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Paladino Stuns GOP (And NYT) With Win

From a highly incensed New York Times:

Paladino Stuns N.Y. G.O.P. With Victory

September 14, 2010

Carl P. Paladino, a Buffalo multimillionaire who jolted the Republican Party with his bluster and belligerence, rode a wave of disgust with Albany to the nomination for governor of New York on Tuesday, toppling Rick A. Lazio, a former congressman who earned establishment support but inspired little popular enthusiasm.

Mr. Paladino became one of the first Tea Party candidates to win a Republican primary for governor, in a state where the Republican Party has historically succeeded by choosing moderates.

And you have to wonder what is meant by the term “succeeded.” The country cannot stand the kind of ‘success’ that the GOP has had in New York.

The result was a potentially destabilizing blow for New York Republicans. It put at the top of the party’s ticket a volatile newcomer who has forwarded e-mails to friends containing racist jokes and pornographic images,

Notice that The Times starts throwing mud by their third paragraph. Have they ever treated Muslim terrorists this roughly?

And somehow we suspect that the “racist jokes” and “pornographic images” are not quite as damning as they are described – or The Times would have printed them on the front page above the fold.

[E]spoused turning prisons into dormitories where welfare recipients could be given classes on hygiene, and defended an ally’s comparison of the Assembly speaker, Sheldon Silver, who is Jewish, to “an Antichrist or a Hitler.”

Notice that The Times is citing the comments of ‘allies’ in the hopes that their benighted readers will think they are direct quotes from Mr. Paladino. They are that despicable.

Yet Mr. Paladino, 64, energized Tea Party advocates and social conservatives with white-hot rhetoric and a damn-the-establishment attitude, promising to “take a baseball bat to Albany” to dislodge the state’s entrenched political class. He also outspent Mr. Lazio, pouring more than $3 million of his fortune into the race, while Mr. Lazio spent just over $2 million.

Have you ever notice how spending ones own money for campaigns is held against Republicans and conservatives, but never against Democrats and liberals? (Cf. Michael Bloomberg, even when he ran for an illegal third term.)

“We are mad as hell,” Mr. Paladino said in a halting but exuberant victory speech in Buffalo shortly after 11 p.m. “New Yorkers are fed up. Tonight the ruling class knows. They have seen it now. There is a people’s revolution. The people have had enough.”

Mr. Paladino may be “halting” but he is eloquent. More importantly, he speaks the plain truth.

Referring to criticism from what he said were liberal elites, he added: “They say I am too blunt. Well, I am, and I don’t apologize for it. They say I am an angry man, and that’s true. We are all angry.”

Mr. Paladino, a first-time candidate who roamed the state with a pit bull named Duke and stayed late after campaign events to hug supporters, swamped Mr. Lazio by a ratio of nearly two to one, lifted by strong showings in Erie and Niagara Counties, where his message of economic populism was especially resonant…

Notice how the New York Times buries the detail that Mr. Paladino beat Mr. Lazio ‘by a ratio of nearly two to one.’ – In New York state. Which just goes to show that this year anything can happen.

Mr. Paladino’s platform calls for cutting taxes by 10 percent in six months, eliminating cherished public pensions for legislators, and using eminent domain to prevent the construction of a mosque and community center near ground zero

What a lunatic, huh? Of course his views just happen to align perfectly with the overwhelming majority of Americans. No wonder The Times feels the need to demonize him.

In his victory speech, Mr. Paladino alluded to the uphill climb he faces in taking on Mr. Cuomo and repairing the state’s battered finances…

He demanded that Mr. Cuomo meet him as an equal. “I have a message for Andrew Cuomo tonight,” Mr. Paladino said. “I challenge you to a series of debates. We have so many questions to ask you, Andrew.

“Let’s stand toe to toe in an exchange of ideas and let the people decide.”

With that, Mr. Paladino’s daughter Danielle took the microphone and led the crowd in singing “God Bless America.”

Of course the New York Times thought this last line was especially damning.

Meanwhile, it seems like only yesterday that the New York Times was telling its readers they should skip voting, since there were no interesting candidates running for office.

We were told there wasn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the candidates. And that no matter how the primaries turned out, it would just be more of the same.

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11 Responses to “Paladino Stuns GOP (And NYT) With Win”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I know this will sound like sour grapes and that I need daily injections of some sort of psycho-active mood altering drug, but after 40 years watching American politics, but …

    …. I just wonder how despondent all the Tea Party is going to be when they figure out (about six months down the road) all their new blood doesn’t change anything?

