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Pakistani Is Now A ‘Person of Interest’

From ABC News:

A surveillance video image showed the Nissan Pathfinder, top right, going through Times Square on 45th Street on Saturday.

Authorities Have Identified Person of Interest in Times Square Bomb Attempt

Investigation Pointing to Coordinated Effort in Foiled Times Square Attack


May 3, 2010

Federal authorities are closing in on the man they say is a person of interest in the Times Square car bomb attempt this weekend, who is described as a naturalized American citizen who hails from Pakistan and just returned after spending five months there.

There is growing evidence the bomber did not act alone and had ties to radical elements overseas, with one senior official telling ABC News there are several individuals believed to be connected with the bombing and that at least one of them is a Pakistani-American.

Attorney General Eric Holder said today the investigators had made "substantial progress" in tracking the man who drove a Nissan Pathfinder into New York’s Times Square with a crude bomb that failed to detonate.

Officials declined to provide the specifics that led them to believe there were overseas links to a larger plot.

The Washington Post, quoting Obama Administration sources, said the attempted bombing "increasingly appears to have been coordinated by several people in a plot with international links."

Other law enforcement officials said the investigation was closing in on the driver of the vehicle and an unknown number of others connected to him…

Officials told ABC News Senior Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas that the Connecticut owner of the vehicle told them he had sold the Nissan SUV last month in an unrecorded sale to an "Arabic or Latino looking man" in his 20’s or 30’s, for a few hundred dollars in cash.

The license plate on the car was apparently stolen from an auto repair shop outside Bridgeport, Connecticut, according to law enforcement officials.

The authorities told ABC News that the previous owner provided a description of the man who bought the car, and told investigators the vehicle was sold for several hundred dollars in cash, with no written records identifying the purchaser.

The license plate found on the Pathfinder also came from Connecticut, #98CY09, according to photographs of the vehicle.

Authorities tell ABC News that the plate came from a vehicle that was in a repair shop near Bridgeport, Connecticut…

Shocking, is it not?


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15 Responses to “Pakistani Is Now A ‘Person of Interest’”

  1. Steve says:

    Judith Miller is reporting on Fox News that the person of interest may be an American citizen of “South Asian” ancestry.

    • GetBackJack says:

      Ask yourself a singular question ….

      …. there’s only ONE security camera in that area? In Times Square? In NYC’s heart? Really?

      This is Fire Island all over again. TWA 800. FBI quote ” … you did not see a missile. You did not see a missile. You are mistaken. You did not see a missile.”

  2. proreason says:

    and I was so sure that radical Christians were responsible for this one.

    Well, there’s still hope.

    There’s probably a violent granny involved somewhere.

  3. DANEgerus says:

    nooooooooo… he’s a “white guy in his 40s”, he’s a “white guy in his 40s”, he’s a “white guy in his 40s” and if we all just keep saying that it will come true!

    Oh… and Judith Miller is a whore, google search her efforts to torpedo Bush on Iraq.

    • spiffyw says:

      It;s ok, She hooring for us now….but ‘he’ is still a ‘white guy in his 40’s’ Glad im over 50 ….Whew that was close .

  4. BigOil says:

    So the “white” male suspect is now “off-white”.

    I imagine JaNo has Homeland Security scouring footage of tea party rallies looking for a better picture of this guy.

  5. U NO HOO says:

    “an unrecorded sale”

    Aint dat agin da law?

    Don’t vehicle transfers have to be notarized?

    Just aksing.

  6. BillK says:

    Meanwhile Janet Napolitano is likely still giving interviews saying we don’t really know anything yet; at least she didn’t claim “the system worked” this time.

  7. Gil says:

    Breaking headline on fox news:

    Officials Arrest Pakistani-American in Connection With Times Square Bomb Attempt

    No link yet.

  8. beautyofreason says:

    Love how the press pushed the “white guy” tip for several days. The media avoids mentioning race in a potential perpetrator if he / she is not white.

    On the left, it’s perfectly acceptable to profile if you’re dealing with the aggressors of imperialism or their descendants – the white male. It’s their boogy man of intolerance.

    Never mind that contemporary Islam is promoting intolerance against non-Muslims and Western people on a massive scale. Now the term “Asian” is a vague euphemism for “radical Islamist” because our press is afraid to acknowledge threats to our people.

    I am also amazed that immigration rallies passed by my window in NYC the day before a “naturalized citizen” tried to blow up a theater uptown.

    The madness never ends.

  9. Mithrandir says:


    (White Man) “A white man, in his late 40s with a moustache, wearing a black jacket and blue nit cap, most likely Christian, and probably a Tea Party member is wanted for questioning…….”

    (Black Man) “A person in their late 40s, wearing a jacket and a cap, possibly a Christian is wanted for questioning……”

    (Muslim Man) “A person on this planet is wanted for questioning…..”

  10. canary says:

    We have some hidden terrorist cells who told Bloomberg it did not look like it was terrorist related. hmm. Who do we have running the country that defend muslims & pretend there isn’t a problem in the U.S.
    We must give Bloomberg the the benefit of the doubt that he is just ignorant and uninformed in a city that has been a middle-eastern terrorist target for decades now.

  11. artboyusa says:

    Statement by Eric Holder, Commissar of Justice and Chief State Prosecutor:

    Hail our Glorious Leader! Hail the Workers and Peasants! Hail the Revolution!


    I announce now the detention of a suspect in this weekend’s terroristic acts in New York City!

    Organs of State security have detained an American citizen – that is spelled A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N C-I-T-I-Z-E-N – and charged him with this offence. Hail the organs of State Security!

    This terrorist, an AMERICAN CITIZEN named Faisal Shahzah was born in Pakistan, is a Muslim and was trying to board a flight to Dubai but there is absolutely no religious element to this attempted crime! None at all. He is an AMERICAN CITIZEN, okay?

    Any attempt by misguided or mischief –making individuals to link this AMERICAN CITIZEN to the extreme and unhelpful actions of a tiny minority who have hijacked the humane tenets of the Religion of Peace is a hate crime and will be punished severely by the organs of State Justice! Hail the organs of State Justice! Death to the Hate Crimers!

    I urge all revolutionary comrades to redouble your vigilance against the true danger that confronts our glorious Motherland, the deadly threat posed by wreckers, saboteurs and agents of the Palinite fringe! Deserved punishment will fall upon the heads of any who aid the Tea Party counter-revolutionary elements who turn their eyes from the glorious sunshine of Comrade Obama’s benevolent gaze and pour scorn upon his wise policies! Hail Comrade Obama! Death to all Counter-Revolutionary elements!

    Return now to your factories and fields confident in the safe knowledge that the organs of State Security are vigilant and poised to deal with any terroristic act against the Motherland after it has actually happened! Hail the organs of State Security!

    Eric Holder
    Commissar of Justice and Chief State Prosecutor
    Unites States of Obama

    • Right of the People says:

      Praise our glorious leader, the enlightened one, most regal and impotent ruler of the United Socialist States of Oblah-blah, Praise Allah don’t you know, eh.

  12. bill says:

    One of Obama bin lying Muslim outreach program graduates, class of 2009. Where all the GITMO detainees go when released, NYC.

    Obama’s al Qaeda free shot troops.

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