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Pelosi: T Parties Astroturf, Not Grass Roots

From the hard left Think Progress, via YouTube:

Pelosi: Tea Parties Are Not Grass Roots

Ms. Pelosi should all about Astroturfing, since it was perfected – and indeed probably invented – by none other than that great Democrat PR man, David Axelrod:

From the March 14, 2008 edition of (an approving) Business Week:

The Secret Side of David Axelrod

The Obama campaign’s chief strategist is a master of "Astroturfing" and has a second firm that shapes public opinion for corporations

By Howard Wolinsky

David Axelrod has long been known for his political magic. Through his AKP&D Message & Media consultancy, the campaign veteran has advised a succession of Democratic candidates since 1985, and he’s now chief strategist for Senator Barack Obama’s bid for President. But on the down low, Axelrod moonlights in the private sector.

From the same address in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, Axelrod operates a second business, ASK Public Strategies, that discreetly plots strategy and advertising campaigns for corporate clients to tilt public opinion their way. He and his partners consider virtually everything about ASK to be top secret, from its client roster and revenue to even the number of its employees. But customers and public records confirm that it has quarterbacked campaigns for the Chicago Children’s Museum, ComEd, Cablevision, and AT&T.

ASK’s predilection for operating in the shadows shows up in its work. On behalf of ComEd and Comcast, the firm helped set up front organizations that were listed as sponsors of public-issue ads. Industry insiders call such practices "Astroturfing," a reference to manufacturing grassroots support. Alderman Brendan Reilly of the 42nd Ward, who has been battling the Children’s Museum’s relocation plans, describes ASK as "the gold standard in Astroturf organizing. This is an emerging industry, and ASK has made a name for itself in shaping public opinion and manufacturing public support."

That’s right.

Mr. Obama’s teleprompter top handler and speech writer runs a company that is the gold standard of “astroturfing.”

What a shock, huh?

This article was posted by Steve on Thursday, April 16th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

36 Responses to “Pelosi: T Parties Astroturf, Not Grass Roots”

  1. Really I am not a violent person, but if anyone has ever seen the movie “scanners.”

    THAT would be a neat scene..

    Interviewer: “So Madame Pelosi, would you like to comment on the Tea Parties?”

    Pelosi: Well they are wrong and all the problems we have are George W. Bu*** ”

    BLAMMO!! (special effect sploding head )

    Cut to Interviewer with slack jaw…

    The end.

  2. proreason says:

    Stretch better stick to that one, painted on smile.

    If she ever digresses, her whole face could crumble.

    • ptat says:

      Yes,PR,I do believe that is a “load bearing” smile!

    • Celina says:

      I think I figured out why we can’t see her ears. They probably meet at the back of her head.

    • catie says:

      Celina, that is a good one. BTW one of my friends from my Catholic High School is going to be in Evansville (Suzy lives in INDY-my bad) tonight to hear your brilliant Governor speak. I can’t wait to see what she has to say. She loves Sarah Palin too and is also an alum of Notre Dame. Her entire family has met with their attorney and told them that the endowment they were planning to leave to the university when her Grandfather (also an alum) died will be withdrawn if Obama is awarded an honorary degree. Her father did the same thing though last week when the president of the university said “We don’t hold Protestants to the same standard” or some blah, blah, blah. But of course they own an oil company so they’re bad folks anyway.

    • Celina says:

      The Dems up here are giving Gov. Palin crap for leaving the state for one day at the end of the legislative session. It is rather comical. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad to witness the hypocrisy (sp?). I hope they have a great time. We have passed along the petition to everyone we know. I am very glad to see so many bishops speak out against honoring Obama (what has he actually done that warrants an honorary law degree anyway?) It is sad to hear that the president of a Catholic university would say something like that. How can someone be in that position and not know that abortion is horrible because it is the killing of a human being? Should we honor someone who advocated for the murder of all whites or all asians because one “chooses” to do so? How is this different?

