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Peace Activists Versus Stryker Convoy

I can’t resist posting some of the photos from Olympian Online which show what happened to the "peace activists" who tried to block the delivery of Stryker armored vehicles to our troops in Iraq:



Shouting, “don’t do that again” a truck driver hauling a military cargo container cautions one of approximately 40 Iraq war protesters after the protester slammed his sign down on the driver’s semi fender.

Of course they will do it again. School’s out, and what else is there to do that will get your photos in the paper?

Still, they are images to savor over the Memorial Day weekend as we remember those who gave their lives for freedom. And not just freedom for the United States but for other nations around the globe.

The US military is the greatest force for good in the history of the world.

And that seems to drive some people insane.

(Thanks to JohnX for the photos link.)

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