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Pelosi: GOP Is Poisoning Kids With E Coli

From an amused Politico:

Nancy Pelosi: GOP is the ‘E. coli club’

By: Puja Murgai [sic] | August 6, 2012

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi started a food fight Monday with Republicans, calling the GOP the “E. coli club.”

At a campaign event for West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel, who’s running for Congress, Pelosi was talking about the government’s role when she said that, as a mother of five, “You could depend on the government for one thing — it was about, you had to be able to trust the water that our kids drank and the food that they ate. But this is the E. coli club. They do not want to spend money to do that.”

Doesn’t this sound like something from the Onion? But Pelosi and the Democrats have been talking about how the Republicans want to poison children for years. (For some reason it reminds us of how the Nazis used to accuse the Jews of poisoning the wells.)

By the way, this is the same Nancy Pelosi who also said that it was ‘a fact’ that Harry Reid had a source for his claims about Romney not paying any taxes for the last ten years. So we know how grounded she is in reality.

Pelosi’s spokesman, Drew Hammill, summed it up for POLITICO: “Republican cuts to food safety = less safe food.”

Naturally, neither Pelosi nor her spokesman could point to anywhere the Republicans are cutting food safety. And naturally the Politico did not ask for any proof for this ludicrous charge. Democrats don’t deal in proofs. Just accusations.

Besides, this is the new civility that we hear so much about from them.

Earlier in her talk, Pelosi addressed conservative efforts to reduce the size of government.

“It’s a philosophy that the Republicans in Congress have and, bless their hearts, they act upon their beliefs,” she said. “It’s an ideology. We shouldn’t have a government role. So reduce the police, the fire, the teachers — reduce their role. Give tax cuts to the high end, that will stimulate the economy and everything will be good.”

The cities and counties that are reducing their police and firemen and teachers are usually doing so because they simply cannot afford them. And they can’t afford them because of their impossible union contracts.

But you would never know that from Nancy Pelosi or her stenographers at the Politico.

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3 Responses to “Pelosi: GOP Is Poisoning Kids With E Coli”

  1. Yarddog1 says:

    It is quite obvious that Nancy donated her brain to science decades before she finished using it.

    • Chase says:

      May I humbly submit that it was donated “before” she learned to use it, or even recognized it for its utility for thinking and not just involuntary reactions?

  2. beautyofreason says:

    “bless their hearts, they act upon their beliefs,” she said. “It’s an ideology. We shouldn’t have a government role. So reduce the police, the fire, the teachers — reduce their role.”

    If by teachers she means the union employees accused of sexual conduct with students who cannot be easily fired, yes, please “reduce their role.”

    I love liberals always put necessary services on the line they talk about big government. Because if she vouched for the 10,000 new IRS employees or various administrators I don’t think she would get applause for it.

    Law enforcement is one of the necessary functions of government, even the libertarians will agree. The czars, the big salaries going to nanny state bureaucrats and the crony companies that pay to play…those public earnings burned and wasted at the altar of liberal fetishes like solar energy and bad cars…liberals want to rob the working class blind while leaving very little money for services like the police. But somehow they pretend to champion the middle class?

    Speaking of the 1% matter…
    How many pay raises has Nancy voted for herself while in Congress?
    How many taxes has she skirted this year?

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