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Pentagon Prepares For Sequestration In March

From the Associated Press:

Pentagon considers hiring freeze, contract delays

January 11, 2013

Washington – The Pentagon will begin taking steps to freeze civilian hiring, delay some contract awards and curtail some maintenance to prepare for drastic budget cuts if Congress can’t reach an agreement on a final spending plan, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Thursday.

Speaking to reporters, Panetta said that department officials must also develop detailed plans to implement unpaid furloughs for civilian personnel. The furloughs would kick in if the automatic cuts are triggered

Lest we forget, the so-called ‘WARN Act’ requires the government to give a 60 days warning to anyone they might be forced to lay off or "furlough." But the Obama administration forced the Defense Department and their contractors to ignore those laws. They even went so far as to promise to pay for any fines or legal bills that might come from breaking the law.

"The simple fact is that this fiscal uncertainty has become a serious threat to our national security," Panetta said during a Pentagon press conference. "We really have no choice but to prepare for the worst."

Unless preparing for the worst might hurt your chances of winning Virginia and Pennsylvania and other states with a high number of defense workers and contractors. So, instead, Obama pushed all the warnings back until after the elections. And he even claimed there wouldn’t be any sequestration.

The Pentagon is facing a spending reduction of nearly $500 billion over a decade. An additional $110 billion in automatic spending cuts to military and domestic programs will take effect in early March if no agreement is reached.

At the same time, Panetta and Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, noted that Congress has not passed the 2013 defense department budget proposed by the Pentagon last year, and has instead just approved spending equal to the 2012 fiscal year levels. As a result, Panetta said if Congress fails to pass a new budget or avoid the automatic cuts the Pentagon will have to find an almost immediate $40 billion in savings…

Actually, Congress has not passed any kind of a budget in four years now. Something the AP and the rest of the mainstream media almost never mention.

In order to protect the troops still fighting in Afghanistan, Dempsey said the effect on the rest of the force would be devastating…

Which, of course, is the entire idea. Just ask Obama and his new best friend, the new Secretary Of Defense, Chuck Hagel.

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One Response to “Pentagon Prepares For Sequestration In March”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    … then, I guessing this Summer is when Obama and his communist/jihadist partners plan on striking America a killing blow.

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