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Pelosi: Must Do More to Protect From Attacks

From Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s taxpayer funded blog, The Gavel:

NIE Makes Clear That We Must Do More to Protect Americans From Terrorism

July 17th, 2007 by Speaker Pelosi

The Bush Administration’s unnecessary, ill-conceived, and ill-planned war in Iraq has made America less secure by turning our nation’s full attention away from fighting terrorism. As the National Intelligence Estimate released this morning makes clear, nearly six years after the 9/11 attacks the group responsible, al-Qaeda, remains the most serious terrorist threat facing our country. Al-Qaeda has regained its strength, terrorist attacks have increased, and extremists are using the war in Iraq to attract new recruits.

We must do more to protect the American people from terrorism. Today, the Democratic-led House took a strong step toward protecting America doing by agreeing to go to conference on legislation to enact the recommendations made nearly three years ago by the independent 9/11 Commission. Prompt passage of the final 9/11 legislation and the President’s signature on the bill will make America safer.

What a laff.

Yes, the Democrats are positively obsessed with protecting Americans from terrorism.

It’s obvious to everyone. That’s why they insist that we surrender to them.

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