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Palin’s Backing Pays Off In Three Primaries

From the Politico:

Palin’s backing pays off for pals

By: Andy Barr
June 9, 2010

Some of Sarah Palin’s riskiest endorsements scored major victories Tuesday for the former Alaska governor, showing off her power in Republican primaries.

Palin had four primary endorsements in play – Carly Fiorina, Nikki Haley, Terry Branstad and Cecile Bledsoe – and three won or moved on to a runoff…

Perhaps Palin’s most powerful demonstration came in South Carolina, where her endorsement propelled a major swing in the polls for Haley’s primary campaign for governor and sustained the state representative through accusations of two separate affairs…

Palin was quick to defend Haley from blogger Will Folks, who claimed to have had an “inappropriate physical relationship” with Haley, writing on her Facebook page that Folks was trying to “make things up.”
Palin recorded a robocall for Haley in the closing days, urging South Carolinians to ignore the “made-up nonsense.”

For Fiorina, Palin bucked some of her own supporters in choosing the former Hewlett Packard chief executive over tea party favorite Chuck DeVore in the California Senate race…

But Palin rebuffed her conservative critics by touting Fiorina’s pro-life credentials as well as her 100 percent NRA rating – thus helping build the conservative grassroots narrative the multimillionaire former businesswoman utilized to dispatch both DeVore and former Rep. Tom Campbell…

Palin labeled Bledsoe one of the “mama grizzlies” the former governor contends are leading a new feminist movement, and the Arkansas state senator turned a distant second place showing a month ago into what looked like a narrow defeat at the hands of Rogers Mayor Steve Womack.

Compare and contrast Mrs. Palin’s track record with Mr. Obama’s.

And yet we were told by our media masters that Sarah Palin was washed up and had no political future.

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9 Responses to “Palin’s Backing Pays Off In Three Primaries”

  1. canary says:

    Palin put it out there for Obama to call her and she would help him. If Obama doesn’t take her up on it, he will look like a narcissist who cut his throat to spite his talking head.

    I’m still mad at him complaining about the rain & acting like a gangster. Can’t he think of those that lost their lives, suffering from burns, missing body parts,
    and soaked in oil. I wish someone would make a picture of him soaked like
    the pelican.

  2. Right of the People says:

    Sarah has more testosterone in her little finger than the boy king does his entire body.

  3. Reality Bytes says:

    Every time you hear the MSM berate Sarah Palin, they are whistling past their own graveyard.

    You know how to whistle don’t you Johnny?


  4. proreason says:

    Everything Palin has done, she achieved with brain power, not skin color. Those of us with brains know that working her way up from small town mayor to governor is exactly the kind of experience we need in a leader.

    So we shouldn’t be surprised when she makes good calls and motivates people to support her candidates.

    And we shouldn’t be surprised that our Affirmative Action leader consistently makes shows bad judgement and inspires people to vote against his candidates. The first decision of his life that impacted other people was to close Gitmo. How’s that working out? Now even idiots know how stupid he is.

    But it’s tragic beyond words that it has taken the near destruction of the country to wake people up.

  5. heykev says:

    Palin is a leader while BHO is our Community Organizer in Chief. He has absolutely ZERO management experience.

    I agree with Ms. Coulter’s most recent column, that hopefully Palin endorses Rob Simmons. WOuld be nice to get have a Republican actually win CT.

    There are some similarities to the Republican’s who run IL politics. They are seemingly all idiots who put people up who either have NO chance or winning or are RHINO’s or both.

  6. tranquil.night says:

    The results yesterday should solidify the guarded optimism we carry now that we’re on track to take back both houses and turn the corner out of the downward spiral. A big tip of the hat to Sarah who has demonstrated not just a superb ability to remain engaged and intellectually combatitve with the regime over the issues, but also network and connect grass roots energy and funds to overcome machine Republican candidates.

    Equally encouraging I thought was Blanche Lincoln’s survival of the Moveon.org candidate and the 10 million dollar utter embarassment of the Progressive movement. While it was a stupid (amusing for us) excersize to begin with, it’s warming to have real results displaying the true isolation of Soros and his cronies in the arena of ideas.

    In my state of California, however, I worry the sun isn’t shining so bright. Carly should have a good chance against Boxer (and kudos to Sarah for showing the traits of a political party leader rather than an ideologue on throwing in with Carly over DeVore) but we’ve now completely sealed the coffin on our state both by throwing out our primaries and nominating Whitman.

    Not that Poisner really could’ve done much better – what California has needed for 10 years now is the Golden Coast’s incarnation of Chris Christie. But Whitman will be beyond ineffective when it comes to confronting the Democrat institutions of BigLabor and Radical Environmentalism. In fact, she left herself tons and tons of swing room on environmental matters – and Californian Conservatives understand very well that most Silicon Valley big business Republicans are sucked into the surrounding liberal culture (its an aura emanating from the Google building, I swear) and the scams surrounding it – Global Warming topping that list. In fact whenever Rush would lament the “Country Club RINOs” these characters were often whom my mind visualized.

    I’m sorry Meg, but you’re not bringing jobs back with the strongest environmental regulation language ever crafted still on the law of the land. Sure there’s all sorts of administrative reasons for why we’ve dipped from #5 economy to #8 in the world but nothing has contributed to that exodus of business more than green laws.

    I think most of the Conservatives left in the state have just resolved that it’s screwed and those who’re staying just have the money pay all the ridiculous new “fees” (taxes by a different name since state voters mandated no new taxes). It’ll be a real embarassment for you, Meg, if you can’t beat a former Democrat Governor from the 70’s who hasn’t mentally been on Earth since then.

    • misanthropicus says:

      I live in Los Angeles, and I share your views.
      Still, I am content with both Fiorina and Meg – and I think, that in spite of the demographic/ ideological change that California has endured in the past decade, Boxer and Brown will be defeated this November –
      Yes, I am a birther – and I voted for Orly, too, and it’s nice to see the she got more than 300.000 votes, even she didnn’t make it –

  7. joeblough says:

    I’m a Palin fan, but I’m not happy about the Fiorina thing.

    I still can’t figure out what she was thinking.

    Oh well.

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