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A Petition For The IRS To Audit Cindy Sheehan

Now this is one online petition we can heartily endorse:

Tax Audit Cindy Sheehan

To:  Internal Revenue Service

As an American Citizen who pays taxes I do hereby request an IRS audit of Cindy Sheehan, a "protester" who has made public statements in the press that she refuses to pay taxes for 2004, yet receives money from groups supporting her, that are not tax free.

As a concerned American, who lives by this countries laws, I cannot stand by and see another US citizen thumb their nose at state and federal laws.

Cindy Sheehan says US President George W. Bush is a criminal.
George W. Bush is not the criminal
Cindy Sheehan is
Cindy Sheehan is breaking the law; therefore, she’s knowingly committing a crime. Therefore, she’s a criminal.

Cindy Sheehan owes taxes from 1996 through 1998.
Cindy Sheehan has tax liens against her house.
Cindy Sheehan informed the media that her son was killed in New Iraq in 2005. “I am not paying my taxes for 2004. You killed my son, George Bush, and I don't owe you a penny. . .You give my son back and I'll pay my taxes. Come after me (for back taxes) and we'll put this war on trial."

Cindy Sheehan is also quoted as saying "I wanted them to come after me [for back taxes] and I want to put this war on trial,"
Cindy Sheehan said she has not paid her taxes for 2004, but has been setting aside some money in an escrow account.
Is that Legal ???
IRS law states, quote
" Compliance with the tax laws in the United States relies heavily on self-assessments of what tax is owed. This is called voluntary compliance. When individuals and corporations make deliberate decisions to not comply with the law, they face the possibility of a civil audit or criminal investigation which could result in prosecution and possible jail time. Publicity of these convictions provides a deterrent effect that enhances voluntary compliance.

Cindy Sheehan is a WELL PAID War Protester !
How many of us who actually work for a living could take a month or two off, not get fired, and still pay our bills? How is she eating? Where is she staying? Who's paying her airfare? She's got 3 buses full of supporters traveling with her around the country. Don't any of these people have jobs?

The TRUTH is that Cindy Sheehan's "job" is being a PAID PROFESSIONAL PROTESTER and living off the donations of the anti war movement. She's got that big smile on her face because she knows soon she'll be counting all that donation money.
Tax free right ? I wonder if she's even keeping an account of all that money that's coming her way? I doubt it, I'm sure she doesn't want a trail for the IRS to follow.

Cindy Quote: "Please take a moment right now to make the largest donation possible (to her anti war movement).
I know that many of you have given and will continue to give to Katrina relief efforts, and it's important that we each do what we can to help out. But hopefully you also understand how important it is to lend us your financial support for our anti-war mobilization." "We need to raise another $150,000 to cover the costs of this mobilization. So we turn to YOU, the people who are the backbone, the heart and soul, of this movement."

Cindy says we should donate to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina but that we should save enough donate to HER also!!!

It's been reported that Cindy has already collected between $100,000 and $200,000 in donations.

Hey Cindy, now YOU are one of those top 2% of the wealthiest Americans!!!


There are NO requirements to where she can spend this money. The web site where she collects this money says "Please note: Donations are NOT tax deductible." What that means is that her fund is NOT an accountable tax free organization (although Cindy has vowed not to pay her taxes).

That means that Cindy Sheehan can spend this money,

Therefore I and the taxpaying undersigned below request the IRS to run an audit on Cindy Sheehan, a person who has stated publicly she wont pay taxes and has challenged the IRS to come after her.


The Undersigned

There are some unfortunate inaccuracies in the bill of particulars listed, but their hearts are in the right place.

Not to be immodest, but we were the first to note Cindy's pronouncement that she was no longer going to pay her taxes.

As the petition notes, our hero mother has refrained from paying her taxes before. Though, to be accurate, she has settled her past liens. In fact, Cindy seems to have used Casey's death benefits to pay off the last one.

Unfortunately the petition gets another detail wrong. Cindy's site, Gold Star Families For Peace , does indeed claim to be a 501c3 tax exempt "charity."

But Mother Sheehan has repeatedly violated IRS regulations by allowing her group to campaign for political candidates and lobby Congress. Something Cindy has even bragged about to the media.

Additionally, all 501c3s earning over $250K are required to file a Form 990, in which all contributions and expenditures are laid bare for public inspection. There is no evidence the GSFP has done this, though they have surely surpassed the income threshold.

Repeated requests for copies of the GSFP's Form 990 have gone unanswered, which is also a wanton violation of the IRS code, which in itself should lead to their loss of tax exempt status.

The petition also omits some of Cindy's other income sources, such as her speaking fees (estimated at around $30K a pop) and of course her book deal for her runaway best seller.

The petition does touch upon Cindy's involvement in the Veterans For Peace still ongoing "Katrina Relief" scam. Which is something the DOJ, Red Cross and local police are already reported to be investigation.

So, all in all, there is quite a lot for the IRS to look into.

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