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Pakistanis Fire On US Helicopters – Again

Once might have been an accident. But twice would tend to indicate it’s a matter of policy.

Thank Allah we finally got rid of that terrible Musharraf guy.

From Pakistani troops reportedly fire on US helicopters – Yahoo! News:

Pakistani troops reportedly fire on US helicopters

By ISHTIAQ MAHSUD, Associated Press Writer

DERA ISMAIL KHAN, Pakistan – Pakistani troops and tribesmen opened fire on two U.S. helicopters that crossed into the country from neighboring Afghanistan, intelligence officials said Monday.

The helicopters did not return fire and re-entered Afghan airspace without landing, the officials said.

Pakistan’s army and the U.S. military in Afghanistan said they had no information on the reported incursion late Sunday, which will likely add to tensions between Islamabad and Washington…

The two intelligence officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to media.

They said informants in the field told them of the incursion around one mile inside the disputed and poorly demarcated border in the Alwara Mandi area in North Waziristan, a tribal region the U.S. considers a sanctuary for Taliban and al-Qaida fighters.

A week ago, U.S. helicopters reportedly landed near Angoor Ada, a border village in nearby South Waziristan, but returned toward Afghanistan after troops fired warning shots.

A Pakistani military spokesman said last week that troops had orders to open fire in case of another cross-border raid by foreign troops.

Alas, we will be hearing more and more stories like this.

But at least our watchdog media will be happy.

This article was posted by Steve on Monday, September 22nd, 2008. Comments are currently closed.

12 Responses to “Pakistanis Fire On US Helicopters – Again”

  1. Reality Bytes says:

    “People should know when they’re conquered.”
    (about 2:30 in)


    America will be nice to nations like Pakistan…for a little while. Until, that is, we are hit again.

    Unleash Hell indeed.

  2. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    The BBC is reporting that “Pakistan Troops ‘Repel US Raid.'” What happened to you are either with us or against us. Start the high-altitude saturation bombing of the Paki border. Just kidding, we all know that will never happen. America no longer has the marbles, the dems have effectively neutered us over the last four years.

  3. Exeter says:

    BbtT: “America no longer has the marbles…”

    Don’t sell the country short. We need to be prudent when it comes to opening up yet another front in the GWOT.

  4. Reality Bytes says:

    I wonder if perhaps S&L has some psuedo right wingers planting absurd comments for future reference.

    Hey, That’s My Job! Go find your own damn site!!!

    Fact is, after 8 yrs of BJ Clinton demasculing our ability to project ourselves around the globe, Mr. Mushariff heard VP Cheney’s promise to bomb Pakistan back to the stone age loud and clear.

    As the vid from Gladiator, “When will people know they’re conquered.”

    It will happen again…after we are lulled by liberal wooing about focusing on other more important things, like, global warming, affordable house-care, etc.

    Remember, the difference between liberals and conservatives is liberals get us into war. Conservatives win them.

  5. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    Exeter – The GWOT has many fronts. The enemy has vowed to kill Americans where they find us. Pakistan is, IMHO, 50/50 terrorist/ally. Their military is actively supporting the enemy and engaging American and coalition forces in Afghanistan.

    US officer: Pakistani forces aided Taliban

    By Sean D. Naylor – Staff writer
    Posted : Monday Sep 22, 2008 10:50:04 EDT

    Pakistani military forces flew repeated helicopter missions into Afghanistan to resupply the Taliban during a fierce battle in June 2007, according to a Marine lieutenant colonel, who says his information is based on multiple U.S. and Afghan intelligence reports.

    The revelation by Lt. Col. Chris Nash, who commanded an embedded training team in eastern Afghanistan from June 2007 to March 2008, adds a new twist to the controversy over a U.S. special operations raid into Pakistan Sept. 3.

    Pakistani officials strongly protested that raid, with a statement issued by the foreign ministry calling it a “gross violation of Pakistan’s territory.”

    But fewer than 15 months earlier, Pakistani forces were flying cross-border missions in the other direction to resupply a “base camp” in Nangarhar Province occupied by fighters from the Taliban, al-Qaida and the Hezb-i-Islami faction led by Afghan warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, Nash told Army Times in a Sept. 17 telephone interview…….

