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Pirates Attack French Navy Ship – Again

From a concerned (for the pirates’ safety) Associated Press:

The French supply ship "La Somme" sails through the Red Sea in 2004.

Somali pirates attack French military vessel

By Elaine Ganley, Associated Press Writer

PARIS – Somali pirates in two skiffs fired on a French navy vessel early Wednesday after apparently mistaking it for a commercial boat, the French military said. The French ship gave chase and captured five suspected pirates.

No one was wounded by the volleys from the Kalashnikov rifles directed at La Somme, a 3,800-ton refueling ship, said Rear Admiral Christophe Prazuck, a military spokesman.

La Somme "was probably taken for a commercial ship by the two small skiffs" some 250 nautical miles off the coast of Somalia, said Prazuck.

"They understood their mistake too late," Prazuck said.

One skiff fled, and La Somme pursued the second one in an hour-long chase…

President Nicolas Sarkozy called for tougher action against piracy last year after dozens of attacks.

These pirates are slow to learn.

As we noted at the time, they attacked a French military ship, just last May.

From the UK’s Times:

Doh! Pirates captured after attacking the wrong ship

Anne Barrowclough

May 4, 2009

From a distance the large ship on the horizon looked like the perfect target, ripe for a successful spot of piracy.

But as the Somali pirates sped toward the vessel sailing near the Seychelles, they were horrified to see two boats and a helicopter set off from their target and launch their own counter-attack.

They had failed to spot, in the dazzling sun, that the ‘merchant ship’ they thought they were intercepting was, in fact, a French naval ship bristling with cannons, radar technology and armed commandos.

When the three pirate boats were spotted heading toward them the frigate Nivose, one of the ships patrolling the region as part of the European Union anti-piracy mission Atalanta, headed into the sun to camouflage its true identity before turning to confront its attackers.

When the boats were close enough, Lieutenant Commander Jean-Marc le Quilliec sent his commandos out on outboards, with a helicopter to provide air support.

The helicopter fired two warning shots to stop the three boats from fleeing and within minutes the 11 pirates had surrendered

A French navy spokesman confirmed the capture of 11 pirates.

"The pirates are currently on the Nivose," he said.

"For the moment we don’t have any indication of what the European Union forces want to do with these pirates." …

As we recall, the French navy eventually released the pirates.

So maybe they are even the very same men.

And, to think, the French are tougher on terrorism than we are these days.

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10 Responses to “Pirates Attack French Navy Ship – Again”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    My guess is that the pirates mistook the communications mast for a clothes line.

    Happens all the time!
    (or at least twice)

  2. proreason says:

    The pirates better not attack us or they’ll get another dose of action from our Charley Male president.

    If he’s in the White House bunker 5,000 miles away, he’ll order a battleship to blow them to smitherenes.

  3. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    They didn’t mistake the French ship. They wanted a free meal, a physical, and a nice place to sleep for a few nights.

  4. pdsand says:

    To be fair it is the FRENCH navy, so take from that what you may.

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