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Pakistani Block Roads To Protest Slow Aid

From a protesting Reuters:

Pakistanis block highways to protest slow flood aid

By Robert Birsel
August 16, 2010

SUKKUR [sic], Pakistan (Reuters) – Pakistani flood victims, burning straw and waving sticks, blocked a highway on Monday to demand government help as aid agencies warned relief was too slow to arrive for millions without clean water, food and homes.

Blocking a highway to protest the slow delivery of aid seems a little counter-productive to us. But, then again, we probably wouldn’t think of protesting because we weren’t getting aid fast enough, either.

Public anger has grown in the two weeks of floods, highlighting potential political troubles for an unpopular government overwhelmed by a disaster that has disrupted the lives of at least a tenth of its 170 million people…

But aid has failed to keep pace with the rising river waters.

"The speed with which the situation is deteriorating is frightening," Neva Khan, Oxfam’s country director in Pakistan, said in a statement.

"Communities desperately need clean water, latrines and hygiene supplies, but the resources currently available cover only a fraction of what is required."

We remember a time when people were able to build their own latrines.

Dozens of stick-wielding men and a few women tried to block five lanes of traffic outside Sukkur, a major town in the southern province of Sindh. Villagers set fire to straw and threatened to hit approaching cars with sticks.

"We left our homes with nothing and now we’re here with no clothes, no food and our children are living beside the road," said protester Gul Hasan, clutching a large stick.

Hasan, like fellow protesters, has been forced from his village and sought refuge in Sukkur [sic]. He and others were camped under tattered plastic in muddy wasteland beside the road.

On Sunday night, hundreds of villagers burned tires and chanted "down with the government" in Punjab province.

"We are dying of hunger here. No one has showed up to comfort us," said Hafiz Shabbir, a protester in Kot Addu

Only a quarter of the $459 million aid needed for initial relief has arrived, according to the United Nations. That contrasts with the United States giving at least $1 billion in military aid last year to its regional ally to battle militants

We knew it would turn out to be the fault of the United States.

On Sunday, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged donors on to quicken up aid

One can always count on the United Nations — to tell other people that they need to do more.

The government has been accused of being too slow to respond to the crisis with victims relying mostly on the military — the most powerful institution in Pakistan — and foreign aid agencies for help.

Despite the government’s perceived failure to tackle the crisis, a military coup is unlikely. The army’s priority is fighting Taliban insurgents, and seizing power during a disaster would make no sense, analysts say

And, of course, none of these donations will end up in the hands of terrorists.

And speaking of the devils, where is the wonderful Taliban in all of this? Haven’t we been told by our watchdog media for years, that they are really wonderful at delivering social services wherever they hold dominion?

And, for that matter, where is the outpouring of aid from Pakistan’s fabulously rich Muslim brothers in the Middle East? Aren’t the Mohammadens as famous for their generosity as they are for their tolerance?

We’re just kidding, of course. Helping the Pakistanis will be left up to the infidels of the West, especially the Great Satan itself, the US of A.

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8 Responses to “Pakistani Block Roads To Protest Slow Aid”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    So, what happened? Did all the people from New Orleans move to Pakistan?

  2. “We remember a time when people were able to build their own latrines. ”

    Everyone knows a shovel is a tool of the infidel.. Duh.

  3. jobeth says:

    Another jaw dropping incredible story of the ‘have nots’ new expectations.

    Nothing like looking to the country you say you resent to provide you with what you are too lazy or corrupt to provide for yourself.

    Not that it isn’t coming…but “*snap, snap” (fingers snapping) “Yo…boy….hussle it up a bit…I’m not very comfortable here, you know! “

    • Right of the People says:


      This isn’t the first time for sure. If you recall back in the ’70s Ethiopia kicked all of our advisers and other folks out and welcomed in the Russians. A few years later they’re in the middle of a drought and can’t feed their people and who do they go screaming to? Why the good ol’ US of A of course. And then when we do send them aide they scream it isn’t enough, the ungrateful bastards!

      This was at the time of the “We Are The World” BS. The US sent them nearly a billion dollars worth of aide of which about a $1.25 actually made it to the people.

      I’m with Steve, tell them to contact their Islamic “brothers” to help.

    • jobeth says:

      yep…I’m with you, Steve and bousquem.

      And soon with the new oil reserve found, the Afghans will be rich…so even they will be sure to help.

      Yep..that’ll happen.

      Of course, maybe some of the corrupt thugs government officials in Haiti might send some of the Billion or so dollars they got free…(while the homeless are still living under tarps)

  4. bousquem says:

    Why don’t all the muslim countries in the middle east send money to Pakistan. They seemed to have those billions of dollars to make a giant clock in Mecca but they seem to be pretty stingy with helping the flood victims. I guess that’s suppose to be the role of the US to bail out every other country while we are digging ourselves deeper in debt.

  5. Liberals Demise says:

    If they could just see beyond their beliefs.
    They now are owners of waterfront property.
    Allah be praised.

    • jobeth says:

      I like that optimism!

      What I used to look forward to. Then they told me Algore lied…there is no global warming..lol

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