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Shocker: Pakistanis Riot Against Zardari

From an elated Associated Press:

[AFP caption:] Pakistani opposition party activists [sic] during an anti-government protest rally in Lahore on March 15, 2009.

Violence mars Pakistani anti-government protest

By BABAR DOGAR, Associated Press

LAHORE, Pakistan – Pakistan’s opposition leader defied house arrest on Sunday to lead anti-government protests that briefly turned violent before becoming a jubilant show of force against the country’s pro-Western president…

Hundreds of police surrounded Sharif’s residence in Lahore, carrying an order for his house arrest, party spokesman Pervaiz Rasheed said. But Sharif, who denounced the order as illegal, later left the house in a convoy of vehicles and headed into town…

"People have responded very overwhelmingly to the call of the hour, and I am thankful to the nation," Sharif told Geo television by phone from his car. "This is a prelude to a revolution." …

The gathering in Lahore was the biggest yet in the buildup to plans for a mass sit-in in front of Parliament in the capital on Monday.

The government has refused permission for the indefinite sit-in, arguing that it would paralyze the government and present a target for terrorists. It has put the army on alert in case the unrest gets out of hand.

Though Sharif, his politician brother and scores of other opposition party members were initially ordered under house arrest, Sharif was allowed to leave his residence unchallenged

Iftikhar said the government would not allow the protesters to march on Islamabad. Authorities already parked trucks across major roads on the edge of Lahore.

Some of the first demonstrators to pick their way past barricades to reach the courts on Sunday pelted riot police ringing the area with rocks. Police responded with tear gas, and beat several protesters with batons…

Later, the crowd swelled to many thousands. Many were black-suited lawyers campaigning for an independent judiciary, but most appeared to be Sharif supporters chanting "Here comes the lion!" in reference to his party symbol and "Go Zardari go!" …

On Saturday, after U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke to both Zardari and Nawaz Sharif by telephone, the government announced it would appeal the Supreme Court ruling in the coming days…

Remember how much the left and their minions in our one party media cheered when they succeeded in forcing the legally elected Mr. Musharraf out of power?

Whey confidently assured us that with him gone, all of Pakistan’s problems would dissolve away.

As we predicted at the time, it was just one more step on the path of a Islamic take-over. Which is what we are witnessing now.

Meanwhile, we wonder if Mr. Obama will stand by his previous promises to intercede if by some coup or revolution “extremists” take over in Pakistan.

For as we noted previously, back in 2004 the Chicago Tribune reported:

Obama would consider missile strikes on Iran

By David Mendell, Tribune staff reporter

September 25, 2004

As for Pakistan, Obama said that if President Pervez Musharraf were to lose power in a coup, the United States similarly might have to consider military action in that country to destroy nuclear weapons it already possesses. Musharraf’s troops are battling hundreds of well-armed foreign militants and Pakistani tribesmen in increasingly violent confrontations.

Obama said that violent Islamic extremists are a vastly different brand of foe than was the Soviet Union during the Cold War, and they must be treated differently.

“With the Soviet Union, you did get the sense that they were operating on a model that we could comprehend in terms of, they don’t want to be blown up, we don’t want to be blown up, so you do game theory and calculate ways to contain,” Obama said. “I think there are certain elements within the Islamic world right now that don’t make those same calculations.

“… I think there are elements within Pakistan right now–if Musharraf is overthrown and they took over, I think we would have to consider going in and taking those bombs out, because I don’t think we can make the same assumptions about how they calculate risks.”

Were those ‘just words’?

Alas, we may know very soon.

This article was posted by Steve on Sunday, March 15th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

8 Responses to “Shocker: Pakistanis Riot Against Zardari”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    “….the crowd swelled to thousands, many were black suited lawyers…….”
    Anybody see a similar problem here with our lawyers?
    UGH……..lawyers on the loose!

  2. TwilightZoned says:

    How O handles Pakistan may well be a defining moment of his ability or willingness to handle foreign affairs which will negatively affect the world. “Obama said that violent Islamic extremists are a vastly different brand of foe than was the Soviet Union during the Cold War, and they must be treated differently.” Exactly how are they to be treated differently? If that means treating them with kid gloves I think we are in for some serious trouble.

  3. TwilightZoned says:

    LD, Shakespeare was right.

  4. proreason says:

    Pakistan is the most dangerous country in the world….by far.

    The unsung triumph of Bush’s presidency was that he coralled those lunatics and coerced Musharaf into controlling the radical elements….probably at the cost of not capturing Bin Laden. Notice, btw, that the brain-dead left has always claimed that getting Bin Laden should have been the only goal of the War on Terrorism. As usual, they were 100% wrong.

    With the Moron in charge, who knows what will happen, but it’s hard to believe that limp-wristed self-aggrandizer would lift a pinkie to make sure Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal is kept away from the Islamofacists. You really can’t believe a single thing he has said about it, because lying is like breathing to him. Since he has bought every aspect of the radical-left’s agenda in every other area, it is highly likely that he believes that Pakistan, even if siezed by Islamofacists, has the right to do whatever they want, including blowing up the world if they so choose.

    It’s probably the greatest risk the world faces. The economic “crisis” pales in comparison.

  5. VMAN says:

    Well according to Plugs Biden we have about 4 more months until the world crisis that the O Hole will have foisted upon him. Now we are not going to like his decision but we are just going to have to trust him. I DON”T THINK SO!!! Wait a minute. Everything is a crisis to the O Hole and we don’t like the way he is handling it.

    • catie says:

      VMAN, you’re right about everything being a “crisis” with this administration. What in the world are we going to do when we have a real crisis. I’m also tired of being told to “trust” this administration.
      I don’t know how old you are but when I was a kid after about 1978 I never heard anyone say they voted for Carter. I imagine it’s going to be the same thing in a year or so.

    • TwilightZoned says:

      This may be the boy who cried wolf.

  6. Weasel says:

    Question: Has Joe Biden ever gotten anything right?
    Answer: Yes, once, when he told us to “Gird your loins!”

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