    ……….“What [the Pakistanis] bring to the fight is not only tactical expertise, but [because of] how they’re arrayed along the border, they can easily provide support by fire positions that our enemies are able to maneuver under,” Nash said. “We were on the receiving end of Pakistani military D-30.”

    The D-30 is a towed 122mm howitzer.

    “On numerous occasions, Afghan border police checkpoints and observation posts were attacked by Pakistani military forces,” usually those belonging to the Frontier Corps, a locally recruited force in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas that abut the border with Afghanistan, he said.

    In addition, he said, his Marines had definitely seen combat with Pakistani forces


    After all, it is the GWOT, GLOBAL war on terror. There is no “front.” There ara only enemies and allies.

  6. Exeter says:

    “I wonder if perhaps S&L has some psuedo right wingers planting absurd comments for future reference.”

    I think you’re right, RB – I’m fairly certain “brad” (as if that’s his real name) is an infil-traitor. I’ve got my eye on cigarskunk, too. Troll-alert, threat level: YELLOW.

    Maybe SG needs to start screening the newbies with a loyalty oath: “I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the DailyKos!”

  7. Exeter says:

    BttT: you miss my point. I’m fully aware of the threat from Pakistan, and the necessity of dealing with it. All I’m saying is, let’s not bite off more than we can chew – or to find a more accurate metaphor, let’s swallow what we’re chewing before we take another bite. The job in Iraq is not finished; the job in Afghanistan is not finished; our positions with Iran, Russia and Venezuela are precarious, to say the least. I’m convinced that the Pakis’ turn is coming, but they don’t have to be on a front burner just yet. We have to fight this war on OUR terms if we’re going to win it, and a Pyrrhic victory is not an option.

  8. Reality Bytes says:

    Lest we forget Mr. Cheney’s promise to bomb Musharif & his sub prime nation back to the stone age. I clearly remember him walking over to his Indian counterpart and extending his hand as a gesture of “hey, can’t we all just get along?” Sometimes, the little ones need a little prompting from the grownups (that would be America).

  9. yonason says:

    “Thank Allah we finally got rid of that terrible Musharraf guy.” — S&L

    You know who helped get rid of him, don’t you?

    The three evil stooges.

    And those are the LAST people I want monitoring an election!

  10. yonason says:


    “Posted September 4th, 2008 in Military News
    Source: New York Times
    Cross-border ground assault against Taliban killed at least 15”


    And it’s always good to see one’s president is on top of things…

    “September 11, 2008
    Bush Said to Give Orders Allowing Raids in Pakistan “


    “Cross-border strikes increase during 2008 and have skyrocketed the past two weeks
    The US has stepped up its attacks against al Qaeda and the Taliban’s networks inside Pakistan over the past year. There have been 14 confirmed cross-border attacks by the US in Pakistan this year [see list below]. Six safe houses have been hit in North Waziristan, six have been hit in South Waziristan, and two have been targeted in Bajaur this year. Only 10 such cross-border strikes were recorded in 2006 and 2007 combined.”

    (details on strikes at bottom of page)

    Looks like O’Bumpkin can stop complaining that Bush is “neglecting” the Asian front.

  11. crosspatch says:

    I would beware of media attempts to fan flames that might not amount to much. This could have been a case of warning shots to let us know that they knew we were close to the border or it might not have happened at all. At least one case where Pakistani media reported having fired on our helicopters was denied by the military. But maybe they did fire in the general direction and we didn’t even notice.

    The Marine Corps Times is not published by the Marines. It and the other service “Times” monthlies are published by Gannett. The same people who publish USA Today and a rather extensive list of MSM publications.

    Don’t believe the MCTimes any more than you would believe USA Today. It’s the same people.

  12. Lipstick on a PIAPS says:

    I’m thinking this was a recon mission or testing the range of the Ragheaded idiots. If the Border Patrol think they could stop the American Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corp. let these idiots be delusional. If we wanted too even Barak said we could Blow Pakistan to Kingdom come so…………! ROFLMAO!

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