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New PETA Crusade – Fish Are Sea Kittens

From Australia’s Daily Telegraph:

PETA’s latest idiotic demand – fish are ‘sea kittens’

January 09, 2009

RADICAL international animal rights group PETA has launched its most bizarre campaign yet, demanding fish be renamed "sea kittens".

PETA – People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals – believes calling fish sea kittens will make sea food less appealing.

It wants to change the image of fish as slimy and slithery creatures by claiming they are similar to cuter, more popular animals. "Would people think twice about ordering fish sticks if they were called sea kitten sticks?" PETA asked on its website.

PETA, about to launch a dedicated Australian arm, is known for headline-seeking controversial campaigns, including supermodel-fronted anti-fur protests. The group is the driving force behind several major overseas clothing, retail and textile companies abandoning Australian wool because of concerns about the mulesing of sheep.

You can see the PETA campaign at their website here.

And never mind that cute little kitties actually eat fish, when given the chance.

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This article was posted by Steve on Thursday, January 8th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

20 Responses to “New PETA Crusade – Fish Are Sea Kittens”

  1. Liberals Demise

    AWWWWWW……..just listen to that Great White Shark purr. Here kitty kitty……

  2. oki2

    Aww man, I made my own Sea Kitten on their site, named it “PeoplEatnTastyAnimlz” … but apparently I am the only one who can see my own sea kitten. Personally, I don’t care WHAT you call it… I loves me my sushi.

    From their website: “Sea kittens are just as intelligent (not to mention adorable) as dogs and cats, and they feel pain just as all animals do. ”

    I called my fish Fido, but I couldn’t make it fetch. Changing what you call something doesn’t change its abilities (well maybe it does, I called my cat Salmon and it does like to swim).

  3. beautyofreason

    Hmm, if I call my dog Angel will it stop leaving messes on my floor ?

    I’m a proud supporter of PETA – As in People for the Eating of Tasty Animals.

  4. sheehanjihad

    My sea kitten’s litter box looks curiously a lot like an oven! Sea kittens love to to play with my little “sea kitten lures” so of course, I encourage them to play often! But, even sea kittens need change! Now, for some reason they are a whole lot like PETA~! They have lost their heads, and they dont have the guts they used to…..awwwww, little sea kittens! Here, let’s play with “uncle tartar sauce”…..

  5. sheehanjihad

    My 5 year old asked me “daddy, when can we gut the cute “sea kittens” and deep fry them in our “sea skillet?” “can I cut their “sea heads” off too?” “I’m hungry”!

    “sure honey” I said, just as soon as we scrape their “sea skins” while they are still alive!” “you can hold them while they flop around gasping for “sea air”, “arent they just so cute”?

    Then she mistakenly put the real kittens in the microwave thinking that’s what you do with “kittens” ..what a mess!….damn PETA confusing the kids like that……..

    • oki2

      Hey yeah. I hadn’t even considered that. This COULD backfire on them. Instead of people not wanting to cook the cute little sea kittens, people might start to think that if the SEA kittens are tasty, may as well start eating the LAND kittens.

  6. GuppyNblue

    Liberals often set precedents that they wouldn’t appreciate if used against them. In this case, we should rename PETA to the People for the Ethical Treatment of the Unborn (PETU).

    “Would people think twice about ordering fish sticks if they were called sea kitten sticks?”
    I’d just think the namer was a moron and continue eating my Sea Kitten. Seriously folks, Sea Kitten is loaded with protein and will help lower the risk of heart decease and fatty buildup in your arteries. I recommend at least 3 servings a week.

  7. I never heard of anyone serving sea cow steaks so I don’t believe a name will make much difference. But if we must change the name, I propose “sea tenders”.

  8. I love the way these people blame humanity for inventing the food chain.

  9. VMAN

    I think PETA made a big mistake. Calling fish “sea Kittens” is likely to increase consumption in South East Asia.

  10. 12 Gauge Rage

    The idiots from PETA must have been dropped on their heads when they were young to come up with such absurd ideas like this. Sea Kittens? Even cute kittens possess the hunters instinct to kill.

  11. ktown64

    Alrighty then!

    I say from now on we call lettuce and carrots “green puppies” and “orange bunnies.”

  12. BigOil

    Reminds me of the sea monkeys I once bought when I was a kid. I never knew monkeys could be so small.

  13. xuenbaookufn

    But fish are a much more delicate taste than kittens. This makes no sense.

  14. Confucius

    I’m for it as long as we can call kitty cats “fish sticks.” I bet they’re yummy with tartar sauce too.

  15. The Redneck

    Does this mean every time you masturbate, God kills a fish?

    Because I feel a lot less guilty about it now….

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