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Parasites Get Nastier Due To Climate Change

From Reuters:


Parasites may get nastier with climate swings: study

By Alister Doyle | Sunday August 12, 2012

OSLO (Reuters) – Parasites look set to become more virulent because of climate change, according to a study showing that frogs suffer more infections from a fungus when exposed to unexpected swings in temperatures.

Parasites, which include tapeworms, the tiny organisms that cause malaria and funguses, may be more nimble at adapting to climatic shifts than the animals they live on since they are smaller and grow more quickly, scientists said.

"Increases in climate variability are likely to make it easier for parasites to infect their hosts," Thomas Raffel of Oakland University in the United States told Reuters, based on findings about frogs and a sometimes deadly skin fungus…

This could almost convince us that there might be something to this climate change talk, after all.

Certainly the parasites do seem to be getting more demanding. We had thought it was because it’s an election year.

A U.N. panel of experts says that global warming is expected to add to human suffering from more heatwaves, floods, storms, fires and droughts, and have effects such as spreading the ranges of some diseases…

Even though far more people die from it being cold than it being too warm. Even though more people starve to death from a shorter growing season than from a longer one?

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10 Responses to “Parasites Get Nastier Due To Climate Change”

  1. River0 says:

    Parasites like welfare leeches, U.N. sloths, career ‘progressive’ politicians, lifetime bureaucrats, union bosses, and inner city community organizers certainly do become more virulent.

  2. P. Aaron says:

    Democrats are nastier than ever.

  3. Right of the People says:

    Parasite = Obama voter

  4. finebammer59 says:

    could there be some connection to the angry vaginas??? could there be a shot for this??

  5. GetBackJack says:

    Steve, Steve, Steve …. you’re trying to apply logic to social Causes. Dear Lord, man. This is what drove Britney Spears to shave her head and nobody wants to see you do that.

  6. Reality Bytes says:

    Amazing! We’ve called it weather for 500 years only to be now Climate Change. NSS! Of course it changes! Is it me or are we run by morons?!

  7. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Weather is when your trailer gets lofted two miles away.

    Climate change is when the government decides that you need a pain pill instead of a hip replacement.

    But seriously folks, the climate change we’re in has nothing to do with the weather. It has everything to do with power, the hoarding of and the playing “keep-away” with from conservatives. The very people who founded and structured this nation into a huge economic success. I look today and wonder if this nation could transmogrify into heavy industry the way we did in WW II if the need arose.

    One, I think most young men (and women) would high-tail it to other countries rather than run down to the recruiters’ offices and Two, I believe they would also refuse to work in any factory to produce weapons that would preserve freedom, basing their argument on “they’re ikky”.

    Indeed, the people who are the soft underbelly of our nation today do not strike me as doers and thinkers and accomplishers. They strike me as “gimmes” as in “gimme more for doing less”. The “I wants” have overpowered the “work-to-get-its”. Yes, there are still those who know that hard work, which begets more hard work which begets both failure and success, but there are far more “gimmes” in the land than I’d care to see.

    My new neighbors are Section 8 housing. The government pays their rent. Pretty decent house. Owner got desperate because in this economy, nobody has any money and she can’t rent it out for what she’s asking. So….she gets her rent money from the gummint. My new neighbors don’t impress me. The women…even the ones in their twenties, are enormous a subject discussed by PJ Media some days ago.

    But as regards “climate change” it has certainly been changing for some decades now as the socialists have been able to gradually and, dare I say it, skillfully used the guilt trip, racism and other superfluous arguments to drain the treasury. P J O’Rourke said, “You can’t fix poverty by giving poor people money” and, by extension, poor people will always exist.

    But in the US, it has become one of the largest industries in the land, funded with taxpayer dollars. Many of us are sympathetic to the less-fortunate but our tax money now goes to subsidize the out-and-out lazy, many of whom are also criminals. Yet, even the justice system plays leniency with them. How many times I’ve heard how this “underprivileged” so-and-so is on his fourth or fifth trip to rehab (taxpayer funded) or has been given the lightest sentence possible. And then I remember when I got a DUI for being .09. Never had one before…nor since. But the judge threw the book at me. All the maximum penalties he could lay on me. Loss of license for the max period of time, maximum fines, mandatory school, points on my license, etc etc. That was years ago and it’s still on my driving record and of course, I take it quite seriously. I would take it even more seriously if everyone was punished equally under the law.

    But how many times do I get to read that some illegal alien from Guanajuato is on his fifteenth DUI and blew .34 or higher. Why is he not in prison? ANS: Climate Change.

    Why is it that Zimmerman gets tried in the court of public opinion, excoriated for being a diligent citizen and called a racist while TRAY-von…that oh-so-hugable cute little tyke we see in the four or five year old photo instead of the transformed thug larvae that is in his later pics? ANS: Climate Change.

    So the climate change we are seeing has nothing to do with the weather. It has everything to do with people’s anger and their desire to bring successful people down. It’s a game I’ve watched all my life. When in the military, I noted how the losers in the unit would goad me and chide me for trying to do an excellent job, instead of trying to do an excellent job themselves. It’s always easier to sit on your ass and talk smack about someone than it is to get off your ass and be better.

    My general dislike for others is simple. If you are a lazy-ass and also don’t know anything, then I have no use for you. Add being rude to that and I really have no use for you. If you have a job and speak well and respectfully of others, then I have hope for you. But if you believe in climate change, both the one about the weather and “bringing the man down” then I really have nothing but contempt.

  8. wirenut says:

    Nice read, Rusty. I don’t put my politcians on a pedestal either. They should put my consitutional rights on their’s. A pedestal of liberty and freedom of choice. Every day the empty suit is in office, our world gets uglier.

  9. canary says:

    So, explain why the vicious attacking locusts that love the heat back to being being so submissive my dogs are playing with them. And isn’t it a good thing the grasshoppers back the last couple of summers.

    I have not used bug spray yet, but directions now are labeled not only be careful for your pets but do not spray on bees. Next it will be wasps.

    • canary says:

      I am also serious that the mosquito’s have bitten less in the last two summers. How can you believe the media anymore.

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