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Pelosi Pulled Strings For Dying Dem $ Man

Buried in the ‘Local News’ section of the Dallas Morning News:

Pelosi pulled strings to let dying Dallas lawyer Baron try experimental cancer drug

TODD J. GILLMAN / The Dallas Morning News
Monday, August 16, 2010

WASHINGTON – Dallas’ top Democratic donors will cut big checks to share dinner later this month with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Most will be motivated by a desire to protect the party’s congressional majority.

Lisa Blue will have an extra reason: to say thanks for Pelosi’s efforts when her husband, Fred Baron, was dying of bone marrow cancer. His only option was an experimental drug whose manufacturer refused to give permission to use it for Baron’s condition.

"He was a big fan of hers, and now I am as well," Blue said.

Baron, the "King of Toxic Torts," built a fortune suing on behalf of asbestos victims.

Ah, yes. What a noble career.

He died the week before Election Day 2008 at age 61.

A prolific Democratic fundraiser, he served as finance chief that year for his friend John Edwards, who also made his fortune in court. Baron later acknowledged funneling large sums to Edwards’ mistress – a scandal that gave ammunition to those who already despised trial lawyers.

Truly noble. A man such as this should not have to stand in line for medical treatment.

But to Blue, first and foremost, Baron was a husband.

The tale she tells of his final weeks is not so different than any widow might tell, except, of course, that the couple had friends in especially high places – friends like Pelosi, who will headline the Aug. 24 dinner to raise cash for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

In 2002, Baron was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. By October 2008, his doctors at the Mayo Clinic were telling him he had just days to live.

They also offered a glimmer of hope. Over the years, the couple had donated about $1 million to Mayo. The staff was especially diligent, Blue said.

Mr. Edwards was right. There really are ‘two Americas.’

They tested an arsenal of drugs and finally discovered that Baron’s cancer responded surprisingly well, in the lab, to a drug called Tysabri.

Mayo had an ample supply, but the drug was – and still is – approved only for treatment of multiple sclerosis and Crohn’s disease. The manufacturer, Biogen Idec, refused to give permission, even under special "compassionate use" rules that protect a drug-maker from a black mark in case of an adverse outcome.

Biogen said it didn’t want to jeopardize the drug’s availability to other patients.

Oh, to hell with other patients. We are talking about a top Democrat fundraiser here, for God’s sake. Who cares if it means that others will die because this drug was pulled for mis-use?

"I started going through Fred’s Rolodex," [Blue] said. "I called every politician, every celebrity that I knew and just begged them to help. … I must have made 200 calls." …

The younger Baron posted an open plea online to Biogen, noting that Bill Clinton, Sens. John Kerry and Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa and even the head of the Food and Drug Administration had urged the company to reconsider

Others were supportive, she said, but Pelosi "put her heart and soul" into the cause, as did Harkin.

Somehow – Blue still isn’t sure how – Pelosi cajoled the FDA to find a legal justification that let Mayo administer the drug, even without Biogen’s consent.

"Nancy figured out a way," she said.

The drug beat back the cancer for a few days, but not enough

So other people’s lives were jeopardized so that this fatcat could live a couple more days. What a beautiful story.

We can’t wait until Ms. Pelosi and the rest of the Ruling Class have total say over who lives and dies in this country.

Who can doubt that they were be fair, especially to us proles?

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9 Responses to “Pelosi Pulled Strings For Dying Dem $ Man”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    Sooooooo……we “DO” have death panels!!
    Thanks Nancy…..you pig!!

  2. jobeth says:

    A simple “Obalmy pill” would have been cheaper.

    “He died the week before Election Day 2008 at age 61”

    Ingrate! Oh wait…Ms Pelosi…always the helpful little elf, most assuredly got an early vote ballot for him.

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “I started going through Fred’s Rolodex,” Should read: “I started stealing Fred’s Rolex”. Heh, those crafty wordsmiths.

  4. confucius says:

    How funny is it that Biogen didn’t want to help a malpractice lawyer for fear of being sued?

    Biogen–doing God’s work.

  5. fallingpianos says:

    …Pelosi “put her heart and soul” into the cause…

    Well, it’s confirmed: heart and soul are commodities that can be purchased, just like elections.

    Now if only she could buy herself a brain…

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