      I know, preaching to the choir:) I hope you have had a lovely Easter week:)

    • Celina: “(what has he actually done that warrants an honorary law degree anyway?)”

      meg·a·lo·ma·ni·a (měg’ə-lō-mā’nē-ə, -mān’yə)

      1. A psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence.
      2. An obsession with grandiose or extravagant things or actions.

      meg’a·lo·ma’ni·ac’ n., meg’a·lo·ma·ni’a·cal (-mə-nī’ə-kəl), meg’a·lo·man’ic (-mān’ĭk) adj

      put a nickel on the table.. the doctor is in..

    • Celina says:


      I guess that is how so many of those libs can walk around feeling so accomplished:)

  3. texaspsue says:

    Pelosi knows the tactics well. The Liberals always tell on themselves don’t they?

    To set the records straight, Nancy, the Tea Parties started here……………… http://taxdayteaparty.com/ …………..and mushroomed from there. She’s just jealous because they have to pay their fake protestors.

    Like I said before, thank God for the internet.:-)

    • JayDickB says:

      Not only do their protestors have to be paid, they can’t even make their own signs. Compare the hand-made signs at the tea parties with the commercially printed signs at the immigration rallies.

    • jobeth says:

      Jay, I said that very thing somewhere on here (S&L) the other day. These are people (the gimme crowd) that have to have everything done for them and then paid for doing anything else.

      Not only that but I find it so interesting at how polite and nice everyone has been at the tea parties. And they also clean up after themselves. Our town square was as clean after the demonstration as it was before…and it’s always clean.

      It does say a lot about them for sure!

  4. wardmama4 says:

    You know with the Internet these moroons should learn by now to keep their mouths shut, since all they do is expose everything that they do while blithly accusing the other side of doing it. Of course since no one in the msm nor GOP realizes that the 2006 mid-term election which gave us the stellar leadership . . . (sorry, had to clean my keyboard up) of SanFranGranNan was the opening shot against the Big government, uber spending of the GOP. Alas the GOP didn’t learn which is why they lost again in 2008. Once again (didn’t Sen. John ‘Reportingforduty’ Kerry start this – what I accuse you of is what I did exposed by the Internet – trend? So I guess no one in DC is capable of learning – which explains our public educational system.

    These Tea Parties are simply the next step. The Klownposse in DC should pay attention – July 4, 2009 might be the start of the 2nd American Revolution. There I said it – I AM AN EXTREMIST – I believe in America, Freedom, Liberty and this is my moment – Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!

    I did it all – even financing a bit for another tea party – out of my own pocket. That Ms Pelosi is the very definition of grass roots.

    • ptat says:

      Actually, it is becoming quite amusing to witness how out of touch Pelosi is getting. Her face never changes, her voice never changes, and her content is always,”Well, Bush this and Bush that….” As time goes on, she may as well be saying, “Well, Eisenhower this and Eisenhower that…” It is as if it were archival footage when she and Reid come on the screen. As an “organizer” ( hah-hah) for yesterday’s extraordinary event and a speaker, along with countless other fellow Americans, I know for a fact how wrong Queen Pelosi is!

    • “Her face never changes, her voice never changes, ”

      Plastic Surgery and Crack Cocaine.. does it every time.

  5. JulieJ says:

    Astrotuft? I think that is in Nancy Pelosi’s botox injections. Notice how “green” she has been looking lately. The MSM is putting down the tea parties because they know that the people are angry and that includes many people who actually voted for their candidate! He has turned into the most divisive candidate since I can’t even remember who! So much for “hopenchange”. Best sign: This is NOT the change we wanted. Also : “All I have is change in my pocket.”

  6. JohnMG says:

    Everything she uttered in that clip is identical to what every other “progressive moron” has said. Are they all incapable of an original thought? If GWB’s 1 trillion dollar deficit is responsible for where we’re at right now, how can a 4 trillion dollar deficit make us ‘all better’ again?

    They’re making my head hurt with their crap-speak logic.

  7. jrmcdonald says:

    Stop picking on the poor thing! It’s a known medical condition that after -many- botox treatments the frontal cortex can be affected. The condition is similar to ‘wet brain’ which happens to drunks, or ‘jelly brain’ for long term pot smokers. Either that, or she really is stupid.

    • If pure daughter of Satan evilness is what you call stupid? OK I’ll buy that..

      She held off voting on Drilling to keep prices of gas over $4 a gallon to pass the Prop 10 in California.. She held Driving Americans HOSTAGE for a mere profit!

