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Petraeus Tells Aussies: Iraq “Surge” Is Working

From an outraged Reuters:

Petraeus says Iraq “surge” working: paper

Thu Aug 30

CANBERRA (Reuters) – The U.S. troop surge in Iraq has thrown al Qaeda off balance and led to a reduction in sectarian violence and bombings, the U.S. commander in Iraq was quoted on Friday by an Australian newspaper as saying.

“We say we have achieved progress, and we are obviously going to do everything we can to build on that progress and we believe al Qaeda is off balance at the very least,” General David Petraeus told the Australian in an interview after briefing Australia’s defense minister, Brendan Nelson, in Baghdad…

Petraeus told the Australian that there had been a 75 percent reduction in religious and ethnic killing since last year, while the number of al Qaeda “kills and captures” was on the rise.

Coalition deaths from roadside bombings were also declining since Bush sent an extra 30,000 troops to Iraq, he said, according to the newspaper.

Nelson said he had received a frank assessment of progress during a 90-minute meeting with Petraeus and said “the message is that this is achievable.” …

Articles like this are going to make it tough for our watchdog media and the rest of the lunatic left to claim that the forthcoming Petraeus report is not optimistic.

Luckily, this will get very little play in the mainstream media, even on the slowest week for news of the year.

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