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Pew Claims: Illegal Immigration Is Waning (Lies Again)

From Reuters:

U.S.-born share of Hispanic workforce eclipses immigrants

June 19, 2014

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – For the first time in nearly 20 years, most Hispanic workers in the United States are native-born citizens and not immigrants due mainly to waning migration from Latin America, a Pew Research Center study released on Thursday showed.

Since the start of a recession in December 2007 and in the slow jobs recovery that followed, fewer Latino immigrants crossed into the United States, and millions of U.S.-born Hispanics joined the workforce, according to the center.

"Waning migration from Latin America"? And "fewer Latino immigrants crossed into the United States"? Why should anyone read any further? We know we are being lied to.

In fact, the Pew Hispanic Center [sic] has been pushing this lie about ‘waning immigration’ since September 2010. And, in April 2012, the Pew Hispanic Center even went so far as to claim that more illegal aliens were leaving the US than were entering it.

And Pew was making these preposterous claims in order to mollify those who said that we needed to secure the border before we did any kind of ‘immigration reform.’

As a result, only 49.7 percent of the more than 22 million employed Latinos in the United States were immigrants in 2013, the Pew study found.

Even if Pew included ‘green card’ holders, there are only supposed to be 11 million illegals in the US. So, according to Pew, almost every illegal alien must have a job. Every man woman and child.

Which just is not plausible. But then again, who believes there are only 11 million illegal aliens in the US?

That was a steep drop from 2007 when immigrants made up 56.1 percent of the Latino workforce…

Meanwhile, the U.S.-born share of the Latino workforce is expected to increase, as such citizens account for most of the growth in the Hispanic population in the United States rather than the arrival of new immigrants, the Pew study found.

Their population grown is due to that wonderful fecundity that Jeb Bush praises so. But, in reality, all of these claims from Pew are based on computer models of projections of Census numbers. (And the last US Census was in 2010.)

And they are just as reliable as the computer models for global warming.

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