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‘PIGS’ Granted 20 Amnesties In 25 Years

An unintended cautionary tale from the archives of open border advocates of the New York Times:

Sandra Delgado, an Ecuadorian immigrant, and her son, Allan, 8, in their apartment in Madrid.

Spain, Like U.S., Grapples With Immigration


June 10, 2008

MADRID — With the United States riven by calls to legalize millions of illegal immigrants, Americans might consider the possible effects by looking at southern Europe, where illegal immigration has abounded and so have forgiveness plans.

In the last two decades, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece have run at least 15 legalization programs, including a Spanish effort three years ago that was among the Continent’s largest.

Looking back a mere two years later, is there anything else that Spain, Italy Portugal and Greece also have in common? Yes, there is! These are the so-called PIGS countries. The European countries that are currently at the greatest risk of going bankrupt.

With little domestic opposition, Spain legalized nearly 600,000 of the African, Latin American and eastern European workers who helped power its economy and brought this once insular land the strengths and strains of diversity.

Between ‘diversity’ and going ‘green’ Spain’s economy probably can’t take much more ‘help.’

Immigrants say their prized work cards have brought higher wages, peace of mind and reunions of separated families. But critics say legalizations have attracted more illegal migrants — with spillover risks to nearby countries — and warn that an economic slowdown now puts Spain and its foreigners at odds

And, indeed, since this latest and largest blanket amnesty in 2005, Spain’s illegal immigration has only skyrocketed.

Europe has held at least 20 legalizations in the past 25 years, giving residency papers to about four million people. Italy and Spain account for about two-thirds of the total, to the consternation of northern Europeans who see the south as the Continent’s weak back door. With free movement across much of Europe, legalized immigrants can easily head north, alarming those worried about job competition, welfare costs, cultural clashes or terrorist threats

Is it possible that these 20 ‘legalizations’ over the last 25 years are what has led to Europe’s current troubles and the breakdown of its socialist system?

How come we have never heard this mentioned as a possible factor in all of the recent news from Europe via our watchdog media?

No country has run more legalization programs than Spain, which has carried out six since 1985. As recently as a decade ago, immigrants made up less than 2 percent of the population. Now they are more than 10 percent. About 40 percent come from eastern and northern Europe; 38 percent come from Latin America; and 20 percent from Africa.

Some demographic experts have predicted that as soon as 2015, one out of three persons living in Spain will be a foreigner.

Despite the rapid change, until recently there was little political conflict, with legalizations occurring under both conservative and socialist governments. Spain even offers immigrants free health insurance, whether they are legal or not

The acceptance has been attributed to newfound prosperity, the need for workers, the progressive culture of post-Franco Spain and the shared language with Latin Americans, which spares Spain a major source of tension in the United States.

But with the economy slowing, attitudes appear to be changing. The unemployment rate among foreigners is now 14.7 percent, compared with 8.7 percent among Spaniards. Nearly 40 percent of the recent jump in unemployment has occurred among the foreign-born.

“People are starting to say: ‘We don’t need immigrants. They should return to their country,’ ” said Sebastián Salinas, a lawyer with the immigrant rights group Acobe.

How intolerant of them.

Immigration emerged as an election issue in Spain this year for the first time. Mariano Rajoy, a conservative challenger to Prime Minister José Luiz Rodríguez Zapatero, said the 2005 legalization had attracted more illegal immigrants and increased social tensions. “We are heading toward a situation of enormous problems,” said Mr. Rajoy, who narrowly lost.

Likewise, with Italy’s economy faltering, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi recently promised a new crackdown on illegal immigrants

French, German and Dutch officials criticized the Spanish move, fearing an increase in illegal immigration that would cross their borders

Lorenzo Cachón, a sociologist at Complutense University, analyzed the program’s “call effect” by studying municipal records. Most immigrants in Spain, legal or not, register with local governments to obtain benefits like health insurance. Their numbers grew 20 percent the year after the program was announced, compared with 3 percent the year before

In other words, after Spain’s latest massive amnesty, ‘immigration’ went up 17% over the previous year.

He, like most scholars, said migrants were mainly lured by jobs. But the region’s history of repeated legalizations, he added, may add to the pull. “It produces in the imagination of the immigrant the possibility that there might be a regularization,” he said.

A 2007 report by the Council of Europe, an organization of European states, concluded that the Spanish [amnesty] program may have had a small “pull effect” but called it a “positive experience from which many European states can learn.”

There is undoubtedly a lesson to be learned from Spain, but it isn’t very positive. Indeed, the very countries being praised here for their generous amnesties now have to be bailed out with trillions of Euros.

But this is another lesson from ‘progressive’ Europe that Mr. Obama and the Democrats will choose to ignore.

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5 Responses to “‘PIGS’ Granted 20 Amnesties In 25 Years”

  1. AcornsRNutz says:

    Ok, so the proof is in the pudding. No surprises. Liberals in this country need to accept a few things.

    1-Amnesty is not and end, it is means to provide a constant dependant voter base
    2- The same can be said for all these “chicken in every pot”” entitlements
    3-Green energy is not and end state, it is a means to cripple a vast private sector of the economy and turn what little power there is over to governmental control
    4-Abortion rights are not an end state, they are a means to control the population, that will need to be kept minimal in order for the fascist/marxist government to keep afloat
    5-The same can be said for socialized medical care

    All these fools that really believe all this stuff is the noble goal of hte government and that they will go no further into nefarious waters once they have been achieved are deluded. Here in the PIGS countries we see the effects of almost all of these things beggining to rear the first signs of their ugly heads. Eventually, these fools will have to start taking more drastic steps to keep themselves in power, and you can imagine what those might be.

  2. NoNeoCommies says:

    I can’t shake this feeling of schadenfreude over the thought of a Hispanic nation inundated with illegal immigrants.

    • U NO HOO says:

      I can’t shake this feeling of impending doom over the thought of an inundated nation with illegal Hispanic aliens, oops, immigrants.

  3. Chuckk says:

    The logic of giving criminals amnesty as a way to solve the illegal immigration problem eludes me. I guess my non-ivy league education left my ability to think things through inadequate.

    • AcornsRNutz says:

      Well, if you gave amnesty to all murderers and legalized it, it would reduce the number of criminals incarcerated and running free. It would save countless man-hours of police time, not to mention money, and would officially end the crime of murder in this country. Makes the same amount of sense to me.

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