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Pelosi Wants Faster Retreat In Afghanistan

From The Hill:

Pelosi: Lawmakers could bring troops home faster

By Mike Lillis – 06/23/11

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Thursday knocked the Obama administration’s strategy for an Afghanistan withdrawal, but also suggested Congress could take steps to bring more troops home much sooner.

“Many of us would like to see this go faster than the path that was laid out. However, it may [go faster],” Pelosi volunteered during a Capitol Hill press conference dominated by budget issues.

Of course, Ms. Pelosi has probably been wheeled out and told to say these things in order to make Mr. Obama’s precipitous retreat look more moderate. This is their version of ‘triangulation.’

“With the proper progress — whether it’s on the civilian side, on the governance side, on the anti-corruption side — it may well be that we can have a quicker drawdown.”

And we all remember how much Nancy Pelosi hates corruption. In fact, at one time she wanted the famously incorruptible John Murtha to be her second in command, as Majority Leader.

Pelosi did commend the president for laying out an exit strategy almost 10 years after U.S. troops entered Afghanistan in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. In a jab at former President George W. Bush, she said Obama’s approach to the conflict has been a welcome departure from the one he inherited.

“For seven years, we had no progress,” she said. “President Obama came in [and] instituted a plan.”

Of course, it’s always easy to call retreat.

And, for the record, this really marks the first time Mr. Obama has deviated significantly from Mr. Bush’s plans in the war on terror. It is also, coincidentally, Obama’s first catastrophic mistake.

Other Democrats weren’t so gentle.

“I respect the president a great deal, but when it comes to the war in Afghanistan, he is simply pursuing the wrong mission,” Rep. John Garamendi (D-Calif.) said. “By the end of 2012, the president proposes to have more than twice as many troops in Afghanistan as when he first entered office. That unacceptably puts our troops at risk and forces America to borrow billions of dollars every month to pay for this war.”

Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) echoed that criticism.

“The whole premise of this war is wrong,” Nadler said. “We should withdraw our troops now — all of them — as fast as humanly possible.”

Remember, Afghanistan is the war the Democrats wanted. Afghanistan was what the Democrats called ‘the good war,’ in contrast to the evil and senseless war in Iraq.

And the war in Afghanistan is being fought exactly the way the Democrats wanted it to be fought. Including heavy NATO involvement and shared responsibilities.

And look at where that has gotten us.

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9 Responses to “Pelosi Wants Faster Retreat In Afghanistan”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    In a jab at former President George W. Bush…

    Y’know, Nancy, it re-defines stupidity the way you cannot shut up about it and the way you constantly and childishly continue to berate the guy. For over ten years now you have blamed this president and when you had complete power, what did you do? Did you take the opportunity to fix it like you said you would? No. You and all your flying monkeys simply made it worse.


    • Liberals Demise says:

      With a booze bill of over $100,000 on AF planes at her disposal (as House Leader)
      I think she has slipped into a constant stage of “Black Out”. For those who
      don’t know, binge drinkers can slip into a state where they have no recall of
      their actions.
      I rest my case!

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Well that and her gross incapacity of reading skills. “You have to pass the bill in order to find out what’s in it.” And then walking around with the oversized gavel and her thug henchmen. I could only remember a scene from a really bad superhero movie where the female super-villain was doing something similar. Or maybe it was a comic book. Either way, she’s as surreal as they come, insulated and obtuse as well as stupid. Protected all her life, daddy’s money and an easy life….completely detached from reality. I would love to see her thrown in prison and given the most menial, filthy jobs there are for prisoners.

      I refer all to this in AT: http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/06/an_aristocracy_of_incompetence.html

      Sums it up perfectly.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    Let us talk about some ones’ gross incapacity of reading skills:
    I tell you Rusty it is this inability to walk and chew gum that makes me want to go postal.
    The “GREATEST ORATOR” really screwed the pooch on this one.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Yes, I have been pondering this since I read it on a blog, then heard Rush mention it. Given the fact that he hates even being anywhere near the military, he also cares not about honorable service, let alone gallantry and sacrifice. Sacrifice to him is giving up a day on the links to go give medals to some “folks” in uniform. He’s pathetic.

      But, I said it a couple of years ago…he is predetermined to piss off everyone, not just those who are opposed to him ideologically. For even his base is annoyed that he hasn’t been able to keep the promises towards the sweeping socialism they all thought he would bring about. For those of us conservatives, we have already gone too far to that goal. So, in his usual fashion, everything that’s not happening to his liking is the fault of someone/thing else.

      At the very base of it, he only has wisps of ideas that he thinks are great but he really doesn’t know how to accomplish them and also, he is of the belief that “everybody” agrees with him because that’s all he’s been exposed to his entire life. In other words, he actually believes that conservatives number in the minority.

      It is therefore logical to assume that he would think that the news media has a conservative slant when it’s actually the exact opposite. He doesn’t and can’t think objectively because he lacks empathy. Empathy comes with life experience which, in his 50 years, the toughest thing he’s ever faced is being without smokes for half a day when the convenience store was closed due to weather.

      I commented someplace about what he looked like with a shovel in his hands. It was a construction site photo-op and I’m surprised he didn’t have the teleprompter show him which end of the tool to hold. He doesn’t know work. He therefore doesn’t know the rewards associated with a job well done or a hard day’s work. Therefore, he cannot even remotely relate to a soldier’s life, and certainly not the supreme sacrifice. It’s so bad he cannot even hold in reverence his duties as CiC.

  3. Reality Bytes says:

    Too bad the Taliban aren’t fundamental Christians who define marriage as between a man & a woman. They wouldn’t stand a chance against Pelosi & her constituents.

  4. P. Aaron says:

    The war Dems like the most is the one they wage against liberty.

  5. canary says:

    Obama is currently sending large deployments to middle-east, in spite of what he says in his withdrawal speech. For example:

    Kentucky National Guard approx 2600 troops May/June 2011 Afganistan (I think 1300 to Iraq)

    Camp Shelby Infantry (as in foot soldiers) Miss. approx 3200 May/June 2011 Afganistan

    NH National Guard over 100 May 2011 to Afghanistan

    Minnesota 3000 troops May/June 2011 to Iraq;
    3000 troops just deployed to Iraq? I’m guessing it they will be smack on the border near Syria?

    And then there’s those rumors U.S. foot soldiers will be on the ground in Libya Oct. 2011

    Oct? No way. I’d say the end of of November. Ya see, Obama is stupid enough to think there’s still a chance for a middle-eastern country to like him. It’s not going to happen.

  6. wirenut says:

    Heh! The last time I saw a pair of lips like that, it had a hook in them!
    Thank You Mr. Dangerfield, where ever you are.

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