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PETA Woman Of The Year Wanted A Crocodile Bag

From the UK’s Daily Mail:

EXCLUSIVE: Swiss store owner at center of Oprah’s ‘racist’ handbag storm demands to speak to star after she says ‘sorry for the fuss’

By Allan Hall | 13 August 2013

Zurich – The owner of the upscale Swiss boutique where Oprah Winfrey claimed she was barred from buying a $38,000 by a ‘racist’ sales assistant today demanded to speak to the star she branded ‘over-sensitive’ and insisted her employee did ‘everything right’.

The rather fearsome-looking Trudi Goetz {sic] said she wanted to speak with the talk show billionairess ‘as soon as possible’ and also revealed her petrified member of staff will not be sacked or punished.

She said: ‘I don’t know why she talked of racism.  I am sorry, but perhaps she is being a little over-sensitive here.  Maybe she was somewhat offended because she was not immediately recognized in the store.’ …

We have had similar suspicions. But that’s probably unfair. She just wanted to find a way to promote her movie.

MailOnline has learned that the saleslady in question is Italian, aged 37, and was not a full-time employee of the ritzy Trois Pommes shop in Zurich where the incident took place – but she was sent there from the sister-store in upscale St. Moritz to help out.

Now it is unclear where she is as she lies low in fear of ‘public hatred’.

Is she hiding out with George Zimmerman?

And in a possible slap to Oprah’s diva tendencies, [Goetz] added: ‘That is something that international stars appreciate in our country – that you leave them in peace.’

Ms. Goetz, who regularly features in the society pages of Swiss newspapers and magazines, said that there will be ‘no repercussions’ for her employee – an Italian woman who worked for five years in a boutique in Milan before joining her.

She went on: ‘She did everything right. I can’t blame her. She has been working for five years with me and is an excellent seller.  She usually works in St. Moritz where there is a MOST demanding clientele.

‘She is so very sensitive. I repeat once again; my saleslady only meant well because she wanted to show other bags to Oprah. To demonstrate the whole range is, for me, a perfect service. I find it regrettable that Oprah has come to this service from exactly the wrong way.

‘I saw Oprah at Tina’s wedding but I only knew her from TV.  We didn’t speak, and now unfortunately since then, this is played out before the entire world.

‘I hope the business will not suffer as a result of this.  I hope I can speak with Oprah to resolve the situation personally, as quickly as possible.’

Perhaps Obama can arrange a ‘bag summit’ for these two women at the White House. It would be another way to promote the racial healing he has been so famous for in his five years in office.

Today, it seemed that Oprah – who earned $77m last year, according to Forbes, was desperately trying to take her foot out of the mess she’d put it in. Last night, the star gave an interview on the red carpet of The Butler, in which she has a role.

She said: ‘I’m in a store and the person doesn’t obviously know that I carry the black card and so they make an assessment based upon the way I look and who I am,’ said Winfrey, who earned $77 million in the year ending in June, according to Forbes magazine.

‘I didn’t have anything that said "I have money": I wasn’t wearing a diamond stud. I didn’t have a pocketbook. I didn’t wear Louboutin shoes. I didn’t have anything,’ she said.

‘You should be able to go in a store looking like whatever you look like and say "I’d like to see this". That didn’t happen.’ …

In other words, Oprah is dialing back on her earlier claim that it was all due to racism.

Ironically, Oprah also came under fire today from the Swiss animal rights group Four Paws (Vier Pfoten) which slammed her for wanting to buy a crocodile skin bag and called on Trois Pommes to withdraw the item from sale.

‘We do not know if Ms. Winfrey actually wanted to buy the bag,’ said  Chantal Häberling, spokeswoman for the group. ‘But she should know crocodiles suffer for the production of such items.

‘The animals are kept in extremely small enclosures,’ she said. ‘To kill them the animals are beaten with a hammer on the head, and  in some farms and it sometimes takes two hours before they are dead.’

Oprah is an avowed animal rights spokeswoman.  PETA,  the world’s largest animal rights group, named her “person of the year” in 2008 after she spoke out against the wearing of fur.

Well, let’s say Oprah believes in ‘animal rights’ as long as they don’t cut into her buying fun things. Then they are probably racist.

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8 Responses to “PETA Woman Of The Year Wanted A Crocodile Bag”

  1. Astravogel says:

    “I carry the black card…” Ohhh, What’s that? I want one too, pretty please?
    Maybe some big black sunglasses also? Gee, I’m so deprived of lots of money!
    Oh, Great Obama, send me some now. (To the tune, “Santa Baby”.)

  2. untrainable says:

    Black card? Is that an American Express or are we talking about the Al Sharpton card? Oprah just expects everyone she meets to know and worship her. When she is confronted with someone who doesn’t know or care “who she is” her default position is that they must be racist.

    It’s discrimination, but not racism. Everyone discriminates based on taste. If being led around by the nose by Oprah, and being told what to like, and what to think, and what to read by her media machine doesn’t appeal to you, that doesn’t make you a racist. It makes you at least vaguely intelligent. “Discriminating”, if you will.

    I’ve said it before, this woman should sue Oprah for slander and emotional distress. Plus 24/7 security for the rest of her life necessitated by Oprah’s accusations. And if Oprah keeps talking, we’ll get to see if her mouth is big enough to accommodate both feet at the same time. Personally, I can’t wait.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    Movie promotion to her tribe.

    Live by the Race Card, Die by the Race Card

    (I can’t imagine in a ritzy shop they don’t have very very good surveillance)

  4. canary says:

    Darn Serious, Oprah has new long wild hair style that looks terrible, but no one would dare tell her that. She’s trying to look like Dianna Ross, but Oprah’s hair looks horrible attempting to look younger. Wig? Extensions, I don’t know, but it’s horrible and covers her face. I’m darn serious, cause I’ve seen her twice yakking her mouth for her new show.

    So, with all the “yes” people in her life who are fearful to offend her Fashion Hair gives her ugly hair of the week beech award.

    But, to play the race card is ridiculous.

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