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Partial List Of Faked ‘Hate Crimes’ 2006-7

Speaking of “hate crime” frauds, a (Canadian? French?) website Le Racisme Antiblanche has taken the trouble to chronicle some of the more prominent hoaxes in the US, Canada and Europe from the last few years, starting with those from 2006 – 2007:

[Star Tribune caption:] De’Andre June has scraped, covered over and seeded the charred cross. He says he got sick of looking at it.

Racist Hoaxes

September 2007 – Minnesota

Anoka – De’Andre June Sr., 47, a black Anoka resident who reported the burning of a cross on his lawn was charged with setting the blaze himself in a search for sympathy and money. Police began to suspect after learning that he had told inmates at the Anoka County jail last week that he was going to burn a cross in his yard and blame it on his neighbor. An inmate told police that June had “talked about getting sympathy and money from the public with a cross burning since he was a black man.”

September 2007 – Pennsylvania

Bellafonte – On June 5, 2006, Police found the body of Langston Carraway, a 26 year old Black student at Penn State. He had been stabbed 93 times. Next to his body, “Die Nigger” had been smeared with his blood. This was thought to be a hate crime. Eventually, police found this hate crime had been staged and came to suspect LaVon Chisley, a Black former Penn State football player. He is currently on trial.

USA – Maryland

Waldorf – On Aug. 24, several black residents of Waldorf found their cars and mailbox spray painted with “KKK” and “Gay Pride”. This was labeled a hate crime. It turned out the Charles County Sheriff’s Office arrested 4 teenagers. Three of them are black, the fourth is white.

May 2007 – California – Jose Felix Gutierrez, a Mexican day laborer, claimed that he was hired under false pretenses, kidnapped and abandoned in Tijuana was false, an investigator for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement Wednesday. The accident occurred while laborers were facing off with a quartet of anti-illegal immigration demonstrators on May 5.

April 2007 – Canada Vancouver – Ibrahim Jozin was arrested for helping set fire to his brother’s Vancouver restaurant in December. Anti-Arab hate messages had been spray-painted on the restaurant walls. Police arrested two men shortly after the blaze was set. One of the men smelled of gasoline and in his pocket he had the protective tops normally used to protect flares, according to a police report.

April 2007 – Maryland – Waldorf “White Power,” “K-K-K” and gang related signs were found at Doctor Gustavus Brown Elementary School. This was labeled a hate crime. It turned out the people who wrote the racist graffiti were 14 year old kids, all from all from interracial families and representing diverse racial backgrounds including black, white, Hispanic and Asian.

March 2007 – Delaware – James E. Cooke Jr., a metis, was found guilty today on all counts in his capital murder trial. Cooke broke into Lindsey Bonistall’s Towne Court apartment on May 1, 2005, then raped and strangled her before placing her body in a bathtub and setting the apartment on fire. Cooke, who is black, used a blue marker to write “KKK,” “White Power” and other phrases on the walls, police said. Bonistall was white.

March 2007 – California Anderson – At Anderson High School, Maintenance employees found several sheets of paper with KKK and Swastika written on them. Police was called and the incident was labeled a “hate crime”. Investigations showed a black female student staged the whole thing because she was angry at her father for not picking her up.

January 2007 – Texas – Houston – Samuel White, a black man, has been charged with arson. In October 2005, he burnt down his own house and spray painted racial slurs and swastika on the walls. Police found the slurs were misspelled, the swastika drawn backward and that he had moved all his furniture 20 hours before the fire.

January 2007 – Switzerland – In October 2006, during local elections in Ajoie, several racist flyers were found pasted on walls around Porrentruy and Boncourt. They targetted socialist candidate Yannick Erard, who happens to be a metis. This brought suspicion on the UDC, a conservativ parti with a strong nativist stance and favorable to immigration control. The incident created sympathy for Mr Erard who won the élection. However, during their investigations, detectives found one of Mr. Erard’s fingerprint on the back of a flyer ; he claimed he had seen a flyer pasted in town, had taken it, xeroxed it and pasted it around town because he wanted everybody to know.

November 2006 – France – Espirat – François Philippe, a metis, was jailed for setting his own house on fire in the night on September 25th 2006. At the time, he claimed he had been targeted by racists who sent him hate mail and warnings such as “Nigger, you gonna die” “No nigger in Espirat” and so forth. Locals showed support and signed a petition. Because this took place in a small village, Espirat, with only 365 inhabitants, the case attracted the attention of the national media. French Newspaper Le Monde ran a full page article to the matter, fingering the Front National. Needless to say, when the matter was found to be a hoax, Le Monde ran a much smaller article…

October 2006 – Virginia – King And Queen – On October 3, Carla Lewis, a white woman married to a black man spray painted racial slurs and KKK signs in her home to make it look like her family had been victim of a hate crime. She eventually admited the matter to the police. Ling Salim Khalfani, the local NAACP leader, had called for the FBI to take over the investigation claiming the local PD would not take the charge seriously and pursue it as a Hate Crime.

September 2006 – California – Petaluma – Eric Young, a 19 year old black man, claimed he had been assaulted on September 4th by three white men who screamed racial slurs at him. The police found out inconsistencies in his story and he admitted fabricating the whole thing.

April 2006 – USA – Connecticut – Ansonia – A twelve year old boy claimed he was picked up by several white males dressed in white robes and masks, and taken to Linette Park where his face was sprayed with a flammable liquid and the males ignited it. The police showed he was burned while playing with a flammable liquid at a friend’s house. He made up the story to explain the injuries.

April 2006 – USA – Missouri – It will cost Kansas City $240,000 to settle a lawsuit that exposed a water department division as a hub of profanity and racial and ethnic slurs. Willa Russell, a white female supervisor in the Water Services Department’s pipeline division was unfairly demoted in March 2001 after an African-American subordinate alleged she had made racially insensitive comments. Several employees testified at a hearing that Russell had never made comments they considered bigoted or offensive, and they suggested she was singled out for discipline because of her race.

The black slanderer was called Jennifer Love. In another hearing it was said that “in June 2001, Love’s coworkers testified in a personnel hearing that Love regularly used racist terms such as “nigger,” “ghetto girl” and “white trash” in the office, cursed and laughed at racist jokes — but was not reprimanded for it. “

March 2006 – USA – Kentucky Henderson – School authorities were extremely concerned when two African-American females and one black male at North and South middle schools received racist Email – The henderson police department found out that one of the suspects is African-American and that the two boys that sent the e-mails did it from the e-mail account of a high school student in order to get that student in trouble.

March 2006 – USA – Virginia – Fliers headlined “KKK congratulates gang bangers for slaughter of black people” were distributed at the Heritage Acres Apartments in Suffolk. the “white racists” turned out to be a black woman.
Keep in mind it’s never considered “racist” to slander whites in one’s community

February 2006 – Virginia – Powhatan – an anti-black racial slur and “white power” written on the home of a black family were thought to be a hate crime : a family member had written them.

And this is just a partial list from 2006-2007. The site has also compiled similar lists for the years 2003-2005 and 1996-2002.

We can’t vouch for the site, of course. But each incident is documented with mainstream media sources.

And where else has this phenomenon been addressed? Wouldn’t it make a nice lengthy thought piece in the New York Times?

(Of course, I kid.)

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