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Plames Decide They’d Better Sue Armitage Too

From the DNC outlet MSNBC:

Armitage to be added to CIA leak civil suit

Claim former deputy secretary of State comments damaged covert career

By Joel Seidman

Sept 12, 2006

WASHINGTON – Lawyers for former Ambassador Joe Wilson and his wife, Valerie Plame, tell NBC they plan to file court papers Wednesday in their civil suit to include former State Department top official Richard Armitage as an additional defendant.

It took three years for Armitage to publicly admit, last week, that he was the first to leak the identity of Valerie Plame Wilson to reporters.

Melanie Sloan, an attorney for Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, who are representing the Wilson’s, tells NBC that is was not okay for Armitage to leak Plame’s name to Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward and columnist Bob Novak.

But, Sloan says, Armitage’s apparently inadvertent leak did in fact damage Plame’s covert career at the CIA…

Clearly the Plames thought better of this, and decided they had to sue one of their political allies after all.

They don’t want to lose their credibility, you know.

And speaking of credibility, the Plames’ own attorney, the aforementioned Melanie Sloane, seems to hang her whole case upon a very slim reed.

From a January 21, 2001 online chat from USAToday’s Talk Today:

Comment from Melanie Sloan: I think you can establish she was a covert agent by the fact that the CIA referred the matter to the Justice Department.

Comment from Melanie Sloan: They wouldn’t have done that if there hadn’t been a violation of the law.

So Plame’s own lawyer doesn’t know for sure whether she was covert or not.

She can only go by the CIA having made a (routine) referral — something they do on average about once a week. And something which is hardly indicative of an actual crime.

Or are we supposed to believe that covert CIA officers have their covers blown on a weekly basis?


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