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Patrick Leahy Compare Illegal Alien Crisis To Holocaust

From The Hill:

Sen. Leahy cites the Holocaust in opposing changes to border law

By Ramsey Cox | July 16, 2014

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) on Wednesday cited the Holocaust as he argued against a Republican push to deal with the influx of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border by amending a 2008 human trafficking law.

Remember, it’s considered to be in the absolute worst taste to ever bring up Hitler or the Holocaust. Unless you are a liberal. Then you can compare anything you want to the holocaust at the drop of a hat.

“Think of all those Jews that went to the ovens because we forgot our principles,” Leahy said. “Let’s not turn our backs now.”

Huh? Exactly what principles did we forget? The US was waging a ‘total war’ against Germany as the Jews went to the ovens. What more could we have done?

Leahy said Congress can take action to deal with the surge of immigrants without "watering down our laws or turning our backs on our basic values as Americans.”

“We can either make good on our laws … or we can say ‘gee whiz, we didn’t mean it.’ ” …

We agree. Let’s ‘make good on our laws.’ Let’s deport every illegal alien. No ‘if ands or buts.’

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5 Responses to “Patrick Leahy Compare Illegal Alien Crisis To Holocaust”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Wait a minute .. Leahy is dead! Is he channeling from the grave?

    • Petronius says:

      Yes, I thought van Helsing drove a wooden stake through this guy’s heart back in 1897.

  2. mr_bill says:

    Aren’t anti-Semite democrats usually busy denying the existence of the Holocaust?

  3. Petronius says:

    So now America is responsible for the Holocaust?

    Gosh, who knew?

    But what about Nerobama’s holocaust of American citizen-taxpayers? And what about his program of dispossession and race-replacement of American-Americans?

    Oops, silly me! I forgot. We’re all from the Rio Grande now.

    Time for dear Petronius to learn to speak Nahuatl or Mixtec or Aymara or whateverthehell they speak.

  4. mdy616 says:

    Pat, I agree, we should be doing the same thing on the border just as we did in WWII with the holocaust. We need to send our armed forces to the border and head-off all the criminals trying to get in!

    We must use all of our resources to stop the holocaust occurring to our country by the hordes of criminals trying to break in! If not stopped then our country will die and no longer be able to help the Jews or French or the English or the Dutch etc etc as we did in WWII!

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