      Stupid like a really dirty fox.

  8. catie says:

    I guess she would know about being one of the wealthiest in America. I generally don’t call other women pigs but she is one. Yeah, the botox may have entered her brain but it doesn’t help that face either.

  9. pdsand says:

    I guess since Obama’s campaign was a true grass-roots effort, then we can assume his events and speeches were never advertised ahead of time on CNN, and his picture was never on the cover of a magazine, right? Nothing he ever did was ginned up by the supposedly grassroots Moveon.org, right?

  10. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Jr High History book ca: 2065

    “In 2008, the first president who was of partial African descent, was elected. His platform consisted of a campaign, typical of the era, using non-specific terms and emotion-triggering speeches that lacked in quantifiable substance. President Obama was also the least experienced politician ever elected to the office of the presidency. His time in office, though many consider an overwhelming failure on many counts, especially economically along with his overt attempts to bring the nation into socialism was, in fact a resounding success on at least one count: That success centered around what was referred to then as the “silent majority” which was a vast segment of the nation’s population that usually kept quiet in times of governmental mismanagement. During the Obama administration, for the first time in the history of the nation, this silent majority mobilized and stood up to government waste, impingement of Constitutional freedoms, increase in taxes and willful misconduct on the part of government officials. Up until this time, it was mostly radical thinkers who most often outwardly displayed distaste and contempt for the actions of the federal government but this time the tables had turned.”

  11. bousquem says:

    MSNBC was just giving the protests the standard spin of how it was a vast right wing conspiricy by those who were mad they lost, it’s all staged, ect. When your segment with interviewing a hollywood actor for politcal analysis is call “Capitalist Tools” then you know they’ve gone even further down the toilets than ever before. I also have to take offense to them claiming Fox News was only created to make the people dumb and misinform them. Well the MSM must read misinform as actually telling the truth and not blasting the gospels of the annoited one and the crazy leftists. Take a look also at how CNN was treating the protests, they provoke people then shout at them with figures from Obama without the person they’re “asking a question” to actually respond if its not to their liking. The added part on the reporter of it not being family television and giving the impression that the protestors are thugs and idiots is a real insult. I really don’t want to pay half my paycheck to an already super-bloated goverment that seems to think its okay to waste money and give my tax dollars to all these “non-partisan” charities like ACORN et al. I’m just about a year away from graduating pharmacy school and start pulling down close to a 100k a year in gross income. I’m leaving NY because I really don’t feel like getting taxed for every penny I make because they want to give it to the idiots on welfare. Instead of actually reforming the system, the answer seems to be “lets toss more money into it and expand the program” for everything involving public assistance. You want to see the best drug plan out there with little ($1.00) or zero copays then just get medicaid. I pay throught the nose for a prescription plan and get alot less covered at higher costs.

    I’ve also got to say if Pelosi believes the protests to be fake and believes all these nuts protesting for the left are true grassroots people, then she really needs her head examined.

  12. MinnesotaRush says:

    God Bless all the true grassroot Americans and their marvelous display of love for their country and all it represents yesterday!

    Is it any wonder why these arrogant, narrowminded clowns (o-blah-blah, reid, pelosi, media, et al) have to try to do everything they can to discount and marginalize what went on yesterday. We have something they can’t even IMAGINE having, much less understand.

    We have a true love for this Country and its’ founding and foundations. We are people of substance. We are people who are willing to sacrifice for a greater good. We are reasonable people who are very typically capable of helping each other out (versus helping themselves first and foremost).

    It’s disgusting to watch their aghast and utter confusion about what happened yesterday with their dillusioned and feighned disbelief. Their crazed utopian balloon got pricked big time yesterday; and they are in utter and childishly angered pouty moods.

    There was a great American on the 9/11 flight that crashed in PA that declared .. “Let’s roll ..”. Let’s roll, folks .. let’s roll. It started yesterday .. let’s keep it going.

    God Bless all the good guys .. God Bless America!!!

