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Panicked Biden: Avoid Planes, Subways

From NBC’s Today Show, via YouTube:

Is this his contribution to stimulating the economy?

Or is he watching out for the middle class?

This article was posted by Steve on Thursday, April 30th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

26 Responses to “Panicked Biden: Avoid Planes, Subways”

  1. proreason says:

    Has there ever been a more willing patsy and fool?

    Surely he would eat feces with a smile 3 times a day if he could go on TV once a week.

    • MinnesotaRush says:

      Didya notice how he’s doing his very best at trying to present a thoughtful, discerning and wise (Dick Cheney like) image???

      Kinda like Ronald McDonald posing as the Pope.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    Today our NEW word is M-I-T-A-G-A-T-I-O-N!!!!

    This asshat needs a new job because he is undoubtedly the worst numb nut as VP.

  3. MinnesotaRush says:

    Since when does the o-blah-blah gang make decisions on others’ input?

    ” .. the health advisers are telling us not to do that ..” (close the border)

    But what they are EXPERT at is BLAMING OTHERS for their foolish inactions and/or dumb actions.

  4. curvyred says:

    I am surprised he had enough time to make that riveting statement, after all he was busy trying to get Specter to deflect (as if he wasn’t already a Demmie anyways):

    “Biden says he helped persuade Specter to switch”

    “I have been working on that in earnest for the past four years and double time for the past 100 days (as vice president),” Biden added.


  5. EdmoHuge says:

    The man is a fool…there’s no other way to say it.

  6. BatK says:

    Anyone else get the feeling we’re not too far off from “mandatory” vaccinations that will wind up doing more harm than good?

    • Liberals Demise says:

      When I was a active duty Marine in 1976 it was mandatory for us to get the Swine Flu shot. I was on a float (ship) off Puerto Rico and missed it when my unit got their shots. By the time I got back to my unit, 1/3 was sick and 1 guy died from the vaccinations. Believe it or not….they still wanted me to get the shot. I always found my way around that order. (Thank God)

    • BatK says:

      I believe it… I’m just wondering WHY they are hyping this so much? Is it to distract from the socialist economic agenda they’re trying to push, or simply a way to convince panicked people about the “need” for some sort universal healthcare/big brother to “take care” of us? Unlike the black plague, thankfully they can’t blame this one on the Jews… though I wouldn’t put it past the UN to try

    • catie says:

      You know LD, I was in 4th grade and they made the entire school get those shots. One of the boys who was in second grade wound up almost dying from it. For almost a month we were in Mass everyday praying for Blaine. I’m afraid we’re heading down this road again and the answer will be no for my kiddos.
      My late paternal grandmother’s first husband died in that 1918 flu epidemic on Christmas Eve of all days (just like old Marley she used to say). But even then she wasn’t interested in either my grandfather or her getting the shots.
      BatK, just wait a few days, they’ll blame the Jews.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      If not this “CRISIS” then there would be some other “CRISIS”.
      Notice how many we’ve been through in the past 101 days…….
      If everyone watches the airships, noone notices the pickpockets!!

    • Liberals Demise says:

      We aren’t talking about “Scare Force One” and the Angry Negro in the White House anymore.
      “Hey look over there….it’s Superman!”

    • proreason says:

      LD: We aren’t talking about “Scare Force One”

      The pea moves under a new shell every day.

      The chaos is deliberate. It distracts the serfs from the main agenda…..making sure we stay serfs forever.

      Something major happened with the budget designed to squash 3 generations in the last few days, but I can’t even find out what it was. Think about it, the plan to impoverish your grandchildren can’t crack through Biden’s whoop of the day, the 100 day nonsense, torture with catepillars, and the puppies.

      And then there is the end of civilization looming in Pakistan.

      But I do know there is a magazine cover is coming out soon with the Moron with his shirt off.


    • Liberals Demise says:

      Would that be considered a “Man Made Disaster?”

  7. PC says:

    I think this should put to rest any comments about Dan Quayle. (Yeah, I know we’re dealing with liberals).

