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Today’s Pro Terrorism Rent-A-Mob – Photos

The photographs of those heroic supporters of international terrorism are now beginning to come across the news wires:



You can tell from the uniformity of the signs that this is just another production of the usual suspects at International ANSWER and the Veterans For Peace. (Both being taxpayer-supported 501c3 "charities.)

And it features the self-same professional America haters who hire themselves out for these "grassroots" protests, day in and day out. Even Cindy Sheehan:

And this person:

[Reuters caption:] Saluting is US Marine Cpl. Cloy Richards (2nd L) of the group Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Cloy Richards is none other than the supposedly suicidal son of the leftwing lunatic Tina Richards who accosted David Obey outside of his offices. But you’d never know that from the photo caption.

But our watchdog media will once again portray their demonstration as a legitimate "grassroots" outpouring of anger at the war. All brand spanking new and completely different.

And why not? These people are the media’s spokesmen.

The protesters, the media and the terrorists are all on the same team page.


So far as I’ve seen there have only been a few photos of the counter-protesters to come across the newswires:


It’s safe to say that these photos were selected to make the pro-America turnout seem as low as possible.

And as threatening as possible…


[Reuters caption;] An unidentified war supporter sticks her tongue out at anti-war protesters as they pass in the March on the Pentagon in Washington, March 17, 2007.

Whilst the other side is portrayed as idealistic youth…

Standing up to the jack booted thugs.

What media bias?

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