    • Right of the People says:


      Have a little faith in your fellow conservative. This guy might be the real deal, a millionaire who isn’t in it for the money and graft.

      I know since WWII that the whole climate and attitude of politics has changed. It used to be people ran for office because they truly wanted to serve and do well for their fellow citizens. Most senators and reps had real jobs back home and would go to DC, do what was needed they boogie back home to work.

      I could see a guy like this wanted to serve and fix things without having an agenda other than doing what is best for the state. I could be wrong but we desperately need changes made since we can’t keep stumbling along the way we have for the past 40-50 years.

      Anything has to be better than the straw pony in the governor’s seat. Even his own party doesn’t want him.

  2. proreason says:

    “They say I am too blunt. Well, I am, and I don’t apologize for it. They say I am an angry man, and that’s true. We are all angry.”

    I don’t know anything about this guy, and I didn’t read past this point.

    But now I’m 1000% behind him.

    • untrainable says:

      I’m with you pro. It would be nice to have someone running for office who says what he means and doesn’t stand up 20 minutes later at a presser so he can tell everyone that he’s sorry and he didn’t really mean it.

      Remember… “YOU LIE!!”… Well, I shouldn’t have said that, it was disrespectful. Damned right, it was disrespectful. We need more disrespect for politicians, and more respect for values and for the people. Respect for a politician should be earned, not given as the default state just because he’s been elected. That’s what’s gotten us where we are.

    • Dupree says:

      I’m from Buffalo. Everybody said Carl didn’t have a shot in hell, but it would be entertaining to watch him beat up on the incumbents. The day before the vote polls said they were neck and neck. Carl beat BLazio 2 to 1!

      Now it’s going to be Carl vs. Andrew Cuomo, the very definition of Liberal Elitist. His Daddy was Governor, so now it’s his birthright. Just wait and see what the NYS democrat machine will try to accuse him of now. There’s going to be fight alright.

      Carl is the antithesis of politically correct. He says it how it is and has a knack for cutting through the BS. I’m mad as hell too Carl!

  3. Reality Bytes says:

    RB to GOP. For cryin’ out loud! We’re on your side! But, If you don’t want to be seen as Claude Rains instead of Jimmy Stewart, the either GET ON BOARD OR GET OUT OF THE WAY!

    Actually, you probably don’t have much choice in the matter. As Elwood said yesterday, “We’re on a mission from God!”. (they hate that part).

    Here! A refresher course for you:


  4. Right of the People says:


    The only problem with that story is if Mr. Smith were a democrap, they’d have hung him out to dry in a heartbeat. How I long for the good old days.

  5. Reality Bytes says:

    The Ruling Class isn’t whistling past their grave yard – THEY’RE IN THE GRAVE YARD.

    I nominate the American Bison as the Tea Party Symbol cause when they come all you hear is a low rumble that slowly grows louder until the ground starts to shake & next thing you know you’re being run over by thousands of the beasts all running in the same direction – usually to the right.

  6. artboyusa says:

    John Boehner, DC Poodle and his GOP Action Pals, star in “Downfall”!

    “This is bad” fumed John Boehner, DC poodle, to his GOP action pals Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn. “Barry Goldwater bad”.

    The helmet haired Ohioan flung the newspaper down on his vast desk of sculpted marble and precious Bongo wood. “But it says we won big in the primaries” wondered Mitch, blinking his big, doll like eyes and not getting it as usual.

    “You don’t get it, Mitch” said Texan John Cornyn. “As usual. We didn’t win – they won”.

    “They who?” queried a confused Mitch, who liked things explained slowly.

    “They them; the others, the unseen and unheard people. The ones who pay our taxes and obey our laws and send their children to fight in our exciting foreign policy disasters – that them”.

    “Oh. The ordinary people” said Mitch, as it finally sunk in. “I saw some of them once. From the limo; they were walking around and stuff”.

    “Sometimes you see them down at the back of the plane” said John Cornyn. “I get the stewardess to pull the curtain”.

    Boehner snickered at the thought of anyone not flying on a private jet. Losers.
    “Yes” he added “Our moderate voices are in danger of being drowned in a rising tide of hate-fuelled populist rhetoric”.

    “Popuwhatist?” said Mitch.