  13. canary says:

    so, in essence Pelosi is saying that Republicans are using the same stragedies that Obama use. There was no lying at the tea parties. Just the liberal lying about the tea parties. It was so funny to watch the clips today of anchors sayin g they were standing in front of frenzie’s and exterimists, etc, but the people behind the anchors showed that a picture is worth a thousand words.
    At least we wave the American flag, and dont’ burn it, or step on it like the liberals do. I guess she’s not doing repenance like the Pope told her to.

  14. artboyusa says:

    I like your analysis, Rusty – except that by 2065 all junior high textbooks will be either in Spanish or Arabic -unless…unless we can take back our country. That effort stated yesterday – let’s keep it moving!

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Thanks AB,

      ‘Twas meant to be optimistic. But you’re right, of course. The Spanish version won’t bother me as they are largely illiterate. The Arabic version simply means that it won’t be the United States anymore, I’ll most likely be dead and that somewhat limits my ability to care.

      My daughter, by that time, will hopefully have realized how ugly it got and left long before it got that bad.

      As for Pelosi and the whiners at the MSM, they’re credibility has taken huge hits throughout these past months and will continue to do so. It does take awhile but when people see other intelligent people who present logical, unemotional arguments about the what/why/how, etc. they slowly come around to the more sound argument. There are always those who cannot be rescued, of course but those who see that it makes sense that their money will evaporate, that their freedoms will crumble and their dreams for a better tomorrow are actually hinged to a rusty old bucket with holes in it, they can…and often will wake up.

      But that’s just me being optimistic.

  15. AmericanIPA says:

    Yeah Nancy, we’re the ones being funded by zillionaires, organized by leagues of professional agitators, manned by paid rent-a-mobs, and covered by a fawning news media. And you’re a beautiful, intelligent young woman.

  16. qemi says:

    Obama is the elected president by a majoriety of Americans. Ya’ll like democracy right?

    Next time, you see if you can win an election and that should tip you off that the majoriety thinks along your lines. Right now, the majoriety supports what Obama is doing.

    Honestly, the left is not against Texas succeeding- that’s fine. We want to separate the red and blue states too. We think that you guys are un-American, anti-democracy and just plain stupid and scary. If we confine you all to one place,you will probably shoot each other off.

    Work within the law and if you don’t like the laws, elect people that support your point of view. But right now, you are a very small minority.

    • Steve says:

      “But right now, you are a very small minority.”

      Under the left’s playbook, doesn’t that give us special privileges?

      And it is a bit hilarious that you would consider 46% of the population “a very small minority.” Mr. Clinton won the Presidency with only 43% of the votes in 1992.

      Speaking of which, you do realize that Obama is the first Democrat candidate since 1976 to win a true majority of the votes for President.

      Did you and the rest of the left sit down and shut up since 1980?

    • jobeth says:

      Steve…Here! Here!

    • Barbie says:

      Wow. It’s good to know the left is not against Texas ‘succeeding’…

    • JohnMG says:

      Secede, gemi, secede. Although should Texas (and others) succeed in their effort to secede, the federal government would cede any control over Texas, et al.

      Also, as has been noted above (or is it below?), the notoriety of your majority is preceded by your vocabulary and your dazzlingly masterful use of the english language.

      Please come back and entertain us further—once you graduate journalism school. Or is constitutional law your forte? Whatever!!

    • proreason says:

      Rhetorical question: if red states booted the blue states out of the union, what chance would blue states have to either a) stop it or b) survive as a viable country for more than a couple of decades?

      The way I see it, again rhetorically, Blueusa would swirl down the sewerpipe with Europe.

      But Blueusa would have better gangsta rap and several million more fashion designers.

  17. proreason says:

    gemi: “majoriety”

    Learn to spell and proof read. Then come back and lecture with your drivel.

    A 54% majority based on lies and deception does not give a party the right to reverse 230 years of tradition.

    Even somebody as stupid as you, gemi, ought to be able to grasp that passing an 870 billion dollar spending package (estimated by some to cost 3.2 trillion overall), without giving the Congress a chance to read it is a wee bit undemocratic. And “ya’ll” support democracy, not dictatorship.

    Read the Constitution. It might help.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Makes one wonder how many times qemi voted and were they paid off in Kools and beer.

    • Barbie says:

      “Read the Constitution. It might help.”

      Alas, for great ‘thinkers’ like ‘gemi’ – reading and comprehension are two very different things.

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