistan Urges On Taliban

October 5, 2010

Members of Pakistan’s spy agency are pressing Taliban field commanders to fight the U.S. and its allies in Afghanistan, some U.S. officials and Afghan militants say, a development that undercuts a key element of the Pentagon’s strategy for ending the war.

But we were told that Pervez Musharraf was the bad guy, and that once we got rid of him Pakistan would be a loyal and trustworthy ally.

The explosive accusation is the strongest yet in a series of U.S. criticisms of Pakistan, and shows a deteriorating relationship with an essential ally in the Afghan campaign. The U.S. has provided billions of dollars in military and development aid to Pakistan for its support…

Some Taliban commanders and U.S. officials say militant leaders are being pressured by officers from Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency not to surrender.

"The ISI wants to arrest commanders who are not obeying [ISI] orders," said a Taliban commander in Kunar province.

U.S. officials say they have heard similar reports from captured militants and those negotiating to lay down their arms…

The Taliban commander in Kunar, like others interviewed in recent days, said he remained opposed to the presence of foreign troops in Afghanistan and had no plans to stop fighting them. But "the ISI wants us to kill everyone—policemen, soldiers, engineers, teachers, civilians—just to intimidate people," the commander said

The ISI helped bring the Taliban to power in Afghanistan in the 1990s. After the September 2001 terrorist attacks, Islamabad officially broke with the movement and sided with the U.S.

Because that was where the money was.

U.S. officials have said since then that some ISI elements maintained links to the Taliban and other Islamist extremist groups to guarantee Pakistan’s influence in Afghanistan after an eventual American withdrawal

That, and the fact that they are practically ideological blood brothers.

Much of the Taliban’s top leadership is believed to live in Pakistan, and Taliban field commanders say many of their colleagues are close to the ISI.

"The ISI is supporting those under its control with money, weapons and shelter on Pakistani soil," said a Taliban commander from the southeastern province of Paktia…

[I]n recent months, Pakistani officials have voiced frustration with U.S. and Afghan officials for keeping them in the dark about reconciliation efforts. Pakistani officials, fearful of an Afghan regime that enjoys warm relations with archenemy India, insist they have a role in brokering any peace settlement.

Yes, you see it is all due to Pakistan’s well-founded fear of an all powerful and wildly aggressive India.

Any day now the Indians are going to swoop in and re-annex Pakistan, and then force the citizenry to convert to Hinduism at gunpoint.

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One Response to “Pakistan Pushes The Taliban To Fight On”

  1. AcornsRNutz says:

    Interesting to watch the militarily retarded government, media and even the libertarian “Get out of Iraq and get America back on track” crowd when they are faced with these types of problems. Well, sticking your head in the sand or arbitrarily neglecting the necesarry wars brewing in the rest of the world (and their likley effect on the US) has lead us here. What do you want to wager it only gets worse.

    I liked it better when we swore we would find our enemies, wherever they may be, and utterly destroy them and everything around them. Good policy then, good policy now.

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