    “Populist, Mitch” said John. “It means doing what the majority of the people who elected you actually want you to do. As long serving DC poodles and senior members of the GOP establishment we try to avoid that kind of thing”.

    “Oh” said Mitch. “Okay. You’re smart, John. Gee. No wonder you’re the boss”.

    “Yes, well” muttered Cornyn. “We didn’t get into politics to take orders from people dumb enough to vote for us. No way. And it doesn’t help when some of our establishment colleagues turn rogue and actually start helping the ordinary people to swamp our moderate voices and imperil our phoney baloney jobs”.

    “DeMint” said John Cornyn.

    “No thanks” said Mitch. “I’ve already got some Jolly Ranchers”.


    “I know” said John Boehner, glancing worriedly at his pumpkin colored skin. “I am paling. I’ve got a six hour sunbed session booked for after lunch”.

    “We’re in a crisis and you’re worried about your sun tan?” exclaimed Cornyn. “We need to do something pronto!”

    “Charm offensive!” cried Mitch. “I know what we do; we go on every TV channel and news outlet and we use all our charisma, all our intellectual powers and all our personal attractiveness and history of achievement to persuade those commoners to go back to being obedient poodles instead of naughty Tea Partiers”.

    “Hmmm” muttered John Boehner. “It’s a long shot but it just might work. What do you think, Steele?”

    Chairman Steele, who had been noiselessly dusting and polishing Boehner’s spare hairpiece looked at the trio of dumb, dull, middle aged white men and knew that they were doomed, all doomed.

    “Yassuh, Mistah John” grovelled Steele. “Dat sho ‘nuff sounds like some fine plannin’, suh. Ah reckon dat’ll sho ‘nuff revive de collective fortunes of all you fine gendlemen; jus’ like when y’all done such a good job fixin’ de ecobony”.

    “Good boy!” enthused Boehner, demonstrating the GOP’s traditional appeal to minorities. “Then it’s all settled!”

    “You’re so masterful, John” breathed Mitch. “Order me around some more…please”.

  7. artboyusa says:

    John Boehner, DC Poodle and his GOP Action Pals, star in Part Two of “Downfall”!

    “Imbeciles” thought Steele. “Dullards. Complacent lackwits”.

    “Steele!” snapped John Boehner. “Stop mentally abusing us and get busy arranging a press conference for all our friends in the media”.

    “Yassum, Boss” cooned Steele. “Ah’ll jes’ git a dialin’ on de ole telemaphone”.

    “And quit talking in that Uncle Tom voice! Even the stewards at my club speak better than you. Talk normal”.

    “Yassuh, I mean certainly, John. Quel relief. I’m delighted to at last discard those stereotypical and antiquated speech patterns in favour of a more measured, albeit conventional, elocutionary manner ”.

    “Huh?” said Mitch, not getting it again.

    “I only adopted that implausible Uncle Remus discourse in the first instance because I thought it would make you chaps feel more comfortable in my swarthy presence” continued Steele.

    “In your presence?” said Boehner. “What do you mean ‘in your presence’? You make yourself sound like some kind of divinity or something”.

    “Not at all, Dear John” soothed Steele. “We all know that you’re the only one here with aspirations re an elevation to the supernatural plane”.

    “Wha?” said Mitch.

    “He means John thinks he’s something special” said Coryn helpfully. “Like a god”.

    “Oh” said Mitch.

    “Not at all, not at all” mollified Boehner. “We’re ALL special here in the GOP establishment, we’re ALL godlike DC poodles and we’re ALL going to fight like rabid wolverines on angel dust to maintain the power, the perks and the privileges to which we’re entitled and we’ll do whatever it takes, and I do mean whatever, to keep the Republican Party in our tidily manicured, liver spotted hands and out of the grasping paws of the ordinary commoners who want to extinguish our moderate voices and expel us from our golden seats of office!”

    “Wow!” breathed Mitch. “That was so eloquant”.

    “You sound like Winston Churchill” admired Cornyn “Except he didn’t have a toupee and pumpkin colored skin”.

    “Yowza!” exclaimed Steele. “Dat sho ‘nuff be some fine speechifyin’, Boss – sorry, Old habits you know. Pray excuse my incontinent lapse. I mean, well done dear fellow”.

  8. Adam Moreira says:

    Just saw this thread. The problem with Paladino and the mosque is that according to the New York State Constitution, Paladino lacks the authority to declare eminent domain on the mosque. It won’t survive a writ of quo warranto.

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