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Pelosi Tells Berkeley Graduates ‘To Be Disruptors’

From The Hill:

Pelosi’s message to grads: Be disruptors

By Timothy Cama | May 17, 2014

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) encouraged graduates of the University of California Berkeley to be disruptors, using their knowledge and technology to shake up the economic system. “Being called a disruptor is a high compliment,” Pelosi said in prepared remarks Saturday. “You here at Berkeley are already disruptors in many ways.” …

Back in the fall of 2011, Ms. Pelosi couldn’t stop praising the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Even though OWS were so despicable the chancellor of the University of California at Berkeley had to use force to get the thugs off the campus grounds.

“Now, it’s all about you — what you can do with your freedom to speak out, with the tools of our time: Instagram and YouTube, Facebook and Twitter,” Pelosi said.

The California lawmaker urged graduates to tackle problems with income disparity, education quality and climate change. She told them their peers around the world will help, and there’s no need to wait for leaders to act.

All they need to do is take a ‘selfie’ holding a #hastag sign and post it on Twitter. And every problem will be solved. Even their imaginary ones.

Pelosi also touched on campaign finance, saying the Supreme Court “equates money with speech, opening the floodgates to secret, special interest money in our elections.” But graduates could disrupt the system.

“Let’s restore power to the voices of the people, not the pockets of the privileged few,” she said.

Ms. Pelosi is the 12th richest member of Congress, with an estimated net worth of over $58 million, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. And yet every graduate and family member and guest had to pony up $10 to pay Pelosi for her hypocritical spiel.

Apparently, she doesn’t hate the rich when it comes to herself.

Pelosi closed her speech with hopeful words: “My wish is that you will be disruptors when necessary, and that you enjoy every moment of it.”

This is the same woman who practically called real ‘disruptors,’ like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, dangerous lunatics, or worse. The same woman, who as Speaker of the House, tried to silence the Republican minority at every turn.

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One Response to “Pelosi Tells Berkeley Graduates ‘To Be Disruptors’”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Code Word speech .. again .. from Ms. Pelosi. She says ‘Disruptors’ but like everything Democrat she switched some words around to hide her true intent .. which was to say .. become a DEmentor ..

    Linky Goodness

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