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Pentagon To Shut Down Anti-Terrorism Database

From the admittedly leftwing biased BBC NEWS:

US to shut anti-terror database

The Pentagon has said it will shut down a controversial anti-terror database.

US officials said the Talon programme would end on 17 September because the amount and quality of information gathered had declined.

The database was used to compile information on potential threats to US military facilities and personnel.

A Pentagon review found that it had included reports on peaceful protesters and anti-war demonstrations which should have been deleted.

However, the report by the defence department’s inspector general said the Pentagon had acted legally in collecting information on US citizens because the reports were gathered for law enforcement rather than intelligence purposes.

Military and defence personnel will still report suspicious activities around military bases, but that information will go onto an FBI database, the Pentagon said…

The American Civil Liberties Union, which had criticised the database, welcomed the decision to abandon it.

“There should be no place in a free democratic society for the military to be accumulating secret data on peaceful demonstrators,” ACLU executive director Anthony Romero said…

There was absolutely nothing illegal or even untoward about this database.

Closing it down is yet another easy victory for the terrorists and their allies at the ACLU and the rest of the America-haters.

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