  8. JohnMG says:

    …..“I have been working on that in earnest for the past four years and double time for the past 100 days (as vice president),”

    Poor Joe. If it took him four years and 100 days, what does that say for his capabilities? Most of us could have persuaded Arlen Sphincter to jump ship with a ‘ten-dollars-off-your-next-abortion’ certificate and a Hershey bar. How hard is that?

  9. canary says:

    Biden contradicts himself twice.
    He says no blocking borders or “classrooms”
    then slips in announcing his examples in the gategory of enclosed places to avoid, …”subways, airplanes” and …..”classrooms”.

    Biden said Sphincter did not leave the Republican Party, but it was the Right that “left” his “friend”. Biden describing Sphincter as his “longtime”, close, personal, friend & “confident!” Sphincter “left” the right people. He never was the right person.

  10. Barbie says:

    So what does the WH expect when they let Biden go out in public without a leash (or muzzle in this case)?

  11. BatK says:

    It’s still appalling to me how EASILY Biden, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, etc just lie. and lie. And it’s not even little lies. Huge, ridiculous, lies. Lies that anybody actually paying attention will immediately pick up… Like our president conveniently “not knowing” anything that makes him look bad (Wright, Air Force 1, Blago, Rezko, Soros, Ayers, etc etc etc). Like our Vice President claiming he had all of those opportunities to stick it to President Bush. Like the Speaker of the House claiming she knew nothing about waterboarding even though she was briefed on it back in 2002. It’s not even the blind leading the blind. It’s the liars purposefully leading the blind into a ditch…but fleecing their pockets first.

  12. caligirl9 says:

    Uh, uh, uh, he “misrepresented what he wanted to say.” Good job!
    From the LA Times.

    White House adjusts Biden’s swine flu advice

    Officials seek to undo the damage after the vice president goes his own way, saying he’d tell family members to avoid planes, trains and other enclosed spaces.

    A crack appeared Thursday in a White House communications operation known for staying on message — in the form of a vice president with a habit of speaking his mind.

    It happened when Joe Biden went on a morning talk show and, almost as if he hadn’t gotten talking points, veered off the team’s message about how to avoid swine flu.

    Biden said he was telling his family members to avoid confined spaces such as planes and subway trains. The trouble is, the administration is trying to tamp down alarm over the flu with a message about skipping only unnecessary travel to Mexico and simply staying home when feeling sick…

    I removed Biden’s remarks for space

    The U.S. travel industry was quick to complain about the comments, and the White House scrambled to respond. It first issued a statement repackaging the vice president’s words, and later offered a shrug and an apology.

    The gaffe was a reminder of Biden’s penchant for the impolitic comment, a sometimes embarrassing habit that can have greater consequences now that he is vice president.

    Noting in a letter to President Obama that Biden is a “very senior administration official,’ Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista) said that the vice president’s words “could do unnecessary and irreparable harm to the airline and travel industries.”

    Industry officials agreed.

    “Elected officials must strike a delicate balance of accurately and adequately informing citizens of health concerns without unduly discouraging travel and other important economic activity,” said Roger Dow, president of the U.S. Travel Assn.

    The State Department has issued an advisory warning against travel to Mexico, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is not suggesting that people shun public transportation.

    Instead of seeking to rebut the travel industry’s criticism, the White House admitted error and tried to move on.

    “I think the vice president misrepresented what the vice president wanted to say,” said White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

    “The advice he is giving family members is the same advice the administration is giving to all Americans: That they should avoid unnecessary air travel to and from Mexico,” said Elizabeth Alexander, the vice president’s spokeswoman, rewriting Biden’s words a bit.

    “If they are sick, they should avoid airplanes and other confined public spaces, such as subways,” she said.

    Later in the day, Gibbs was pressed about the discrepancy between Biden’s original words and the White House’s.

    “I understand what he said. I’m telling you what he meant to say,” Gibbs said.

    “Obviously, if anyone was alarmed, we apologize for that.”


    The whole bunch of ‘em, no muffler between brain and mouth!

    • Steve says:

      ““I think the vice president misrepresented what the vice president wanted to say,” said White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.”

      That really is a classic.

  13. Enthalpy says:

    It seems that with each passing day( or is it with each surgical procedure) Joe is looking more and more Chinese. Is this an omen, or is there simply a need for a better plastic surgeon?

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