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Murdered “Peace Activist” Was Mistaken For Jew

From Ynet News:

Peace activist murdered by Palestinian

Angelo Frammartino, a 24 year-old Italian student, planned to set up summer camp for Palestinians; He was attacked and murdered by Arab knifemanNir Magal

Angelo Frammartino, a 24 year-old student from Italy who arrived in Israel as a human rights organization activist, was stabbed to death Thursday by an Arab knifeman.

"He believed in what he did and was always ready to help others," a friend described him.

The website of Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera reported that Frammartino was working for the setting up of a children's supper camp for Palestinians in Jerusalem's Old City, and was supposed to return to Italy on Friday.

The youth was stabbed in the back while walking with four friends in the Sultan Suleiman street in the capital, near the Prahim Gate.

The attacker left the knife at the scene of the crime and fled. Police set up checkpoints in the area and arrested three suspects for suspected involvement.

It is believed that the attack was a nationalistically motivated terror attack, and not an attempted robbery.

Resuscitation attempts by Magen David Adom paramedics who arrived on the scene could not save him, and Frammartino was declared dead due to loss of blood.

Frammartino, a resident of Monta Rotondo, arrived in Israel at the start of the month with an Italian organization, ARCI, working to advance human rights in the world.

He planned for the experience for a year and was chosen with another youth from his city to take part in the project.

Frammartino was a law student. "He was very interested in politics and in the issues of society, like his father," said Monta Rotondo's Mayor, Anonino Lopi. "Something so beautiful ended in such a tragic way," he added.

The mayor expressed his condolescenes on behalf of the whole city.

'Not an extremist, just a pacifist'

In a letter sent a few months ago to a local newspaper, Angelo expressed his worldview: "We must recognize that in a situation with no violence is a luxury in many parts of the world, but we are not seeking to prevent legitimate self defense operations. I never dreamt of condemning the resistance, the blood of the Vietnamese, the blood of nations under colonial occupation, or the blood of Palestinian youths from the first intifada," he said.

Angelo's neighbor said his parents were worried by their son's request to go on a 'different holiday,' but were proud of it and did not oppose. They set out on holiday, leaving their eldest daughter, Francesca, at home. She was alone when the news from Jerusalem came.

"My parents are on holiday. When they return, the house will never be the same as before," said a neighbor who burst out in tears. "He was a golden guy. He dealt with politics but he wasn't an extremist. He was just a pacifist, the poor guy."

But InfoIsrael.net adds this:

Terror Attack Kills Italian at Jerusalem’s Old City

By Amihai Zippor

(IHC News, 13 August 2006) An Italian man was killed by an Arab terrorist outside the Herod Gate of Jerusalem’s Old City on Thursday, 10 August 2006.

Mistaken as a Jew, the man was actually a peace activist working for Arabs in Jerusalem and was stabbed in the back while walking with a group of tourists.

Though Magen David Edom Medics rushed to the scene, Angelo Frammartino, 24, from Monte Rotondo, died shortly afterwards from his wounds.

Police are still looking for the attacker.

The stabbing was the second successful attempt by terrorists in the area in the last month.

Three weeks ago, another terrorist tried to kill a seminary student with a knife in the vicinity of the Old City. The student survived the attack and the assailant was hunted down and arrested.

Security forces have thwarted many attacks since the war in Lebanon began as the Palestinians have tried to open a third front with Israel in Judea and Samaria.

Twelve suicide bombers have been apprehended on their way to carry out attacks in Israel’s major population centers.

From Mr. Frammartino’s letter:

I never dreamt of condemning the resistance, the blood of the Vietnamese, the blood of nations under colonial occupation, or the blood of Palestinian youths from the first intifada…

I guess he wouldn’t condemn his murderers either.

But we can.

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