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Pew: Interest In Dem Convention Down 16%

From the National Constitution Center:

Poll: Voters interested more in platforms than speeches

By Scott Bomboy | Monday Sept 3, 2012

A study from the Pew Research Center shows potential voters are more focused on each party’s convention platforms than big-name speakers in Tampa and Charlotte.

The poll was taken before the Republican convention in Tampa and covers interest levels in four topics at each convention: reaction to two big-name speakers, the platform, and the roll call of states.

In both cases, public interest was highest in each party’s platforms and lowest in the roll call of states. But in a surprise, despite a lot of media chatter about the Republican platform, there was a higher level of interest in the Democrats’ platform.

Overall, 55 percent of those polled were interested in learning about the Democrats’ platform while 52 percent were curious about the GOP platform.

Which is really a laugh, since in reality nobody pays any attention to party platforms, except around convention time.

And, in reality, they are simply vague outlines that are ignored by everyone, especially politicians.

The next highest interest level was in Bill Clinton’s upcoming speech at the Democratic convention, at 52 percent.

This was clearly a poll of ‘low information voters.’

Among voters who identify as Democrat, Republican, or Independent, there were higher interest levels in the opposing party’s platforms, and equal interest among Independents in both party’s platforms.

One fact that jumped out in the survey was a huge falloff in voter interest in the Democratic convention. In 2008, 59 percent of those polled were interested in the Democrats convention in Denver, while the current interest level for Charlotte was 43 percent.

Interest levels in the GOP convention were similar to percentages in 2004 and 2008

And yet this news is not mentioned in the headline or lead paragraph of this article. But since it is good news for the Republicans, it is buried.

The Republicans published their 62-page platform earlier this week, which expectedly was praised by GOP supporters and ripped by critics.

It included a huge focus on the Constitution, with a whopping 61 references to the Constitution by name and extensive passages about amendments, rights—and the Democrats skirting constitutional issues

How shocking! What a bunch of extremists.

So far, there is little information available on the Democratic platform. It should have a much different approach to same-sex marriage, health care, and taxes than the Republican platform.

In fact, the Democrat platform is out. And, just like always, they want to raise taxes, grant illegal aliens amnesty, validate same sex marriages, and provide ‘free’ abortions on demand.

All of which they pretend is completely in line with the views of the American public.

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2 Responses to “Pew: Interest In Dem Convention Down 16%”

  1. Reality Bytes says:

    I decided I’d only watch The Comedy Channel during the DNC convention. Turns out I was watching MSNBC. I couldn’t tell the difference. Rachel Maddow on her worst day is way funnier than Tosh O.

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