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Permanent Cease-Fire Declared In Swat

From those tireless defenders of the faith at the Associated Press:

Students sit in a classroom after schools reopened in Swat Valley February 17, 2009.

Pakistan official: ‘Permanent cease-fire’ in Swat

MINGORA, Pakistan – A Pakistani official says the government and the Taliban have agreed to a "permanent cease-fire" in the restive Swat Valley.

Syed Muhammad Javed, commissioner of the Malakand region which includes Swat, made the announcement at the Swat Press Club in Mingora. Both sides had agreed to the decision, he said, but would not give more details.

The Taliban on Sunday declared a 10-day cease-fire in a show of good will meant to bolster ongoing peace talks between the government and a Taliban-linked group. The government has already agreed to impose Islamic law in Swat if the militants stop fighting

By “permanent” they mean “ten days.”

And this is all you get from the Taliban in return for complete capitulation.

Pakistan will never learn.

By the way, the school in the photograph at the top will surely be one of the first things shut down or simply bombed under the new Taliban rulers of Swat.

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9 Responses to “Permanent Cease-Fire Declared In Swat”

  1. wardmama4 says:

    By the way, the school in the photograph at the top will surely be one of the first things shut down or simply bombed under the new Taliban rulers of Swat.

    Most assuredly the girls in the picture will no longer be in school but rather will be sold given forced into marriage – which is so much more important than being educated and productive – however can they continue their religion of peace cult of radical extremism.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      These girls aren’t 10 yrs old, they look older so that makes them spinsters and not of marital age. Some of them look as old as 12 or 13. Life is over for these poor stable hands. Might as well hide those faces and join a lepper colony.

    • jobeth says:

      The lepers probably won’t accept them.

      Being a male leper has to be more desirable than being a “spinster” of 13 in that culture.

    • oldswimcoach says:

      Well now that a cease fire has been declared and it’s once again safe, maybe the president, vice president, speaker of the house, senate majority leader and secretary of state should go tour the area!

    • brad says:

      I think those girls are his wives.

  2. Confucius says:

    There’s a lesson in here: show of force –> get what you want.

    Even the Democrats know this. Maybe they should try it over there instead of doing it over here.

  3. MinnesotaRush says:

    The Swat Press Club in Mingora .. ???? Will o-blah-blah be attending this spot sooner or later for one of his ‘spontaneous’ pressers???

    One also might wonder if the fellow in the picture above may be explaining to the girls that they too, may be ‘missing’ as their classmates are (notice the empty seats) should there be any non-compliance to the ‘new’ rules???

  4. RightWinger says:

    My question is what part of Pakistan will fall next in order to appease the Taliban?

    This will be like the 1930’s again, the Pakistan Govt’ taking the role of Chamberlin and the Taliban of Hitler. The Taliban will eventually enslave Pakistan and then the terrorists will have unfettered access to the nukes.

    But the left wing utopians will sleep well tonight knowing Lil’ Barry is working hard to stomp out the most dangerous evil that has ever existed – Capitalism.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      What part of Pakistan will fall next?

      If they get their way and they are happy!!

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