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Pelosi Buys $10 Offset For G Warming Trip

From The Hill:


Pelosi makes “carbon-neutral” Europe trip

By Mike Soraghan

June 01, 2007

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi jetted off last Saturday to Europe for a climate change fact-finding trip, she probably expected questions on how much greenhouse gas her trip would generate.

But Pelosi was one step ahead of the criticism, announcing as she left that she plans to “offset” her carbon dioxide emissions by contributing to the Pacific Forest Trust.

“She felt it was important to show how you can make your emissions neutral,” said Laurie Wayburn, president of the trust.

Pelosi will be covering the carbon cost of the entire eight-member delegation out of her own pocket, rather than through campaign funds or her office allowance.

It’s not clear how much she’ll pay because the figures on Pelosi’s trip are still being calculated. But a passenger flying from San Francisco to New York causes about one ton of carbon to be emitted, and it costs $10 a ton for the forest trust to offset that amount, according to Wayburn

Is this the same Nancy Pelosi who insisted on her own C-32 (a 757) to fly herself and 45 of her closest friends and family back and forth to San Francisco every week?

And is there anything more preposterous in the world today than the indulgence of “carbon offsets”?

Besides, someone needs to tell Ms. Pelosi that trees have been found to cause global warming by none other than the National Academy of Sciences.

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