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Pious Muslims Seize Somali Pirate Town

From the Wall Street Journal:

Islamic Group Seizes Somali Pirate Town


MAY 3, 2010

MOGADISHU, Somalia—Islamic fighters have seized a pirate haven in central Somalia, said residents of the town, in what could be a bid for a slice of the lucrative business of hijacking ships on the high seas.

Mr. Obama is right. Everybody likes pie.

On Sunday, members of the group Hizbul Islam, driving pickups mounted with heavy guns, moved into the town of Haradheere. As the militants arrived, the pirates fled, piling into Toyota Camrys and Land Cruisers to escape potential clashes.

"We have to leave this town—those who behead people meaninglessly have arrived," said Farah Ganey, a Haradheere pirate, in a telephone interview.

Isn’t this hilarious? Even the notoriously violent Somali pirates are afraid of the proponents of the Religion Of Peace.

Hizbul Islam and al Shabaab, a separate militant group aligned with al Qaeda, have vowed to cooperate to overthrow Somalia’s weak transitional government in Mogadishu, the capital

Mohamed Osman, a spokesman for Hizbul Islam, said the groups wanted to capture several more towns in the region, but he declined to comment on plans for the piracy business. "Our troops have captured Haradheere, and shall go into other nearby towns soon," he said. "Our troops entered there without resistance—that is all I can say for now." …

Civilians have been caught in the fighting. On Saturday, explosions at a mosque in Mogadishu’s crowded Bakara market killed about 35 people and injured nearly 100 more

That’s okay. It’s perfectly fine to kill ‘civilians,’ even Muslims in a Mosque, as long as you are Muslim.

Al Shabaab overran a nearby town last week, unnerving the pirates. The Haradheere pirates had long paid taxes on their ransoms to al Shabaab to keep the group at bay. But last week, pirates in Haradheere said they would no longer pay those taxes, prompting a standoff between the two groups.

In other words, the pirates have been paying ‘protection money’ to the pious Muslims. This attack looks like a reprisal for some of them refusing to continue to pay.

Of course, our young nation went to war twice with the Musselmen over very similar circumstances. (Cf., the First and Second Barbary Wars.)

The residents of Haradheere enjoy a far more permissive lifestyle than those in militant-controlled parts of the country. Men and women can be seen walking together in the streets, or chatting in black mirrored cars bought with pirate ransoms. Women aren’t required to cover their heads as they do in other parts of Somalia, and beer and whiskey—taboo in other places—flow freely. Men can gather to chew qat, the popular narcotic, without fear of censure.

That is likely to change under Hizbul Islam, residents say, though the Islamic group is seen as more tolerant than al Shabaab, which regularly stages public beheadings and amputations without trials or appeals.

Ah, yes. ‘Tolerance.’

The hallmark of Islam. – After greed and murder.

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2 Responses to “Pious Muslims Seize Somali Pirate Town”

  1. Right of the People says:

    Maybe the pirates couldn’t afford the vig on their loans anymore.

    The jihadis are acting just like the mob although I don’t think the mob beheads anyone.

  2. proreason says:

    “Women aren’t required to cover their heads as they do in other parts of Somalia,”

    So now the real lawlessness will stop.

    Morality is coming back to Somalia.

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