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Pew Poll: Hispanics Are Turning On Obama-Care

From the Washington Post:

Poll: Latinos souring on Obamacare

By Aaron Blake | March 20, 2014

A new poll shows Latinos — a fast-growing and key demographic in American elections — aren’t as fond of Obamacare as they once were. The Pew Research Center poll showed Hispanics are split on whether they approve of President Obama’s health-care law, with 47 percent approving and 47 percent disapproving.

The numbers are notable because Latinos have generally been among the health-care law’s chief supporters. Other polls have shown they supported the law by a 2-to-1 margin, and a September 2013 poll, before the law’s implementation, showed 61 percent of Hispanics approved of it…

And yet we were told for years that one people got to know more about Obama-Care, the more they would love it. But instead, the more people know about Obama-Care, the more they loathe it.

Anyway, it’s clear that if the GOP really wants to reach out to Hispanics, they had better try to repeal Obama-Care.

Another key minority group that tilts strongly Democratic — African American voters — back the law 77-18.


Other polls show a smaller shift when it comes to Latinos. The Kaiser Family Foundation, which has been doing regular polls on Obamacare, shows 46 percent of Latinos have a favorable view of Obamacare, with 29 percent having an unfavorable one. In September, the same poll showed a 54-24 split.

Republicans have been struggling mightily with Latino voters, and given that their 2014 messaging is likely to focus heavily on Obamacare, the new numbers suggest such a message won’t hurt their chances are making up some ground among Hispanics.

The. Hell. You. Say. So is John Boehner now going to apologize to Ted Cruz and Mike Lee?

White voters are strongly against the law, with 33 percent supporting and 62 percent opposing it.

Luckily, nobody gives a damn about white voters.

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One Response to “Pew Poll: Hispanics Are Turning On Obama-Care”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Note that the ultra-criminal Pew Trust makes sure to differentiate between American and an Ethnicity .. as if an ethnicity is different than being American.

    Ultra-Criminal, Jack? That’s harsh ..

    Let me step aside and allow J Howard Pew to speak .. (you know, the guy whose money they shame) ..

    Pew gave a very specific mandate to his Freedom Trust:

    “To acquaint the American people with the evils of bureaucracy and the vital need to maintain and preserve a limited form of government in the United States as intended by our forebears and expressed by them in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights—to point out the dangerous consequences that result from an exchange of our American priceless heritage of freedom and self-determination, for the false promises of socialism and a planned economy . . . . and to inform our people of the struggle, persecution, hardship, sacrifice and death by which freedom of the individual was won.

    To acquaint the American people with the values of a free market—the dangers of inflation—the need for a stable monetary standard—the paralyzing effects of government controls on the lives and activities of people—and the necessity of maintaining the rights as provided in the Bill of Rights.

    To promote recognition of the interdependence of Christianity and freedom and to support and expound the philosophy that we must first have faith in God before we can enjoy the blessings of liberty—for God is the author of liberty—and to bring about the realization that our failure to fight for the preservation of our liberty is a crime, the punishment for which is servitude.”

    .. there. That sounds like the current Pew propaganda, doesn’t it ..

    (dodging stocks, rocks, old lettuce) ..

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