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People In 90 Cities (Including NYC) Protest Brown’s Death

From the CBS NY City affiliate, WCBS:

Demonstrators March To Times Square To Protest Michael Brown’s Death In Missouri

August 14, 2014

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Hundreds of protesters marched to Times Square Thursday evening, and some confronted police, in a demonstration on behalf Michael Brown, the teenager who was shot and killed by police in suburban St. Louis.

As CBS 2’s Tracee [sic] Carrasco reported, a vigil for Brown, 18, was held at around 7 p.m. in Union Square. Protesters then began a march up Broadway and Seventh Avenue to Times Square. The protesters ran into a police barricade line at 43rd Street and Seventh Avenue. Some tried to push up against the officers, but the officers held their own…

Outrageous! Who are the police to deny these protesters their civil rights? Mayor De Blasio must be removed at once.

The Union Square vigil that preceded the march was one of several held in more than 90 cities across the country Thursday night for the National Moment of Silence for Victims of Police Brutality…

Fine. But why not hold a vigil for the victims of government in general? After all, police brutality is just one of the more obvious bad things the government does to blacks. For instance, welfare is almost certainly more destructive to the black community in the long run.

Still, it looks like Obama isn’t the only one who want to relive the glory days of the civil rights movement. Which makes perfect sense. Since it’s the only period in American history that is taught as being heroic in our school system.

Protesters said a show of solidarity for Brown was needed. “I think it was a disgrace to this country, and a disgrace to the people,” said Cris Hilo of the Bronx. “We here as a people in New York City are outraged, because even if it’s happening in Missouri, it’s happening everywhere.” …

As the saying goes, ‘No Manhattan is an island.’ (And we realize that the Bronx is not in Manhattan. But it’s too good of a joke to pass up.)

One woman, Serena, was so angry about Brown’s death that she stood on a trash can in the middle of Times Square so she could be heard. “Eric Garner, Trayvon (Martin), Sean Bell, Rodney King – they can no longer speak for themselves, so we got to raise our voices,” she said…

“All these officers are going unpunished for the things they are doing, like they’re above the law,” she said. “Nobody is above the law – not even the people who wrote it.” …

Don’t tell Obama.

Police said they made a “handful of arrests,” but did not give an exact number or reason for the arrests, WCBS 880 reported…

Do they have to give a reason? We all know that it was racism, pure and simple.

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One Response to “People In 90 Cities (Including NYC) Protest Brown’s Death”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    This is the Internet/Twitter/Instagram Age. Our ‘Officials’ and ‘managers’ of the system we call civil society are so far behind the curve recognizing this that officials unelected and elected can’t even see the dust cloud of history leaving them behind. “You have to stop saying that” is a Remington typewriter in an age of quantum computing .. Twitter and Instagram create flash mobs that connect to their hate and sense of revenge.

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