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Pali Gunmen Kidnap Fox Reporter, Cameraman

From the AFP:

Fox News identifies kidnapped Gaza reporters

NEW YORK (AFP) – US television network Fox News named two reporters kidnapped in Gaza as one of its staffers and a freelance cameraman.

The network's spokeswoman Irena Briganti identified the two as reporter Steve Centanni from California and Olaf Wiig, whose nationality she did not specify. A website for the cameraman describes him as London-based.

"I can just confirm that the two of them are kidnapped, Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig. Steve Centanni is an on-air reporter and Olaf Wiig, he's a freelance cameraman. Steve is American, Olaf I don't know," Briganti said.

Earlier reports identified Wiig as Irish.

Centanni has been with the network since its inception in 1996, reporting on numerous global news stories and events, including in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, according to the network's website.

He is currently based in Doha, Qatar, it said.

The two were kidnapped Monday, witnesses said, after gunmen intercepted their car in Gaza City.

The reporters' Palestinian driver and two other journalists were set free. No group has yet claimed responsibility for kidnapping the pair.

It's clear the lesson of the Lebanon cease-fire has been learned.

Kidnapping pays.

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