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Pete Seeger Kills NY Nuclear Power Plant

From a joyous New York Times:

New York Denies Indian Point a Water Permit


April 3, 2010

In a major victory for environmental advocates, New York State has ruled that outmoded cooling technology at the Indian Point nuclear power plant kills so many Hudson River fish, and consumes and contaminates so much water, that it violates the federal Clean Water Act.

The decision is a blow to the plant’s owner, the Entergy Corporation, which now faces the prospect of having to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to build stadium-size cooling towers, or risk that Indian Point’s two operating reactors — which supply 30 percent of the electricity used by New York City and Westchester County — could be forced to shut down.

Entergy officials said that they were “disappointed” in the ruling and that they might fight it in court. The original federal licenses for the two 1970s-era reactors expire in 2013 and 2015, and a water quality certificate is a prerequisite for a 20-year renewal by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission. But a prolonged appeal in New York could delay a shutdown, Diane Screnci, a spokeswoman for the commission, said late Saturday.

An Entergy spokesman said that converting Indian Point’s cooling system would cost $1.1 billion and would require shutting both reactors down entirely for 42 weeks

But the strongly worded letter from the Department of Environmental Conservation, issued late Friday, said flatly that Indian Point’s cooling systems, even if modified in a less expensive way proposed by Entergy, “do not and will not comply” with New York’s water quality standards.

It said the power plant’s water-intake system kills nearly a billion aquatic organisms a year, including the shortnose sturgeon, an endangered species

“The era in which you can take 2.5 billion gallons of water from the Hudson River every day, and return it to the river untreated and polluted — those days are over,” said Mr. Brodsky, who, with the folk singer Pete Seeger, successfully sued to get the state to enforce the clean-water laws at Indian Point. “Entergy has to either stop polluting the river or close the plant. End of discussion.”

Alex Matthiessen, president of the environmental group Riverkeeper, said it was conceivable that Entergy could spend the money to retrofit its cooling system and then reapply to the state. But that would cause a huge delay, he added.

“For all we know, this is it — the beginning of the end,” he said

Just in case anyone was foolish enough to take Mr. Obama’s recent ‘push’ for nuclear power seriously.

A million snares that have been carefully put in place to keep our nation from ever being energy self-sufficient.

It’s such a small feat to close down a vital nuclear power plant, even a doddering old Communist ‘folksinger’ can do it.

After all, you can’t hug a tree with nuclear arms.

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7 Responses to “Pete Seeger Kills NY Nuclear Power Plant”

  1. BillK says:

    I say just let them close and impose rolling blackouts on the theatre district, Upper West Side and Greenwich Village.

    If the libs love being “green” so much, they can be green in the dark.

  2. NoNeoCommies says:

    They can use the water to heat a huge greenhouse full of tropical plants.
    Or they can use it to aid in some chemical process.

    That is, they could if the envirowhackos would let them operate anything like that near a nuke plant.
    Give every Libtard in NY a hand crank generator that syncs to the grid and tell them they are the only viable option.

  3. proreason says:

    I know for a fact there will be no nuclear plants on the Moron’s watch.

    How so?

    He “supported” it.

    Same for drilling. It’s proof positive it won’t happen.

    Every word the creature says is a blatant lie.

    So I also know for sure the government will soon be controlling even the tiniest health decision for every American. You won’t take an aspirin without government approval.

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    It said the power plant’s water-intake system kills nearly a billion aquatic organisms a year, including the shortnose sturgeon, an endangered species…

    My assertion here is that this is all lies and unsubstantiated information. A billion of anything is damned near impossible to count. Yes, even money.

    But, if by “a billion” they mean algae or other microorganisms, then they are probably correct. But if they mean seaweed and snails, I doubt their information is anywhere near correct.

    As for the Shortnose Sturgeon, well, it’s the owl story all over again. I have to drive a car that runs on bird poop because the fish is more important. Let that be a lesson to us all.

  5. pamypo says:

    Put up some wind mills. HOPE AND CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

    Can someone explain to me how taking in cool water and discharging warm water constitutes polluting? So now heat is an environmental threat? Like Rusty, I’d also like to know what constitutes an “aquatic organism”?

  7. canary says:

    You can’t eat the fish anyways, so might as well die instead of fish poop polluting the water. And aren’t those ‘endangered specie shortnose sturgeon fish’ the ones that are growing into a locust or frog plague clogging up water pipes all over the U.S.

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