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Pelosi: Federal Workers Carry Undue Burden

From the Daily Caller:

Pelosi: Federal employees should not ‘carry an undue burden’ by paying more into pensions

By Nicholas Ballasy

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told The Daily Caller that federal employees should not have to “carry an undue burden” by paying more into their pensions to fund legislation that would extend the payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance for a full year.

“No, no. I think that we can do better than that. I support the actions of Mr. Hoyer who’s been a leader on this,” Pelosi told TheDC on Capitol Hill Thursday.

“Mr. Van Hollen, Mr. Cardin, to name a few of the — a couple of the conferees plus our distinguished Whip who’s been a champion for our federal employees. They do great work for our country. We all have to make sacrifices in this. They should not carry an undue burden.”

Congressional negotiators had reportedly considered requiring all federal employees to contribute an additional 1.5 percent into their pensions to partially pay for a package that would extend the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits. At this point, they have agreed to require only new federal employees to put an additional 2.3 percent of their salaries toward pensions

From 2005-2010, on average, the “benefits earned by federal civilian employees cost 48 percent more than the benefits earned by private-sector employees with certain similar observable characteristics,” according to the Congressional Budget Office. Federal employees also earned two percent more on average than those in the private sector.

For some reason neither this article nor any of the mainstream media reports on this story actually spell out that federal workers currently pay only 0.8% towards their pensions. — Not even a whole one percent!

Meanwhile, fewer and fewer private sector employees have any kind of pension plan at all. In fact, according to the National Institute On Retirement, in 1975, 85% of employees in the private sector had an employer pension. In 2005, only 33% did, and that number is rapidly decreasing.

So the vast majority of people today are paying 100% of their retirement savings, if they have any retirement savings at all. While the poor struggling federal employees, who also get lifetime of free healthcare benefits, are grousing about new hires having to contribute a whopping 2.3% to their gold plated pensions.

For the record, this is how this modest increase is being viewed by the federal employees newsletter, the Washington Post:

Proposed pension contribution hike is latest foray into federal worker pockets

By Joe Davidson
February 16, 2012

Perhaps federal employees should wear a big red suit with a thick black belt and a funny looking red hat. A flowing white beard, natural or fake, would set the uniform off just right.

News this week won’t make federal workers jolly, but why not dress them like Santa Claus if current and future staffers are asked — make that required — to give like Saint Nick at Christmas?

Gosh, how they suffer!

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6 Responses to “Pelosi: Federal Workers Carry Undue Burden”

  1. untrainable says:

    The only undue burdon that federal workers carry is way too much of MY money in THEIR wallets. Federal salaries continue to go up while the financial health of the nation continues to decline. Their benefit plans continue to get more lavish as taxpayers are getting screwed out of their savings through ever increasing government largesse. Government creates nothing. They contribute nothing to the financial well being of the country as a whole, and the only part of government that actually works, the military, is being gutted to fund even more bribes for the obamatons and Barry’s cronies.

    And if all that weren’t enough, we have to listen to Princess Pelosi prattle on about “poor wittew fedewal workews” who through no fault of their own now might have to actually contribute to their own retirement. I can’t tell you how sick this shrew makes me every time she opens her pie hole. Jeeze Nancy, just shut the hell up.

  2. canary says:

    Do away with POTUS & our political leaders for life pensions.

  3. JohnMG says:

    Can we all agree on one thing? Nancy Pelosi is an idiot!

  4. wirenut says:

    Welcome to cheeseworld folk’s! I said it before and I’ll say it again. If this can happen in Madison,Wisconsin. It’s coming to a town near you. Union “Brownshirts” will soon be dispatched. Just you watch. They defaced my states capitol, let’s see if they do the same to our nation’s capitol. Stay tuned for “Wreck The Halls With Cows On Harleys” or “Never Give A Heifer, A Bum Steer”.
    Put on the feed bag Federal Workers, I hope you choke on it.

  5. Mithrandir says:

    Some of the most worthless things currently uttered are:

    “Pelosi, Reid say….”

    Liberal media, “Sources say…..”

    “Obama promises…….”

    “MSNBC reports….”

    5 brilliant things recently uttered are:
    1. Rick Perry corners media into no-win argument:
    “Sources from your campaign say….”
    “Who said that?”
    “We aren’t at liberty to say.”
    “Then I don’t need to comment on that unless you tell me the source.” (meaning: you are a liar, so tell me the source [which they won’t/can’t do either way] or you are a d*mn liar). –friggin’ brilliant

    2. Newt Gingrich calls out media for getting Republicans to fight each other.–take a minute to remember how awesome that was….

    3. Rick Perry doesn’t fall for media trap-question on contraception. JUST DON’T ANSWER THE QUESTION if you don’t like it! –sheesh!

    4. Ron Paul doesn’t need a teleprompterto speak for hours on his talking points. A medical doctor, veteran, and financial guru can’t get tripped up on too many issues.

    5. Rick Santorum’s wordsmithery regarding his views have been standing ovation-quality. (Same with Rubio, Allen West, Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin)

    *Judge Napolitano as V.P. would take Biden to the woodshed. Would love to see him, Rubio, West or Ryan as V.P. nominees)

    Lots of people making good points out there, got to keep the paper-cuts coming, one speech at a time.

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