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Pew: Young Women Equal 93% Of Men Earnings

From the Associated Press:

Key findings on gender pay gap, workplace equality

December 11, 2013

Key findings on the gender pay gap and attitudes toward workplace equality, according to a new report from the Pew Research Center:

— About 75 percent of women ages 18-32 say the U.S. needs to do more to bring about equality in the workplace, compared with 57 percent of young men.

According to the New York Times, income inequality increased 400% under Obama. Why did these young women vote for Obama in such numbers?

— Among workers ages 25-34, women’s hourly earnings were 93 percent those of men. That ratio is up from 67 percent in 1980 and at the highest in government records dating back to at least 1979.

So there is no income inequality for young women,. Especially, if you take into account the fact that young men often do the more dangerous and thereby more highly paid work. (Such as working on oil rigs and skyscrapers.)

Across all age groups, the median hourly wage for women was 84 percent as much as men, up from 64 percent in 1980.

And, of course, this could be because women take off for maternity leave. And even drop out of the labor force to raise children. Which slows down their pay rate.

— About 59 percent of young women say that being a working parent makes it harder to advance in a job or career, compared with just 19 percent of young men.

Which is a tacit admission of the point we just made above.

— Fewer younger women than young men aspire to become a boss or top manager — 34 percent say they’re not interested vs. 24 percent of young men.

So men are more ambitious and maybe work harder? The hell you say!

— About 60 percent of young women say if a man and a woman are doing the same work, the man generally earns more; only 48 percent of young men agree.

If this is true, they can always sue. Which, of course, is what they do.

— Women with college degrees are far more likely to say it’s easier for men to get top executive jobs in business and government, 71 percent, compared with 50 percent of their male counterparts. Among women who don’t have college degrees, only 47 percent thought men held an advantage.

And never mind that degrees in engineering and the sciences might trump degrees in English lit and Women’s Studies when it comes to business salaries.

— Just 15 percent of young women say they have been discriminated against because of their gender.

And they are probably all ‘lawyered up.’ Meanwhile, where do white men go to sue for discrimination? (Just kidding. We know white men are never discriminated against.)

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