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Penn State Could Even Lose Its Accreditation

From the Associated Press:

Penn State receives accreditation warning

By RON TODT | Tues August 14, 2012

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Penn State has been put on notice by an accrediting organization that says the university’s status is "in jeopardy" based on recent developments in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal.

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education, which accredits universities in the Mid-Atlantic region, cited information in the school’s internal investigation led by former FBI director Louis Freeh and the severe penalties imposed by the NCAA over the school’s handling of molestation allegations against the former assistant football coach, who was convicted in June of 45 child sexual abuse counts.

In an Aug. 8 notice, the commission said that Penn State remains accredited while "on warning" but it wants a monitoring report submitted by the end of next month detailing steps taken to ensure full compliance with governmental requirements, that the university’s mission is being carried out, that the commission will be fully informed and that Penn State is complying with standards on leadership and governance as well as integrity.

If Penn States loses their accreditation, they might as well fold up and declare bankruptcy. And, really, what is the point?

A sex scandal in the coaching staff of their football team means Penn State doesn’t have the academic standards to teach college students?

The commission also wants the report to address the university’s ability to bear financial obligations stemming from "the investigation and related settlements, etc." …

Penn State officials on Monday expressed confidence that they would be able to address all concerns expressed by the commission. University president Rodney Erickson … said he was also confident that officials would be able to "fully demonstrate our financial stability."

Well, threatening their accreditation will help their finances for sure.

"This action has nothing to do with the quality of education our students receive," said Blannie Bowen, vice provost for academic affairs in a statement posted on the university’s website. "Middle States is focusing on governance, integrity, and financial issues related to information in the Freeh report and other items related to our current situation."…

It looks like they are trying to destroy the college. But it also goes to show how much power various authorities have over our supposedly free and independent institutions of higher education.

By the way, try to imagine if a similar scandal had hit the Boy Scouts of America, after they had been forced to accept gay scout leaders? Would they be savaged like this, and ground into the dust?

Maybe they have some good reasons to be reluctant about accepting openly gay scout leaders.

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7 Responses to “Penn State Could Even Lose Its Accreditation”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    The AP must really be frustrated. Its own never-ending support for pedophilia has been harmed by Penn State acknowledging their hero-coach was a pervert. And the AP doesn’t like that, so it must do its part to help destroy the entity or entities that brought this information forward. Therefore, if Penn State disavows Sandusky, they, the pedophiles, have lost a stronghold and must be destroyed.

    The way they see pedophilia is “Gee, what’s all the fuss over this little hobby?”

    Interestingly, they seem to feel differently about the Catholic Church and its problems with same.


    What to do…what to do….do we go with the flow and be “all-in” for it or do we condemn the behavior, thus condemning ourselves?

    Tough choices.

    • AcornsRNutz says:

      To be fair, pedophelia is little children. Adolescent sex abuse (which was sandusky and most of the Catholic priests’ crime) is called something else that I can’t recall off hand. But that aside, its funny you mention the treatment of the catholic church. Go compare the stats on sex abuse allegations in the catholic church to CONVICTIONS for it in public school teachers. The results will (not) surprise you. Guess what happens to the teachers. They get moved to other school districts. Sound familiar? Where is the outrage?

      I gather the only time sexual molestation is a sin is if you are a member of a group that self imposes that belief on themselves. If you choose to think its ok or at least forgiveable, you can go ahead and do it.

    • Anonymoose says:

      re: AcornsRNutz–the term was “Pederasty,” which is what was mostly passed for the “perfectly normal” homosexuality the liberals keep telling us about the ancient Greek world.

  2. AndyN says:

    Are we really supposed to believe that a sex scandal in the coaching staff of their football team means Penn State doesn’t have the academic standards to teach college students?

    I’d say a sex scandal in the coaching staff doesn’t necessarily mean Penn State doesn’t have the academic standards to teach college students. On the other hand, I’d also say that the depth and breadth of the cover up of the rape of young children means it’s hard to believe that there’s anything negative about their university that they wouldn’t go to extremes to hide. Knowing what we now know, is it even a little realistic to assume that if PSU had professors who were giving passing grades to students who weren’t learning anything, the administration would have risked the negative publicity that would come with firing the professors and denying the students degrees? Even if it was just confined to the football program, do you really believe that the staff who knew what Sandusky had done and never openly objected to his continued presence at the football facilities would be willing to come forward with the truth if they knew their players were cheating to stay academically eligible? Maybe every other thing about PSU is on the up and up, but if I was running an accreditation agency, I certainly wouldn’t be willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

  3. Mithrandir says:

    It always annoys me whenever a MAN has sex with a YOUNG MAN, it’s never labeled as HOMOsexual.

    Jeffrey Dahmer, Andrew Cunanan, John Wayne Gacy, the serial killers who had sex with men/boys? Not gay, according to the media, they are just sick men.

    Priests (adult men) sexually assaulting young boys? Not gay, according to the media, they are Christians.

    Jerry Sandusky (adult man) who allegedly had sex with young boys? Not gay, according to the media, just some weird football coach.

    Ernst Rohm, Rudolf Hess, Julius Streicher, Hans Frank, Heinrich Himmler? Not gay, according to the media, just some Nazi party members.

    YES INDEED! Let’s CRASH ANOTHER CONSERVATIVE INSTITUTION, by allowing sexually active gay men total and unsupervised access to young impressionable boys. (parents will remove their children, the group will shut down because of lawsuits, end of story for the Boy Scouts mission accomplished)

    • Anonymoose says:

      Exactly, they’re not “positive role models” which is all that is allowed. Reality is only what they want to see, not how it is. So all gay men are chaste, moral, and only want to get married and raise their children that they can never have naturally. Nothing else is allowed by the media or the liberals.

  4. GetBackJack says:


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