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Party Hack Picked To Hold Kennedy Seat

From a delighted Reuters:

In this May 12, 2008, photo, Paul Kirk, Jr., left, chairman of the John Kennedy Library Foundation Board of Directors, shares a laugh with late Sen. Edward Kennedy, center, and his wife Victoria at the annual Profile in Courage Award ceremonies at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston.

Massachusetts names Kirk to fill Kennedy Senate seat

BOSTON (Reuters) – Paul Kirk, a former Democratic National Committee chairman and a close friend of the late Senator Edward Kennedy, was named on Thursday as a temporary replacement for the liberal champion in the U.S. Senate.

Kirk, an attorney backed for the post by Kennedy’s wife Victoria and his two sons, will fill the seat until voters in Massachusetts elect a permanent replacement on January 20. The appointment of Kirk, who said he would not run in the special election, will restore a 60-seat Senate majority for the Democrats that could help President Barack Obama’s push to overhaul healthcare…

"The issues before the Congress and the nation are too important for us to be one voice short," Patrick told reporters as he appointed Kirk after signing the legislation.

Kirk was Kennedy’s special assistant in the 1970s and remains close to his family…

As a lawyer in the late 1990s, Kirk briefly lobbied for the pharmaceutical industry, notably for life sciences company Aventis, now Sanofi-Aventis, local media reported.

The change to state law to let an interim senator be named angered Republicans and some Democrats. They saw it as a hypocritical reversal of a law state Democrats passed in 2004 to prevent a Republican governor from naming a replacement for Democratic Senator John Kerry if he had won that year’s presidential election…

The nepotistic thugocracy that is Democrat machine politics at its best.

It’s especially delicious that this Kennedy flunky and party hack is a former ‘Big Pharma’ lobbyist.

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7 Responses to “Party Hack Picked To Hold Kennedy Seat”

  1. P. Aaron says:

    There’s not a low point that the Democrats cannot out-do.

  2. bousquem says:

    There were alot of people angry in western massachusettes with what the state legislature did. A number of democrats weren’t happy, it was the fact that the people out in boston decided that they can make laws to block something when there is a chance someone might be appointed that they don’t like but then will turn around and repeal said same law the moment it would benefit them. If you’re not going to allow somone to appoint an temporary senator, than it should stay that way, not pass it when it is a republican as govenor and repeal when you have a democrat.

  3. Mister C says:

    What can you expect from a political machine that kept Teddy in the Congress for so long, that actually believes that Barney Frank is the best you can get? Massachusetts will continue to get the representation it deserves at great expense to the rest of the nation. If the yankees voters don’t wake up, they’re going to wind up with another Schwarzenegger balancing their checkbook.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      They don’t have a check book ……… just a pen …. that is all mighty!!

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      In the yanks defense, there once was a time, long ago when the vast majority of New England was farms. You might say that some of it still is. But there is a particular brand of NE arrogance, even outside of NY and NYC. It’s a special “I’m better’n you” and to be honest, it used to be )more-or-less) well-founded. The reasons were that the rugged individualism that started there, in the root cellars of wanting to be away from king George….perpetuated into an almost rabid hatred of any kind of authority. Over generations, though and with the move many people have made to the cities, that demeanor has evolved into an air of superiority.

      I see it and hear it when I go visit my mother in Connecticut. It is as grating to me as fingernails on a chalkboard, when they used to ask me about the stage-coach in Arizona. Or how we talk funny in South Carolina. They actually think they’re being funny but after about the 30th time of hearing it….not so much.

      But that rugged individualism now is an orphan and they’ve very much sold out to the wishes of liberal democrats because of several reasons. One, it’s easier to have decisions made for you, Two, the influx of non-English speaking peoples who are comfortable letting the government tell them what to do because compared to where they came from, it’s total freedom and Three, they just don’t care.

      There is much money in pocketed areas in the NE. Oddly, those who struggled to find their fortune have passed on and now it’s inherited money to a large extent…and they have no problem telling others what to do with their money. Often they want to be in some elected position to advertise their superior intellect.

      I always have to take a shower when I finally pass into North Carolina…..

      But essentially, Mr C, you are correct. I just find it laughable that they have no idea what they’ve done to themselves.

  4. MinnesotaRush says:

    These libs’ hypocrisy is glaring! They are shameless!

  5. 1laidbackRN says:

    I’m sorry… I fail to see the difference?????

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